What kind of Rusher are you?

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So, you want to know kind of Rusher you are? I will tell you in this quiz. This is just to see how much you love Big Time Rush, or how much you don't love Big Time Rush.

The guys are crazy and I'm crazy for them. How else can I say it feel like a broken record, think I'm crazy and it's true I'm crazy for you. Kendall is hot.

Created by: GreenEyedHippie

  1. Do you like Big Time Rush?
  2. What was their first song?
  3. Do you have a favourite?
  4. What band was Kendall in first?
  5. What is fox?
  6. What is Carlos obsessed with?
  7. What does Logan like to do in the morning?
  8. Double rainbow!
  9. Who is Dustin?
  10. Who do you ship?
  11. Who is the green eyed hippie?
  12. Who is Bernard?
  13. Francis.
  14. Do you think they're weird?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Rusher am I?