Am I Fat Quiz? Find out here

Do you ever wonder if your fat,well that may not matter but its always good to know,even if its not 100 percent accurate,you are a beautiful person thick or thin

Well take this quiz if you are interested in finding out,there are 6 possible answers : Anorexic, Slim, Average, Chubby, Fat, and Obese, find out which one you are

Created by: Saige
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How many fat rolls do you have sitting down
  2. How many rolls do you have standing
  3. Sit down look down what do you see
  4. Describe your stomach to me (awkward) 😃
  5. how big are your thighs
  6. Which do u think you are
  7. The next four questions are meaningless and have no effect of your result
  8. Hi
  9. Hello
  10. Last one,sorry I have to have twelve questions and I was lazy so yeah thanks for taking meh quiz

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