Hogwarts, magic, and secrets Pt. 3

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Do you know the secrets of yourself, your friends, your enemies, and your school? I highly doubt it. Take this quiz to find out about a few of your friends and enemies. Good luck! My apologies, third year will be a bit of a rush but that's because I need to hurry up and get to fourth year where things really start to 'heat up' so please forgive me!

Recap: Draco kissed you and you were too shocked to think or move. Ron is cross with you at the moment because you didn't do anything. You were knocked out and had a strange dream with Malfoy Sr. where he cruiciod you and you began bleeding and twisting in pain. If this doesn't ring a bell read the last few quizzes. Thanks! Accio quiz!

Created by: Pyra Potter

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  1. {Your thoughts in a coma} "What? Where am I?" You asked again. "Esmerelda please wake up!" You heard someone say from nowhere. "Who's there?" You asked as you picked up a thick tree branch. "Esmerelda I'm sorry for being such a git! Please wake up!" The voice pleaded. "Who is there?!" You asked annoyed. No one answered. Suddenly a ginger appeared in front of you. He had blue eyes, dull orange hair, was about four inches taller than yourself, and wore hand-me-down robes. "Who are you?" You asked with genuine concern and curiosity. "I'm sorry! Please wake up!" The ginger pleaded again. 'Okay, this is getting annoying! I am awake!' You thought as you whirled your black and white leopard dress. You got annoyed and something in the back of your mind told you that if you spun around he would go away. He did. He was replaced by a chunky boy with black hair and a friendly smile. "Ezy please wake up! I know that the world is a tough place but you have to come back to it. Please, Ezy, I beg you, wake up," the boy pleaded. 'Ezy? That sounds familiar as does Esmerelda, but I don't know these people.' You thought as you cautiously made your way over to the boy. "Who are you?" You asked. The boy didn't answer but words formed in the clouds. 'Neville Longbottom, my best friend' they said and you knew they were right. "Neville?" You asked. The boy nodded, pleaded for you to wake up once more, then disappeared as if he never existed; you weren't even sure he had. A girl appeared in front of you this time. She had curly brown hair, brown eyes, and seemed much more welcoming than the others had. You knew who she was. "Hermione!" You squealed as you saw your only gal-pal. "Esmerelda. Please. Wake up! I know that Ron is being a total git, Malfoy was being a prick, and I know that the world is a sucky place. I know that you want to drift off into your dream world and never resurface, but, Esmerelda, you need to. I need your help, Neville needs you, Harry needs you, Ron needs you, and all of Gryffindor tower needs you! Please, wake up!" She pleaded. Each time she said a name that person's face popped into your mind. "Hermione, even if I was asleep I don't know how to wake up!" You said as it began to rain in your jungle. In a whirl of color Hermione was gone and wasn't replaced by anything for a few seconds. "Hermione?!" You asked once she disappeared as you ran to where she had been. Behind you appeared a bleach blond boy with an arm sling, a smirk, and rich boy clothes. 'Malfoy.' You thought to yourself. "Esmerelda. I know that I shouldn't have ambushed you and I know that you probably can't hear me, but I'm sorry. Granger told me that I had caused your passing out, mixed with sleep deprivation and pain. Anyway, Potter and Wood are out playing Quidditch and I didn't think you should be alone in case you woke up. I'd be playing, too if it weren't for that bloody chicken called Buckbeak! Right, you weren't there for that. Well, that brainless oaf, Hagrid, is teaching care of magical creatures, as you know. And his first lesson was Hypogriffs and Potter, obviously, did fabulously and got to ride him. I called the bloody chicken an ugly brute and he attacked me! My father isn't happy about it one bit and neither is my Quidditch captain, canceled the match today because it's pouring rain. Well, now that I've had my usual Potter's an a** rant, I'll say what everyone wants. Please, please, please wake up, Esmerelda. I'm happiest around you and I'll even quit taunting Weaslebe in front of you if you wake up. Please wake up, Esmerelda, please." He ended off with a pleading tone.
