How aNnOyInG are you?

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This annoying quiz will annoyingly tell you how annoyingly annoying you annoyingly are! Wow, it's really annoyingly cool that I can annoyingly use the annoying word annoying so annoyingly much in one annoying sentence!

Listen to I'm a Little Annoying if you feel like it. This isn't the full version, because I annoyingly had to do a thirt second recording. Your result will tell you to, so why not do it? (h t t p s : / / d r i v e . g o o g l e . c o m / f i l e / d / 1 2 d e p R 5 G w 6 6 G 3 1 9 E e b U x I J P 8 B C 4 H Y 5 e 7 L / vi e w ? u s p = s h a r i n g , without the spaces.)

Created by: Ameliaka Hadlaka

  1. If you were in my fourth grade class, were you part of the Boopies?
  2. What is your favorite capitalization?
  3. How many theme songs do you have?
  4. You write words...
  5. CaN yOu ReAd ThIs QuEsTiOn?
  6. I'm a little annoying, I'm a little annoying, I'm a little annoying, what should I say next? Annoying!
  7. Is ThIs QuIz SuPeR aNnOyINg?
  8. ArE yOu ReAdY fOr ThE aNnOyInG rEsUlTs?
  9. Too bad. I'm still giving you more questions.
  10. This is the last question.
  11. Only joking!

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Quiz topic: How aNnOyInG am I?