Are you annoying?

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Hello, take this quiz to see if your annoying! there are some things you might be doing that is very annoying so you can see if you are by taking this quiz.!

This quiz has questions that lots of people find extremely annoying such as thinking your better than everyone. You can see if your an annoying person in general or if you just have to be more aware.

Created by: Sheepbread

  1. Do you tend to think about only yourself and not about others?
  2. If you have a pen you love a lot and someone you dont like asks to borrow it would you let them?
  3. Do you tend to say a phrase repeatedly daily
  4. Do you like to make your voice higher than it is and say uwu all the time and make these faces in messages? : :3,*~*
  5. Are you over obsessed about yourself?
  6. Do you wear revealing things to school?
  7. Do you only talk to boys and make it obvious everyone knows that?
  8. Do you think your the best person and that your family doesn't deserve you?
  9. Do you try to make people feel bad about themselves
  10. Do you always cry if someone said something you did not want to hear?

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Quiz topic: Am I annoying?