How Attractive Are You?

IMPORTANT: If you are already pretty and are taking this quiz to boost your self-esteem, then please leave. The results are not based on "how you look" but on your behaviour and body language and thought.

In most of the quizzes, the lame questions asks, "do your friends tell you look cute", "what's your height", or asks your skin complexion. These are nonsense. Your age or your color don't show your attractiveness. And so I made this quiz that doesn't rely on how you look. Take it.

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. When you approach a cute guy or a hot girl, which of the following describes the feel you get?
  2. Just look at the mirror, see your face and ask yourself, "am I confident?". What answer do you get?
  3. Do you "feel" good about yourself?
  4. When you stand, which posture relates do you use?
  5. When you talk with someone, where do you generally look at?
  6. Do you keep yourself happy?
  7. Do your keep your back-bone straight?
  8. Finally, do you wear 'decent' clothes (=clothes which doesn't make you look clumsy)?

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Quiz topic: How Attractive am I?