How Closly Related to a Cat Transoformer Are You

Cat Transformers are the newest kind of Transformer. Using both elemental powers and tooth and fang to fight,they're unbeatable opponents. Some even poses the powers of a Prime.

Are you related to these armored big cats or are you just plain human. You could only wonder about that question but now you can really find out.

Created by: Carie

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  1. What is are the two places the Cat Transformer go to when they die?
  2. Who is the cat that started the 'first' Great War?
  3. What are flame berries used for?
  4. What are moon berries used for?
  5. How old do cubs have to be before they can be apprenticed?
  6. Who were the first leaders in the history of the Cat Transformers?
  7. What are the names of the three loner alliances?
  8. How many cats are in Dark Prime's army?
  9. What punisment do triators recieve?
  10. What trypes of biomes do the Autopaws live in?
  11. What type of biomes do the Decepticats live in?

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