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  • Ok, no cheating! But here's what would get you the top answers...

    -Age and gender have no effect whatsoever for this particular quiz.

    -Being born somewhere in Cambridge gives you top marks. The further away you were born, the lower your mark. Apologies, I didn't know the Stella Maris even existed! Award yourself an extra 10% for this, as you've clearly got more history with the city than me!

    -School/Sixt h form will give you the most marks, as that's generally more years than studying at a college here.

    -Snowy Farr was a local character who used to collect money for charity in town. He would always be accompanied by an array of small creatures.

    -Ther e isn't really a local Cambridge accent. It's standard RP. Although, it does tend to vary a little, depending on the area you live in. Points for both.

    Minus points for any daft misconceptions.

    -Auntie's is a tea shop. Or it was last time I looked.

    -You'll get more points for being pro Mill Road on this one.

    -Disco Kenny has several catch phrases, the most famous of which is, "World's gone mad mate". Quite a character!

    -Pete rhouse is the oldest of the Cambridge colleges.

    -Straw berry! Strawberry Fair is held on Midsummer Common every June. Not to be confused with the Midsummer Fair, which gave the common its name.

    -The best thing to do is twist it and pull it out. If you hold on, you'll find yourself clinging to the pole while the boat drifts off without you...

    -Hobson's choice is no choice.

    -Cycling or avoiding the rush hour altogether is the only way to do it. Everything else takes too long, or is inordinately stressful.

    -Ther e is a memorial to Princess Diana on Christ's Pieces. And probably a number of underage drinkers. Points for both. Some points awarded for the box answer, for having a sense of hu

  • As a linguist who studied here, I can say that the Cambridge accent is not RP! If you want to call it something then SSBE would be more accurate: standard Southern British English. RP is how, for example, the Queen speaks, so that would be more like the "they're all pawsh" answer that was available. The people I know who have grown up here most definitely do not speak in an RP accent like the queen!

  • LIVE IN Australia have done for the last 30+ years thought i'd give it a go.Lived in Bateson rd,Charlton way and Jesus lane i'm miffed cos there was no statue of Lady Diana there was only Irish drunks on Christ Pieces.

  • I am Cantabrigian by birth and cannot believe I only got 77%. Probably because I was born in the Stella Maris which was before your time, I would imagine. (Not sure about the college either .. would have liked to see some answers)

  • Actually, what you're referring to is known as "Heightened RP". Easily confused with Standard RP, aka Received Pronunciation which is your generic Southern English accent.

  • Yeah, the memorial came way after the drunks. It's actually in the shape of a crown, not a statue.

  • Only 70% Cambridge!? Where did I go wrong? I'd like to view the correct answers, but can't find 'em. How do I do this? World's gone mad, mate.


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