How ADDICTED to Gotoquiz are you??

Gotoquiz is one of My favourite sites ever and I belive I'm addicted either that or I'm a sad ass probably both. Lmao lets face it alot of us probably are :)

So are YOU Addicted to go to quiz. Do you qualify as a Gotoquiz addict? You could only wonder... UNTIL NOW!! Because thanks to my amazing quiz you can discover if you are truly addicted

Created by: sammierox1997

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How many Days in a week are you on gotoquiz???
  2. How many hours in a day????
  3. Are you a Gotoquiz Member??
  4. Do you Rate?
  5. Do you comment?
  6. Do you look up Users?
  7. Do you check Forums?
  8. Do you give the Gotoquiz people Feedback?
  9. Will you look me up? 'Sammierox1997'
  10. Is it in your Favourites???
  11. Do you sneakily go on it during school?
  12. Do you find yourself starting Homework then ending up on Gotoquiz?
  13. Do you check the Number of people, Comments and Raiting of your quizzes?

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Quiz topic: How ADDICTED to Gotoquiz am I??