How Andre Are You?

Find out how Andre you are! Everyone wants a piece of Andre and now you can find out if you have the ability to be just like him deep down in your soul. Grow a ginger beard and throw caution to the wind!

So, how Andre are YOU? Do you have the willpower and beard growing ability to take this quiz? You should take a few minutes and find out just how close you are to our Father, Andre Droodle Poodle.

Created by: MKD of Farewell, The Seamstress
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  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Are you a ginger?
  3. Have you ever won a "Beard-off" contest of facial hair willpower?
  4. How Polish are you?
  5. Have you ever considered running for President?
  6. Do you often accept bets despite your better judgement?
  7. When you think of the phrase, "People that scat together, stay together," you immediately think of...
  8. Do you try to dress for each and every holiday listed on the calendar?
  9. Have you ever dared KM to eat or drink anything in abundance?
  10. What are your most hated attributes of your co-workers?
  11. Do you have a high school degree?
  12. God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit?
  13. A diabetes sandwich should have the following ingredients (other than the already present bread, condiments, meat, lettuce, tomato)?
  14. What is your best attribute or feature?
  15. Glass of melted ice (water) or coffee?
  16. Name your favorite food?
  17. How do you give a High Five?
  18. Walking backwards is...

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Quiz topic: How Andre am I?