How Pretty Are You? (honest)

From the bikini body to the perfect smile, people all over the world are pretty. Some may be more than others, or not pretty at all. The question is, are you pretty?

Do you have the looks? The smell? The body? This quiz will answer your questions about your prettines for you! Just remember, I don't know what you look like so It may be a little inaccurate for some. Good luck and have fun! Remember to say your results in the comments.

Created by: Alessandra

  1. How often do people complement you looks? (You're beautiful, You have nice eyes, etc.)
  2. How many times have people had a crush on you?
  3. How thin are you?
  4. Your teeth?
  5. Do you have eyebrows? (with no makeup)
  6. Do you have eyelashes?
  7. Your skin color?
  8. Your ears?
  9. How do you smell?
  10. Your hair?
  11. How do your cloths look on you?
  12. Final question: From a 0-5, how pretty do you think you are?

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Quiz topic: How Pretty am I? (honest)