how to know which chelsea player you are

There are many smart people,but few are be determined means having a firm decision and being resolve not to change it.having a strong mind towards something important and not resisting it.

Have you ever dreamed of being a chelsea footballer,if yes I know you can start by making one of the players your idol.I know your dream can be achieved.try this great quiz and see if you are a chelsea player.

Created by: paul
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  1. Can you dribble past defenders without much fancies skills
  2. can you create passes to anywhere it is needed
  3. Do you have pace,speed,agility,strong mind
  4. Do you go for assist or goals
  5. You are in a cup final,you dribbled past three defenders,you are now 1-1 with the goalie,you saw your teammate next to you what will you do.
  6. you were the topscorer and your teammate won the ballondo'r what is your reaction?
  7. Which one will you go for individual honors or team glory
  8. you were the best for lille f.c and teams want you who will be your 2 dream choice 1chelsea,arsenal.2manu,mancity.3liverpool,everton.4realmadrid,barca
  9. What is your favorite position
  10. If you were a coach what is your formation 1]4:3:3 2)3:4:3 3)4:4:2 4)5:3:2

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