How compatible are you with Tom Riddle.

This quiz is for you to find out whether you are compatible with the famous Tom Riddle or not. You will need to know your Hogwarts house before taking this quiz. If you don't know you house you can go to and take the quiz there.

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Created by: Ember Moon
  1. What is your hair color?
  2. What is your Hogwarts House?
  3. Moon or Stars?
  4. Golden trio or Death Eater?
  5. Whats your aesthetic?
  6. What type of hair do you have?
  7. Heads or Tails?
  8. What is your eye color?
  9. Friends or Family?
  10. What is you Zodiac Element?
  11. River or Forest?
  12. What animal?
  13. How badass are you?
  14. White or Black? *this has nothing to do with race*
  15. Fast or Slow?

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Quiz topic: How compatible am I with Tom Riddle.