How Chelsea are you ?

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Are you Proper Chelsea ? Do you know the significance of Alan Mayes ? Did you know that Chelsea once upon a time did not win trophies on a regular basis ?

This quiz isn't about highest scorers and famous team performances. It's about Chelsea trivia that only Proper Chelsea fans would know. Give it a go...Carefree...

Created by: JD
  1. Which Chelsea Manager did away with the nickname "The Pensioners" ?
  2. Chelsea Football Club was the first English club ever to qualify for the European Cup (now "The Champions' League"). What year ?
  3. In the (original) famous song "We all follow the Chelsea...", singers urge "Bring on Tottenham or The Arsenal, and "bring on ........ by the score..." What was this original group ?
  4. In 1970, Chelsea featured in the first ever FA Cup Final to be drawn at Wembley. The replay was at Old Trafford. Where would the second replay have been held ?
  5. Chelsea are credited with having the fattest ever footballer, William Foulke. What position did he play ?
  6. Chelsea has always been a cosmopolitan club. They were the first English club to field an "All Foreign XI". When and where ?
  7. "Icky's coach came over the..."
  8. Which Hollywood sex symbol regularly came to watch Chelsea ?
  9. Who was Chelsea's first shirt sponsor ?
  10. Chelsea lost 7-0 away to Nottingham Forest in April 1991. A song was sung that day by the Chelsea fans, and is credited for being the first time ever sung at a football game. Name that tune.
  11. Chelsea filmed a commercial in the early '70s. What product was being promoted ?
  12. How many in the UK(to the nearest million) watched the TV coverage of the Chelsea V Leeds United reply in 1970 ?
  13. "It's a long way to Fulham Broadway..." What was Fulham Broadway station originally called ?
  14. In 2007, Jose Mourinho was arrested after his dog breached quarantine restrictions. What was the dog's name ?
  15. "The Liquidator is Chelsea's unofficial tune. Who is the artist ?

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