How Crazy Are You ??

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What type of crazy are you are you willing to find out the truth ? Huh are you to scared to find the truth I bet you are 😱😨😬😱😨😬😠😱😱😠😱😱😱 hahah

If you not crazy then what are you .. ........................ .III......................

Created by: EmmetteSmith
  1. Do you consider yourself sane?
  2. Do you ever talk to plants?
  3. Do you ever talk to inanimate objects?
  4. Do you ever hear voices in your head? If so do you ever talk to the voices in your head?
  5. Do you enjoy setting fire to things? If so do you prefer them to be alive?
  6. Do you hear people calling your name on the background of certain records?
  7. Have you ever become so obsessed with an object to the point of not allowing anyone else to touch it?
  8. Do you ever talk to yourself?
  9. Do people tend to stare at you?
  10. Have you ever tried to play a record backwards to search for hidden messages? If so, have you ever found any?
  11. Are you willingly taking this test? And are you willing to find out your answer?
  12. If your crazy... then ..

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Quiz topic: How Crazy am I ??