How Bad is your life????

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In life there are Good points and Bad points, absolute tragedies and amazing Joys. However it goes we must make the best of it we only live once, so go for it ;)

So you wanna find out how Bad your life really is?? This has been designed so that we can't have depressed people saying there life is terrible when others are far worse. Enjoy the quiz, it's as truthful as can be

Created by: sammierox1997
  1. Do you still live with both your parents???
  2. Do you know both Parents???
  3. Has one/both your parents left or died???
  4. Do you still see both your parents????
  5. Do you have Siblings or are you an Only Child???
  6. How May relatives have died during your lifetime???
  7. You have any Pets???
  8. Do you have many freinds at school???
  9. Are you often in trouble at home/in school/with the police
  10. Are you Satisfied with your life???

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Quiz topic: How Bad is my life????