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  • This quiz is horrible, nothing is based on the guys you like and the movies you watch! smoking does NOT make you awesome! 28%

    PUTZthecat100 Jul 27 '14, 12:14AM
  • just rubbish 13% and said stop smoking i dont smoke i am just 14 years old.:-@

    iamnobody May 27 '14, 5:26PM
  • I got that a good thing?

    Never2Late Apr 20 '14, 11:07AM
  • This quiz could be A LOT better no offense.

    CeilPhantomhive Jan 26 '14, 10:43PM
  • Remember..culture is not your friend. Kids, they're lying to you.

    Taidemalik Jun 30 '12, 9:38AM
  • actually, I think this girl is kinda disturbed
    nothing is based on the guys you like and the movies you watch. should becoming a cheerleader make you pretty? hell no god, you remeain the same person? >.< btw, I think ricky olson and andy biersack are good looking =P

    Renee Apr 25 '12, 3:58PM
  • I agree with mk09. This quiz SUCKED. BOOOOOOO. Sorry.

    nomnomskittles Jun 12 '10, 9:17PM
  • to be harshly honest, this quiz SUCKS. ^^ it's based entirely on what the creator (TiiLeef) likes. BOO

    mk09 Apr 25 '10, 2:29PM
  • Ooh yeah... I got 100%!!! I did make the quiz though... =)

    TiiLeef Dec 12 '07, 9:50PM

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