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  • Thought it would be worse. My character lives in a world where magic is stigmatized, and witchhunted by an organisation similar to FBI. He gains his powers (ice magic) at age of 7, and the organisation begins to hunt him and his family. Cooper (that's his name) manages to escape to a safe haven for "Anomalies" and begins to learn his powers by the side of 4 other magical users. Saving the world etc etc. Ends up dead by his mind controlled brother. An evil counterpart of his (the story happens in several realms simultaneously) takes the main character's place, and unearths the true motives of the creator of the world (Basically: God's intentions). That are purely evil (in short, he created the world and the heroes to fight villains as an entertainment for him, keeping them stuck in an endless cycle of fighting evil beings). A long race for power ends up with battle in the scale of universe. the evil counterpart loses, and ends up in an isolated realm, created as a prison for him. The world goes back to the old order, heroes keep on fighting villains. (I planned on making it a book, but no time for that. In the end it would be the reader's choice to pick which side would they join)

  • 29%
    Better than I thought

    My story takes place on another planet and everyone is an "elf" and they all have power etc.. the thing is, there is a prophecy that stronger beings will appear in periods of need, but my mc is not one of them, she collects them all to form a group of warriors to protect their planet.

    She does find out she's royalty but she's only the king's niece and mixed so not fully royal. The problem is that mixed elves are stigmatized (she's half fire half water powers and THAT is kinda cliche ik) and there is a villain whose plan is to kill all mixed for a purer elf community. So her and the warriors are fighting him but then, a stronger threat appears ( idk like a big dangerous creature that can destroy their planet) and they're forced to work together to save to elf population and then... Suspense :)

  • O meu foi pior do que eu pensava (45%). Minha personagem é uma mulher de 27 anos que vive em um mundo aonde dragões podem dar seus poderes para outros seres vivos. Quando adolescente ela conheceu um dragão e, diferentemente do que muitos fariam, ela decidiu cuidar dele e assim se tornaram amigos inseparáveis até que guardas reais descobriram sobre a existência do dragão nas redondezas durante um tempo que minha heroína estava fora. Na volta da minha personagem para sua casa ela presencia os guardas quase matando seu dragão e em completa raiva ela mata todos eles junto de seu parceiro. Infelizmente, o dragão não pôde sobreviver e assim passou seu poder para a heroína que agora é líder de uma rebelião contra a caça de dragões e a favor a derrubada da rainha e do rei do poder, no qual ela é capaz de fazer de tudo para realizar esse objetivo. Porém suas crenças são quebradas quando ela acaba conhecendo uma garota e seu parceiro que estavam tentando fugir de um urso em uma nevasca, não querendo deixar os dois a mercê da sorte ela trás a garota para dentro. Durante um tempo a garota é cuidada pelos outros integrantes da rebelião que a ensinam a lutar, caçar, cozinhar, etc. Durante meses a vida foi seguindo assim, até que a garota revela que ela era a princesa do reinado do qual a rebelião queria derrubar, mas diferentemente do esperado a rebelião continuou cuidando dela mesmo assim, porque ela não tinha culpa dos seus pais serem pessoas horríveis. Ainda tem muita coisa para contar, mas fiquei com preguiça então vou parar por aqui.

  • Cara, o meu personagem é literalmente o filho do Capitão Pátria, então eu acho que o fato dele ser meio clichê da um charme a mais kakakakakak, mesmo assim fiquei surpreso pelo fato dele não ser mais clichê.

    A história dele é basicamente ele sendo filho "perfeito" do Brutos logo após ele matar o CP, e os fãs do Cp indo caçar o Brutos e matando ele na frente do garoto, e o garoto indo atrás de vingança e se arrependendo profundamente desse tal ato.

    Depois ele abre um organização a onde ajuda pessoas Supers a se readaptar a nova sociedade, a onde tem um monte de "Heróis Terrorista".

    Isso é um resumo muito curto, cortei muitas partes, mas acho que já da pra ter uma ideia de como é kakakakaka

  • 19%

    I'm happy that my character was less clich than i expected! I had some trouble answering some questions because my character is from a hitman in a cyberpunk universe, but otherwise this is a great quiz that made me realize some flaws in my character. It was also kinda funny answering to the "is your character beautiful question because he is 45 year old who got is face destroyed in a fire...

    (Sorry if i wrote some bad english, i am italian!)

  • I actually struggled to answer these because it's either none of these or somewhat like these but not really. It was a good quiz, but it's a sci-fi universe so there's no prophecies and stuff like that. Just society and alien crisis, and deadly plants. He's actually a good person(he believes he is) but he'd probably do anything just to achieve the goal he believes he's working himself towards. And he actually comes from a mysterious island of regular humans that just come from a different time period. I'm confusing myself as this is still a WIP, but I'll definitely work on him more.

  • Dude idk link from loz is clich but the results kinda make sense, especially sense it is a bit geeky.

    I put all the games together like a pot of pumpkin soup.

    Alex da cringe
  • Your character is 25% clich!

    Your character needs a bit of tweaking, but otherwise he's fine. Just remember that this quiz may or may not be accurate. :)

  • 27%

    Better than what I expected (the funny part about the love interest thing is that hes gay, and he interacts with a female the entire time, and it basically becomes a Paranorman situation)

  • %20

    Honestly not bad for a cowboy who herds sheep.

  • Why no gay opton

  • 34%


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