Are you more emo or chav?

Have you always wanted to know what chavs do? What emos do? Well you take this quiz and find out what you or more likely to be, Are youu a chv or are you an emo? Why dont you take this awesome quiz and find out!!

Are you a chav? Are you an emo?? You Know you want to take this quiz so just go ahead and ake it because you wanna know whether you are emo or chav ;)

Created by: Mollie

  1. What would you rather do on a saturday night?
  2. What would you rather wear?
  3. What music is better?
  4. Were would you rather shop?
  5. What is your favourite music channel
  6. Have you ever slit your wrists?
  7. If someone takes the piss out of your family you...
  8. What is your favourite shoe logo?
  9. Whats most likely to be your motto?
  10. Whats your favourite colour?

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Quiz topic: Am I more emo or chav?