Hogwarts Part Thirteen Is Out!

Hey everyone! Hogwarts Part Thirteen is out! She didn't announce it, so I took it upon myself to do it for her! So, don't even bother reading this quiz, just read hers!

Wow, this is the second quiz I've made for her. Stupid new quiz list, not showing her quizzes! They're to amazing not to show! Now I have to make these, gosh!

Created by: _ViolaLover_

  1. Hogwarts Part Thirteen by HogwartsLove is out! Just click on her user name, type it into the search box, then click the thirteenth part on her page.
  2. Yeah, I just found it because I was re-reading all of her amazing quizzes, and to get to one I had to click her user name. I saw the thirteenth part and I sort of squeeled in delight. It upset my dog. xD
  3. So, yeah! Just go read it! NOW!
  4. I personally love HogwartsLove's series, they're amazing!
  5. This is actually the second announcment I've done for her, because she didn't do one. =P
  6. It's not her fault, it's GTQ's fault, for not showing up on the new quiz list!
  7. It's currently raining at my house! YES! The last time it rained here, it was November. No Joke.
  8. So this quiz coming out was like a bonus to my day. =)
  9. Oliver is my favorite character, but it's hard not to love Draco too! She makes it sooooo hard to choose!
  10. HOW DARE YOU READ THIS WHOLE QUIZ! You could've been reading hers by now! Gosh!

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