How Chav are you?

There are many chavs worldwide but mainly in essex. You may just be a zero and stay out of trouble. Not into fashion or you are just a bit of a wimp. If you said no to all of them your probably a chav already.

Do you have what it takes to become a burbury chave. Do you want another iPod to add to your collection of 67 then do this quiz to see if you have what it takes.

Created by: Carwyn of xcarwynx
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  1. What clothes do you wear.
  2. Your mate called you a prik. Do you?
  3. There is an ipod on the bus seat infront of you unatended. Do you?
  4. Sum fit girl has just walked pass. She is wearing a mini skirt, when she drops her fone do you?
  5. There is a shop without a security camera and the sales assitant is really fat. Unfortunatly there isnt very good stuff in the shop do you?
  6. You are scottish you are offered an enhlish football hat. Do you?
  7. A fat woman/man nt sure gets stuck in the duble doors of the cinema whilst carrying popcorn. Do you?
  8. A man slaps you round the head for no reason. What do you say?
  9. A police man gets out of his car and chases your mate. He leaves the door open to the policecar do you?
  10. What trainers do you wear?

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Quiz topic: How Chav am I?