How Well do your know Our Superstars?

Do you know your WWE Superstars WWF Superstars WCW Superstars and ECW Superstars then take this quiz and find out smarts... Do you know your PPV results for thje last 40 years then come and find out... SUCK IT

Come and find out if your know your superstars and see if you can answer all of the questions and become a WWE and WWF Master of them all... I bet you dont even know Andre the Giants height... then come and find out.

Created by: Steve of
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  1. What is Doink the Clown's Real Name?
  2. What PPV did The Giant defeat Lex Luger to win the World Title?
  3. What PPV did Triple H hurt his right knee?
  4. When did Kenny Dykstra make his debut and what age was he?
  5. What is Andre the Giants Birthday?
  6. Who was John Cena trained by?
  7. What is Bobby Lashley's Height and Weight?
  8. What is Umaga's Real Name?
  9. Who walked Andre the Giant out to the ring at Wrestlemania 3?
  10. Who did the fans pick to be the Referee at Cyber Sunday 2006?

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Quiz topic: How Well do my know Our Superstars?