Have you seen Cape No. 7?

It is very important that teenagers should be more understand this popular movie,because you can know more about Taiwan and you can disscus this topic with your friend.

The Cape NO.7 is the most popular movie now in Taiwan. If you haven't seen it before, you couldn't be "young people" So go ahead to see it, otherwise, you will really really be like fool!

Created by: Wenny/Alyse
  1. Do you know who is Uncle Mao?
  2. Who is Aga?
  3. How much the awards of Golden Horse Cape No.7 got?
  4. Where is Aga following his dreams after he leaveing Taipei?
  5. Where is main actress come from?
  6. How many love letters that can't be send appear in this movie?
  7. How many people in Aga's band?
  8. How many years the director Te-Sheng Wei worked hard for this movie?
  9. What kind of musical instrument Uncle Mao can play?
  10. What is the ending between main actor and actress?

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