How will you die? (long results!)

How will you die? Will you cry? Find out your deathbed in just a few minutes if you take this pretty short (13 questionn) quiz! Good luck, and I'd like to see your results in the comments!

This death quiz doesn't have the exact age or time, but it has a fun and pretty long story of your death and if you take this quiz im almost positive youre goingto like it.

Created by: EmraldYE

  1. Which of these do you like to do the most?
  2. What's your lucky number?
  3. Which do you like more?
  4. Your favorite, of these animals?
  5. How often do you get sick?
  6. Can you stand really hot days?
  7. Do you like to play sports?
  8. Do you ever go fishing or out on a boat?
  9. Do you like hunting?
  10. Are you chllostryphobic, or whatever?
  11. Are you lucky?

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Quiz topic: How will I die? (long results!)