  2. {Harry's POV} 'I wonder how long it'll"”BLUDGER *dive*"” be before Esmerelda's out of the hospital wing. I can't wait to see her smiling face NOT covered in random blood. Whoops, in the way of the chaser's. Sorry Katie, she almost dropped the quaffle because of me. I just hope that she wakes up soon or I'd go CRAZY! SNITCH!' I thought to myself as I zoomed after the tiny golden ball. It was right by Cho's broom. 'Cho is so pretty!' I thought as I chased the tiny snitch. Cho saw me and tailed closely behind. 'Yikes! Bludger!' I thought as I zoomed up a few feet. Cho was too focused in the snitch to notice and got a bludger to the face. "Ow," I whispered as I continued my search for the flying devil. There! Over by the stands I saw it and raced after it. I whiz-zed by Dumbledore and the other governors, the Ravenclaw supporters, Gryffindor supporters, and more specifically; Ron and Hermione. I held up an 'E' hand sign, asking if Esmerelda was awake yet. They shook their heads and I continued my hunt for the snitch that would announce Gryffindor's winning of the match. I caught the snitch quite quickly and Gryffindor won 190-70. I watched in amusement as Cho threw her broom in frustration and stomped back toward her tent. I ran to Ron and Hermione, both of whom had already seen Esmerelda, and walked to the hospital wing. When we got there I saw Malfoy talking to her. Please, please, please wake up, Esmerelda. I'm happiest around you and I'll even quit taunting Weaslebe in front of you if you wake up. Please wake up, Esmerelda, please." He said in a tone that even made me believe him. "Yeah right. He couldn't stop taunting me even if he wanted to," Ron whispered with a snort of disbelief, not that I could blame him. Hermione gave him a disproving look and released the door from her grip. The door clattered and Malfoy looked up. "Potter, Weasley, Granger," he said as he left. "Did he just NOT call us Saint Potter, Weaslebe, and Mudblood?" Hermione asked disbelievingly. I nodded as I said, "He must really fancy her to not ridicule us in her presence." Ron gave a disapproving cough. "Come off it, Ron. If you fancy her you'll be nice to her!" Hermione said with a roll of her brown eyes. Ron's ears turned pink as I walked over to Esmerelda's hospital bed. "Something tells me she's going to be just fine," I say with a smile as I see her cheeks turn pink and scabs on her hands instead of blood. "Why's that?" Hermione asked. "She's got color in her cheeks for the first time in weeks and she has scabs instead of blood," I say as if it were the best thing ever. Which, in my opinion, it was pretty close to it. Ron brightened up considerably, as did Hermione. I sat beside Esmerelda's bed and held her hand, like I did with Hermione when she was petrified last year. Hermione whispered something to Ron and they both left. I sighed, smiled, and rolled my eyes.
  3. {Your thoughts in a coma} You were still in your leopard dress and still in the center of a jungle, lost. Suddenly a jet black haired boy with glasses and green eyes appeared in front of you. "Hey, Ezy, you're looking much better today. I heard Neville call you Ezy earlier and it seems to fit you. Anyway, I know that if you can hear me you have no clue what you look like compared to when you went out. You'll be glad to know that your hand and forehead aren't bleeding for no reason anymore and you aren't as pale as a ghost anymore! But, no matter how much healthier you look that doesn't mean you're awake yet. Ezy, I need you to wake up. You're like the family I've never had, next to the Weasleys. I need to know that you're alright and I need you to make me alright. You help me when I need it and attempt to ignore Ron when he's being a git and it's amusing to watch the two of you bicker. I know I sound insensitive, but it's my way of saying I love you, Ezy. No, not love like I fancy you, but love you like you're my sister. Some people loose their memory when they go into a coma as deep as yours. So I want you to know that if you do lose your memory I'll help you get it back in any and every possible way. Gryffindor won the Quidditch match, as always, and my crush got a bludger to the head. I guess that Malfoy told you how his arm got scratched. He taunted a Hypogriff against Hagrid's orders and got attacked. The blood b**** deserved if if you ask me. Well I don't want to get your recovery blocked by angry thoughts so I'll tell you about it once you wake up," he said. "Harry?" You asked as you made your way over to your friend. Once again, he didn't answer your question, not that you'd expected him to. It rained in your jungle again but not as heavy as before. 