How Cape Cod are you?

Many people go to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, but not many people truely know the place. You should do well if you've visited often or lived here! Cape Cod is a great place.

Are you a real Cape Codder? Take this quiz and find out!!! Hopefully you'll do well enough to prove your worth as a true cape codder!! Cape Cod is a great place.

Created by: Slappy McGee
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  1. Cape Cod is famous for
  2. The sport played in the summer that brings players from all over the country is
  3. What is grown on Cape Cod
  4. Barnstable's biggest rival is
  5. How many bridges connect Cape Cod to the U.S.
  6. A popular beach on Cape Cod is
  7. A very good pizza place on the Cape is
  8. A vllage in the town of barnstable is
  9. Cape Cod is in the shape of
  10. Harry''s is a

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Quiz topic: How Cape Cod am I?