How Clean is Your Room?

Yeah I'm just curious about u aiaiaisiisi blah blah blah yeah I think you get it all right. I'm using good English now it's fine! How about your day? Huh?

This is a quiz about your room. Hey make sure your parents aren't watching or else they will...*punish you*. Anyways this quiz will tell you how clean your room really is!

Created by: Michelle004

  1. Where do you put your spare clothes?
  2. Where do your toys go?
  3. Where do you put your books?
  4. How often do you change your mattresses?
  5. Where does your dirty clothes go?
  6. If you have a desk, how clean is it (with 10 spotless and 1 messier than I can imagine)
  7. When your friends have a sleepover, where do they sleep or lie their sleeping bags?
  8. How many bugs have appeared in your room?
  9. How often do you vacuum clean your room (or maybe your parents do it)?
  10. On a scale of 1-5, how clean would you rate your room?
  11. Bye.

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Quiz topic: How Clean is my Room?