'I don't remember him, but something tells me that I can believe him.' You skeptically thought to yourself. He disappeared in a swirl of color and was replaced by a tall Scottish brunette in Quidditch robes. "Hey Esmerelda. I'm sure that Harry told you that Gryffindor won the match; but I doubt he told you how Flint, the Slytherin Quidditch captain, took a beater bat and hit me in the stomach with a bludger. I don't remember what else happened though. Well, I'm afraid that I don't have glamorous stories like the rest of your friends and I don't have a huge speech saying how much I need you to wake up. But I do need you to wake up. Usually I get hit with bludgers a lot but I've been hit a lot more since you came in here. Please, Esmerelda, wake up. I need you, your friends need you, even strangers from the four houses need you. Some Hufflepuff named Diggory came to visit you earlier, said you were long time friends but you've never brought him up so Harry wouldn't let him in. Just, if you didn't listen to anything I said please listen to this. Wake up soon and everything will be alright, I'll make sure of it," he said and vanished as his last sentence echoed in your ears. "I WANT TO WAKE UP, BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW!!!!!" You screeched at the sky making it rain harder than ever. 'Did I just make the sky sad?' You jokingly wondered. You then saw two gingers that looked exactly alike set fireworks off and the whiz-zed around you. They spelt the words every one had been telling you, 'Please wake up.' You wanted to wake up and greet your friends and see their smiling faces, but you didn't know how to wake up. The world around you faltered and you fell to the ground. Everywhere around you were your friends and people you didn't recognize, all saying the same thing with their promises. "Wake up! Please, please, please wake up, Esmerelda!" They pleaded. You were about to snap. You didn't know how to wake up even though you wanted to. Suddenly your friends became afraid and angry. "Sirius Black is in the castle?!" They said. Suddenly a picture of a mad man being restrained entered your world with a knife and a malicious look in his eyes. Out of nowhere a werewolf attacked him. "Okay, now I know, this is weird!" You said as you watched Black become the Grim. 'I NEED to wake up! NEED to help my friends, especially Harry!' You thought as you paced around the small clearing if your jungle. "There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home," you tried while clicking your heels together. 'Well, Wizard of Oz is out! Maybe if I blink three times?' You thought. *blink* *blink* *blink* 'I'm still here!' You thought as you kicked a tree.
  4. 'Will I ever get out of here?' You thought as you sat under the tree you'd just kicked. 'I want to go back to Hogwarts!' You desperately thought. You looked down and didn't see the ground but the Black Lake. "I'M HOME!!!" You shouted as you ran toward the castle. No matter how much you ran you could never quite reach the school. It seemed to run away from you as you tried to run to it. "Stop!" You shouted on more than one occasion. It never listened. "Hogwarts," you whispered as you sat near the Black Lake once more. You saw a black dog run towards you, Sirius Black, and decided you liked your jungle better than the murderous dog. 'Jungle! Jungle! JUNGLE!' You pleaded in your mind and found yourself there once again. You sat down in the center of the small clearing and sang what you remembered from Hogwarts. "Hogwarts, Hogwarts Hoggy Warty Hogwarts. Teach us something please. Whether we be old and bald or young with scabby knees. Our heads could do with filling with some interesting stuff. For now they're bare and full of air. Dead flies and bits of fluff. So teach us things worth knowing. Bring back what we've forgot. Just do your best we'll do the rest and learn until our brains all rot." You sang the song a few times until another sing came to your mind. You used to love this song. You'd heard it from your uncle when your aunt had stayed at a friend's house without letting him know. "Her hat is hanging by the door. The one she bought in Mexico. It blocked the wind. It stopped the rain. She'd never leave that one. So, she can't be really gone. The shoes she bought on Christmas Eve. She laughed