Is your sibling annoying?

So, this quiz is to really prove if your sibling is mean, annoying, or spoiled. This is not 100 percent accurate. I tried my hardest. :D I have a sister myself, and she is really annoying, but we get along :3

I hope you guys enjoy my quiz, I tried my hardest and did have some breaks :D :) Thanks for trying the quiz!!!!! Thank you..Thank you...THANK YOU!! :D

Created by: Chloe
  1. Does your sibling make annoying voices?
  2. Does she/he mimic you?
  3. Are they spoiled?
  4. How are they spoiled?
  5. Does he/she help you?
  6. Do you get along?
  7. Who starts the fight?
  8. What does your mom do?
  9. When having friends over, do they take over?
  10. Does he/she threaten you?
  11. What are the threats about?
  12. Do you like this quiz so far? :D (This question has no affect on your percentage) :3
  13. How old is she/he?

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Quiz topic: Is my sibling annoying?