How beautiful are you truely?

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There are many people that say their truely beautiful; but most of them are wrong. What is true beauty? True beauty is when you have a good additude.

How much of true beauty are YOU filled with. Are you empty? Are you a cup? Are you a gallon? Are you a liter? Find out in this quiz if your there- and maybe even save your rep.

Created by: I Forgot My Name
  1. Are you kind to "Nerds", "Dorks", and "Weirdos"?
  2. How do you respond when people say your pretty/beautiful?
  3. Where does beauty count to you?
  4. Some guy with black glasses, pimples, a dressy shirt tucked in, black pants, dressy shoes, and braces comes up to you and says "Hi.. Ummm... I have had a big crush on you... will you go to the dance with me?"
  5. When you hear about a person in your school has to live on the streets, whats your reaction and action?
  6. Lets say you go shopping, and you see this volenteer program to help people in Africa. What do you do?
  7. What do you do when you see yourself in a mirror?
  8. Whats you favorite quote?
  9. Comment or Rate?(:
  10. Bye(:

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Quiz topic: How beautiful am I truely?