and said they called her name. It's like they're waiting in the hall. For her to slip them on. So, she can't be really gone. I don't know when she'll come back. She must intend to come back. I've seen the error of my ways. Don't waste the tears on me. What more proof do you need. Just look around the room. So much of her remains. Her book is lying on the bed. The two of hearts to mark her page. Now who could ever walk away at chapter 21. So, she can't be really gone. Just look around this room. So much of her remains. Her book is lying on the bed. The two of hearts to mark her page. Now who could ever walk away. With so much left undone. So, she can't be really gone. No, she can't be really gone." You sang as loud as you could, hoping it would take you to Hogwarts. It didn't. 'Why can't I go back?' You asked yourself. Suddenly someone appeared in front of you, Cedric Diggory, and pleaded as they all did. "Esmerelda, I'm pretty sure you don't remember me but we used to be best friends. Before I came to Hogwarts we spent every minute we could together. I miss that, and I miss you. Sirius Black broke into Hogwarts and your friends need to know that you're safe. Because they love you and they need one less thing to worry about. Please Esmerelda, wake up. Please. It's Cedric in case your coma has affected your memory. You've been visited by Hermione, Ron, Harry, Fred, George, Draco Malfoy, Oliver, all of Gryffindor tower, and now me. We may all have different opinions but if there's one thing that we can agree on, it's the need for you to wake up. Life is hard and the whole world sucks. I know that. But all of your friends agree that it sucked a lot less with you in it. Just come through for us Esmerelda, please. Life was better, easier, happier, funnier, funner, and much cooler when you were in it. I can guess that you don't know how to wake up if you want to. Madame Pomfrey says that all you need to do is imagine yourself exactly where you are. Please, wake up soon Ezy. Please," he said and vanished. "That'd be just great if I knew where the heck I am! Wait, if I truly am in a coma that means that I'm in the hospital wing. The door sounds fairly close to me so I'll guess that I'm the third bed on the right?" You concluded. It didn't work. "Why does Hogwarts hate me?!" You screamed at the trees around you.
  5. {Ron's POV} "Sirius Black is in the castle? How is that possible?" I asked Hermione. "I don't know, we have dementors at every corner of the castle!" She answered fearfully. "He slipped past them once didn't he? Who said he wouldn't be able to do it again?!" Seamus Finnigan answered me. I nodded and looked at Harry. "Is it possible that Black is the reason Esmerelda is in the hospital wing?" He asked me. I shrugged for I really didn't know and I hope he wasn't responsible for it for Black's sake. Harry nodded and turned to Dumbledore who had just entered the Great Hall. "Sirius Black was and may be in the castle. While we search the castle you are to sleep here. You will be needing these," he said and with a swoop of his hand purple sleeping bags were laid in neat rows throughout the hall. "Wicked," I whispered under my breath as I chose the sleeping bag on the end. Harry to my right and Hermione to his. "I doubt that Black is even in the castle now," I snorted as I laid down. Hermione nodded her agreements as she laid down as well. "Harry? Are you alright? You've been awfully angry ever since Sirius Black broke in," Hermione prompted him. "I hate that man! Hermione, he is the reason they're dead! He was their friend and he sold them to Voldemort," Harry answered through clenched teeth as he, too, laid down. Hermione whispered an 'I'm sorry' and went to sleep. I stayed awake, wondering about Esmerelda, for hours until Percy demanded my going to sleep. 'What a prick,' I thought as I drifted off to sleep. I awoke to sunshine and my annoying brother's voice. "Black is NOT in the castle you may return to your dormitories!" He repeatedly shouted. "Sometimes I wish YOU weren't in the castle," I whispered as I followed Harry and Hermione up the staircases. "Guys! I'll meet up with you in the common room in a couple hours," I told them. I wanted to make sure Esmerelda was alright. They nodded and I bolted toward the hospital wing, ignoring Percy's idiotic protests. I stopped running about a corridor and a half away from the hospital and arrived moments later. I didn't see anything new around her bed and no one was with her so I assumed I was the first to visit her today. I walked down to the seventh bed on the left and sat down beside her. "Morning Esmerelda," I whispered as I put her red hair behind her ears. I noticed a small neon-blue mark on her hair line. 