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  • Your Result: Wow, you're hot!

    ... But you know ... being attractive has something to do with your personality as well! ... And let's face it: you're not exactly the most friendly person, are you?

    What? Me hot and unfriendly? One: I'm not hot nor am I conceited. Two: How am I unfriendly? Something is weird with your quiz....I'll describe myself and let you be the judge....

    I am 13, am a MASSIVE science geek and proud, pedantic, and temperamental. Not only do I know the difference between geek and nerd, but I care about it. I'm ginger, heterochromia (each eye is different colour) and bullied. I HATE the popular crowd, because they can't be themselves whereas I take pride in being myself and being different. My eyes are also MASSIVE, but my glasses shrink them a bit! I'm overweight. I'm VERY funny, I'll be a comedian when I'm older. I'm witty and can laugh at myself. I think I am pretty, and I'm VERY UNIQUE!!!

    I know it's hard to do these quizzes, but it's so inaccurate...Take mine:

    So you think your gorgeous? by Heiki Koboi

  • Yay, I got attractive! Really fun quiz. Please try my new quiz "What is your body shape?!"

  • Nice quiz

  • awww i love this quiz

  • aww...great quiz!


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