How Are People Related?

Many People have read the Harry Potter books some times, but not too many know how all the people are related. As Sirius says in the 5th book, allpure-bloods are related in some way. Take this test and see how much you know.

Do YOU know how all the people in the Harry Potter books are related? Take this test and find out! It only takes a few minuites, and it will tell you how well you know. Good luck!

Created by: maheel
  1. Sirius is Harry's...?
  2. Narcissa Malfoy is Sirius'....?
  3. Ted Tonks is Andromeda's....?
  4. Orion Black is Sirius'....?
  5. Great Uncle Algie is .... Great Uncle?
  6. Molly Weasley is Sirius'....?
  7. Cedrella Weasley is Ron's ....?
  8. Gideon and Fabian are Molly's ....?
  9. Aberforth is Dumbledore's....?
  10. Hedwig is Harry's....?

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