'That doesn't look like she was hit with any object. Other than paint maybe so she must have been knocked out by a spell.' I concluded as I held her pale, bony hand. "If you were awake you could tell me who put you in here and I could knock the snot out of them! But, you aren't awake so I'll have to find out later. Well, Esmerelda, Sirius Black broke into the castle and I almost died! Black ripped the Fat Lady's portrait and made it inside to the boy's dorm and when I woke up Black a knife to me! I was actually surprised that, considering he broke out of Azkaban to kill him, Black didn't have a knife to Harry. Well, I'm glad Black didn't kill Harry. He's got too many things trying to kill him at the moment. I don't want to make you too scared to wake up so I'll stop talking about Black. Esmerelda, I'm really, really sorry for being such a jealous git. I like you, I really do and I was just jealous as always. I should have listened to you instead of assuming you like Malfoy. I somehow feel that your coming here is my fault, and of it is I hope you'll forgive me for it. I'm sorry for being an idiotic moron and I NEED you to wake up. If you wake up I'll stop being such a protective b**** and I'll even be nice to Malfoy if you want. Just wake up soon? Please, Esmerelda, I need you." I ended off crying. I meant every word of what I said, I need her, I fancy her, I'll even be nice to Butt Monkey Malfoy if she wants me to...............only around her though, and that I'll clobber whoever sent her here.
  6. 8. {Neville's POV} "Hey! Where's Ron?" I ask as Hermione and Harry enter the Gryffindor common room. "Visiting Ezy," Harry replied with a smirk. I laughed to myself as I imagined Ron and Esmerelda dating. "What's so funny?" Hermione asked for I had let out a snicker. "Just thinking," I said with a sigh. "About?" Hermione prompted. "Ezy and Ron dating," I answered simply. Harry laughed and Hermione gave me a disproving look. I gave her eyes that said 'It's funny; lighten up.' She rolled her eyes and said she was going to visit Ezy. I nodded and Harry sat down next to me on the red sofa by the fire. I wanted to change the subject but Harry restarted the conversation. "Have you found out what hit Esmerelda in the head?" He asked me. I shook my head and stared into the dying fire. Harry nodded. "When did you start calling her Ezy?" I asked him. "When I heard you say it. It really suits her," he answered while watching the burning embers. I nodded. We sat in silence for a few minutes until Ron and Hermione returned. "She's a LOT better. Although, she has this neon-blue mark 'right here' and the only thing other than paint that could have given her that is magic. A Gryffindor sent her there," Hermione said solemnly. I was shocked, "B-B-But, every Gryffindor loves her! Who would do it?" "I don't know who would do it, but I do know that we need to watch out for them," Harry said. Once he said that a Gryffindor second year bolted out the portrait hole. "Who was that?" I asked. "Probably a student late for detention, like us eh, Ron?" Harry answered while nudging Ron in the ribs. Ron gave a small laugh and became silent once more. "I think I'm gonna go see her," I said and stood up. Harry said he would visit her as well and followed me out. I was thinking that perhaps Harry could have stayed in the common room but he is her friend and has as much a right to visit her as me. "Hi, Harry! Hey, Neville!" The second year called. "Hiya Ginny. Where you headed in such a hurry?" I answered. "Detention with Snape," she said as she walked over to us, her ginger hair bouncing around her shoulders. "Where are you going?" She asked Harry. "We're going to visit Esmerelda. If it weren't for your detention, I'd ask you to join us," Harry answered. "I can be late for Snape. Besides, I don't even think that I know the girl," she answered. "You wanna come to meet her? She's awesome although you won't become great friends until she wakes up," I chimed in. Ginny nodded a little..............guiltily?............. The three of us walked to the hospital wing. "Why do I ALWAYS forget that?!" I yelled as I fell, once again, through a trick step. Harry and Ginny lifted me out of the small hole. I muttered my thanks and we continued our trip.
