How Much Do You Hate Your Life?

Plenty people out there hate their life! Why? Its probably because of problems, problems and more problems! The result to the hatred of lives is suicide! Did you know that suicides claim at least half of the deaths every year?

Well, this short test I created will calculate how much you hate your life! Is it a lot, a little or just neutral? Find out within minutes, the true result to how much you hate your life! The test consists of simple, yes or no questions. Answer honestly, and get an accurate result of how much you hate your life!

Created by: Life....
  1. Have you ever thought of committing suicide?
  2. Have you ever attempted suicide?
  3. Are you afraid of death?
  4. Do you secretly swear your parents?
  5. Do you take out your frustration on others?
  6. Have you ever been bullied?
  7. Have you ever faced peer pressure?
  8. Have you ever been told that you are useless, hopeless, etc?
  9. Do you drink alcohol?
  10. Do you smoke?
  11. Do you always have problems in your everyday life?
  12. Have you ever been rejected?
  13. Do you have or did you have abusive parent/parents?
  14. Do you usually feel lonely?
  15. Do you have more enemies than friends?
  16. Ready to see how much you hate your life?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Hate my Life?