How Devilish are you?

There are Devilish people and there are nice people. Devilish people like to be Devilish sometimes because they like excitment and having the feeling of getting caught at any moment! Nice people like to help out sometimes because they don't like the feeling of having a slight chance of getting in trouble!

Are You Devilish? Do you have the guts to mouth off to someone on the street? Or can you barely say shut-up to someone? Well before this quiz all you could do is wonder! But in a few minutes this quiz will tell you if your mean, nice, or imbetween!

Created by: michelle
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  1. One of your friends asks you if you want to skip school to go to the new arcade. Would you?
  2. when was the last time you played a prank on someone?
  3. How often do you get in trouble at school?
  4. Do you pull pranks that are only funny to you?
  5. Do you ever make someone get hurt just so you can have a laugh?
  6. Have you ever get the cops called on you?
  7. Have you ever cheated on a guy/girl?
  8. Do you love animals?
  9. Would you kill someone right now If you wouldn't get in trouble for it?
  10. Would you rather trash a hotel room or clean your room?

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Quiz topic: How Devilish am I?