  7. {Your thoughts in a coma} Your leopard dress was gone to be replaced by a black gown with a silver pinafore. You hair was twisted into tight curls pulled into a high ponytail. You were in a dark room with people you didn't know. You knew that they weren't death eaters for they seemed happy and no one had a dark mark. 'Thank Merlin' you thought as you sat across from your new DADA teacher. In front of him lay a small box addressed to you. You took the wooden box with caution and popped the bronze latch. Inside was a small necklace that said 'what's life without a little risk?' you knew these words, found comfort in them, and agreed completely. And a card lay at the bottom of the box. 'It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live.' "I want to live, I want to return to Hogwarts. I need to!" You told your DADA teacher. Professor Lupin nodded as the world around you swirled and you found yourself in the middle of a meadow. You saw Harry. "Nice new necklace, Ezy. I wonder how you got it. In defense against the dark arts we are going to be learning about boggarts and you've told Neville how much you wish to know what your worst fear is. I wonder if Madame Pomfrey will let me take you there so we can see and tell you what your worst fear is when you wake up?" You saw a parchment and pen lying on front of you and wondered. 'If I got the necklace in this world and Harry saw it in the real world could he find a note in my hand?' You decided to try. You wrote against a flat rock a few paces away from you. 'Harry. Hi! If you can read this then I have found a way to talk to you. Please don't tell anyone that I can talk to you. Please take me to see my boggart. Please!' You wrote. You crumpled the parchment in your hand and waited. He could see it. "Wicked! I won't tell Ezy," he replied. "We have to go to DADA now so I'll ask Lupin if I can take you there. Be right back!" He was gone, what seemed to you, for about two seconds. "Let's go, Ezy!" He smiled and you felt your world being twisted.
  8. 10. {Normal POV} Harry wheeled you to the DADA classroom, much to the surprise of Gryffindor and Slyhterin third years. "Miss Conners here is in a coma. Her friends have been notified that she wishes to know her greatest fear. Her friends made an arrangement so they can tell her what her greatest fear is when she wakens," Professor Lupin explained. Parkinson had a bit of a victory dance when Lupin said you were in a coma. Malfoy rolled his eyes. "Mr. Potter bring Miss Conners up to the front please then you may take her back to the hospital wing." Lupin instructed Harry. He nodded and wheeled you to the front. Lupin then told the class of the incantation to repel a boggart "ridikulus," he said. Harry repeated it for he was to repel your boggart. Lupin nodded and opened the rattling cupboard behind him. Nothing came out other than a voice. "Your greatest fear is the unknown," it said. The room went pitch black and a few dead hands grabbed your ankles. Inferi. There was a screech in the darkness. The door clattered open and then closed. The windows did the same. A few rasping voices spoke to you. "You will die from grief while watching the suffering of your friends." Even Harry was frightened. Strange things kept going on and the lights wouldn't return their light, even the 'lumos' charm was useless against the darkness. "Ridikulus!" Harry said with his wand pointed toward the ceiling. The inferi on your ankles released their grip and began to ballet dance in neons purple to-toos while the darkness became a rainbow color. Everyone laughed and continued laughing as Harry wheeled you to the hospital wing again. "Did you see that Ezy?" He asked you on the second staircase. A note appeared in you pale and sickly hand. "No." "It was freaky! Everything went dark, we were attacked by dead people, and it said that you would die from grief by watching your friends suffer. It also said that the unknown is your greatest fear. Another note appeared in your hand. "That is scary! And what is 'it'?" "It was just a voice. A disembodied voice that had a rasping whisper that would make the hairs on your neck stand on edge," he answered. You were glad that you'd found a way to communicate with your friend and thought that if you tried harder you could find a way back to Hogwarts. You may be in a coma but you heard everything that was directed towards you, and you knew that your friends were worried sick about you.
  9. 11. Sorry that this is short and I hope you liked it. Thanks for reading! @Aadee and other GTQ users keep commenting and I'll incorporate your awesome ideas where I can. @aadee requested Cedric in the other series, but he fits better in this one. Comment/rate/ ENTER MY CONTEST FOR YOUR STRANGE LIFE AT HOGWARTS!!!!!!!!!!

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