how dirty minded r u???

there are many sick minded people out in the world, are you one? find out! what is dirty minded? Well, it dosent mean diry in your brain it means, you think or talk about inaproprit things, that doesnt mean you are a bad person!!!

find out if your really dirty minded with this quiz!!!dirty mindedness might differ than what you thought! i hope you take my Quiz to find out if YOU are feally sick minded!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: amazon
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  1. if someone said, "you suck" what do you do?
  2. do you ever talk and\or think about b*ners?
  3. if ur friend said, "i like big hard bannanas!" what would you do?
  4. have you ever had a b*ner? did u like it?
  5. girls only! have you ever asked a guy what a b*ner feels like?
  6. do you think drag queens r HOT??!!
  7. do u know what a drag queen is?(please don't lie!)
  8. quick, pick one!!!!!!
  9. if a friend said, "lets go do it!" you would...
  10. do u know what a 4 way is? DON'T LIE!!
  11. did u like this quiz???(wont effect answer)

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