How Cute Is Your Dog?

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Have you ever wondered how cute your dog is? Well, as you may or may not know, all dogs are cute, but you never know how cute it is to the public. That's what this quiz is for.

So, is your dog Normal cute, More than average cute, adorable, or the cutest it gets? Please enjoy my quiz, I worked hard on it. Good luck! :3 Hope your dog gets the highest rank!!

Created by: CollieAndBerner
  1. What of these does your dog enjoy doing?
  2. What does your dog do after eating?
  3. About what size is your dog?
  4. Which of these is CLOSEST to your dog's pattern?
  5. Where does your dog sleep?
  6. Has your dog ever put itself in life threatening danger?
  7. What is your dog named after?
  8. What is your dog's favorite toy?
  9. What is your dog's favorite meat?
  10. Comment, rate and suggest (to others)?

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Quiz topic: How Cute Is my Dog?