Stupid career test

Many of us struggle with the question of 'what to do with our lives' what career, or if you will, vocation we are best suited to. This quiz helps you answer some of the fundamental problems of your life and ultimately your future career.

This quiz will help you change your life for the better, in a way which you cannot imagine. The questions may appear random, or even, completely insane! But rest assured I am a qualified quiz master, with a degree from the university of shoddy degrees.

Created by: el flamingo
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  1. Imagine you have gone back to school, what are you most likely to be doing?
  2. What would you most like to be doing right now?
  3. Tim and Slim are builders. If Tim is younger than Slim but Slim is taller than Tim, what is the capital of France?
  4. Imagine I give you £20/$30. What are you going to buy?
  5. My hobbies include:
  6. The thing that is most important on your CV/ resume is:
  7. Image you are walking through the woods and see a small cottage. You go in, what are you most likely to see first?
  8. The cottage turns out to be where you're having a job interview (duh) what inappropriate thing are you most likely to say to your potential employer?
  9. Your pet hate is:
  10. Your favourite philosopher is:

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