Is your brother annoying?

Is your brother annoying? Do you wanna know? Or are you just unsure? Well this might not be perfect but here's your go-to quiz! Just take it already lol

This quiz is designed to show the results of your brother, if you think he's annoying and this and others' quizzes' results show this also, tell your parents or tell him to stop.

Created by: backwards
  1. Does he lose track of things easily?
  2. Does he always pop your personal bubble or disturbs you in any way?
  3. Does he bully you or taunt you?
  4. Does he always steal things from you and/or from others?
  5. Does he always get what he wants (and is he spoiled?)
  6. Is he annoying to other people (including family members)?
  7. Does your brother call you names?
  8. Is your brother dumb and careless?
  9. Does your brother like Caillou? (Caillou is a brat)
  10. Is this quiz accurate? (not affecting score)

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Quiz topic: Is my brother annoying?