How brainwashed are you?

A clear majority of westerners claim to be independent and "free" thinkers. They claim to live under governments who would never indoctrinate them, because the informaton flow is "free" and "objective". These are the same that are very quick of acusing others of being victims of propaganda, but how brainwashed are they themselves really? The truth is the first victim of a war...a war for freedom.

Now the question is, how brainwashed are you? How much of a victim of ruthless propaganda are you? How much do you really know? Well, 99% are completley wrong, how about you? Let's find out!

Created by: Stefan
  1. How does a communist society look like?
  2. Name a few communist states, that either has existed or exists.
  3. How many people has died of communism?
  4. Name a communist dicator (a dictator who've called himself/herself for a communist).
  5. Which social group is living as the biggest parasites in most western countries today?
  6. What was the main reason of the Ukrainian famine in 1932-33?
  7. How would you describe todays United States of America?
  8. What was the main reason for the unfolding of the first world war?
  9. How does the wage-system work under socialism?
  10. Finish the following sentence with a scientific answer. Capitalism is based on...

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Quiz topic: How brainwashed am I?