Hogwarts, magic, and secrets Pt.2

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Do you know the secrets of yourself, your friends, your enemies, and your school? I highly doubt it. Take this quiz to find out about a few of your friends and enemies. Good luck! My apologies, third year will be a bit of a rush but that's because I need to hurry up and get to fourth year where things really start to 'heat up' so please forgive me!

Recap: Your name is Esmerelda, you have red hair and brown eyes. You can see thestrals because you saw your father die. You believe in Nargles and you are very opinionated, especially when it comes to your friends.

Created by: Pyra Potter

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  1. You looked down at the class to see Fred and George, fifth years. "Ronald you idiot! It's fifth years class!" You joked. "Hermione, let me see your schedule." Hermione handed you her full schedule, shielding it from the boys. "We have a free period right now!" You said as you headed back to the castle. "Whoops!" Ron apologized as he followed you stomping up the hill. You rolled your eyes, "Whoops indeed. Anyone up for Quidditch practice?" Harry looked at you in surprise. "You play?" He asked. "Not on a team but I'd like to. Wait, darn it! I can't play Quidditch, I promised Neville I'd help him with setting up the greenhouses and I have a boatload of homework!" You said. "Sorry, gotta go!" You shouted as you ran towards the greenhouses. "Neville!" You shouted once you saw him leaving the greenhouse. "Oh, hi Esmerelda," he said looking at the ground. "Where you going? I thought we were supposed to set up the greenhouse," you were confused. "I finished 5 minutes ago," he said sadly. "Oh," you said. You were upset that he would set up without you, but you were bombarded by the thought of your massive homework pile. You told Neville you would see him later and ran off towards the common room. Once you arrived at the common room you ran inside, grabbed your school bag, said 'hi bye' to your friends, and rushed to the library. You ran headlong into a seventh year. "Hi, Oliver. Sorry, I didn't mean to run into you," you said quickly. "Are you apologizing or training to be an auctioneer?" He joked. You looked at him with eyes that said, 'I'm busy, move!' Oliver got the message and steeped aside. "Thanks! I've got so much homework!" You said graciously as you walked to the library, your red hair falling in your face. You placed your hair in a bobby pin that you had grabbed from the common room. "Good luck," Oliver offered as you ran to the library. Once you finally arrived at the gargantuan library your black shoes were scuffed, your black robes were laden with dust, your red hair was a mess, and your wand kept poking you in the arm. "Ugh! Scorgify," you sighed while pointing your now retrieved wand at your robes, shoes, and hair. You saw pink and orange glittering bubbles and the dust on your robes disappeared, it buffed your shoes, and fixed your hair. 'Okay, no more waking up at 5:30 every morning to take a shower as long as I remember that spell!' You thought as you sat down at the nearest table. Each table was 3 yards long or more! You placed your bag on the table and made to find your homework. "Ugh!" You whined in a childish tone. "Who cut my bag open? And where are all of my stuff?" You groaned as you mended your bag with the 'Reparo' charm. You heard someone mumble a spell and entirely from habit you whipped around and whispered, "Patrificus Totalus." You saw that the figure you had just petrified was Ron. "Sorry! Finite!" You said as you rushed to him. "Are you okay?" The worry in your voice was extremely apparent. "Yeah, I'm fine, Esmerelda. Don't worry about it," he responded as he stood up. You nodded your thanks. "One question. Why are you here? The library, according to Hermione and your study habits, is like your kyriptonite," you laughed. Ron had a blank look on his face. "It's a muggle thing. Let me rephrase that. The library to you is like a Quidditch player to a bludger," you said more plainly. Ron seemed less confused by this but still had a look of mock hurt on his face. "Came to give you your homework. When you ran into Wood your stuff went everywhere and I heard you'd be here," Ron said as he handed you your stuff. "Thanks! I am WAY behind. Did you see who split my bag open?" You said as you took the pile of books and parchment. "Yeah, I think so. I'm pretty sure it was Harry. When I asked him why he said he was hoping to make you stop before you ran into the Quidditch captain," Ron replied with a strange look of thought on his face. "I honestly think Harry fancies you," Ron said in a sing-song voice. "Do you need any help with YOUR homework?" You calmly asked, eager to change the subject. "Yeah, but I'll have Hermione do it for me," Ron replied. You rolled your eyes as he made his way back to the common room. After about three hours you had finished your homework. 'I'm so glad that I didn't have any classes after lunch! Wait! I did! I have a full schedule!' You thought. At this you fell asleep, using your potions book as a pillow.
  2. "Esmerelda! Get up! We're late!" An agitated Hermione shouted. You jerked awake and saw a pool of sweat on your potions book. "Huh? Late for what? It's Saturday!" You moaned as you rubbed your neck. "Hogsmead! Come on!" Ron shouted while he and Hermione grabbed you by an arm and dragged you from your chair. "OW!" You seethed for Hermione had touched the scar on your hand. "What?" Ron asked as they kept pulling you. You assured them it was nothing and told them you could walk. They let go of you as you exited the library and you thanked them. "Wait! I don't have my permission form with me!" You cried. "What was that spell?" You whispered as you hit yourself with your wand. "Akita? No! Asio? No! Oh, Accio!" You said. "Accio Hogsmead Permission Form!" You said as you pointed your wand up. Seconds later the previously signed permission form was in your hand. "What? Huh? Where'd the signature go?" You said as you repeatedly flipped the parchment. 'Maybe McGonnagle will let me go if I explain?' You thought doubtfully as the three of you made your way towards the entrance hall. There you saw Harry begging the head of Gryffindor house to let him go. "No signed permission form. No trip to the village. That is my final word!" She said apologetically. "McGonnagle! Professor!" You shouted as you walked over to her. "Yes, Miss Conners?" "Well, my uncle signed my permission form but the signature's disappeared," you explained showing her the blank parchment. "Hmmm. Nice try Miss Conners, but without a signature you may not enter the village!" "But- Professor I'm NOT lying! If you don't believe me I will take a swig of Veratiserum right now!" McGonnagle tutted at your remark and dismissed you. "See you guys later then," you sighed to Hermione and Ron. "We promise to bring you something back from Honeydukes!" Ron waved. "If you don't eat it first!" You replied. Hermione and Harry chuckled, Ron looked embarrassed, and you were attempting to remember a spell. "Guys wait! Let me try something!" You called to your friends. They turned and came over to you. "Aparecium," you whispered while pointing your wand at the permission form. Your uncle's signature appeared. "Professor! I can go!" You shouted as you handed your head of house the form. She nodded her approval. You quietly celebrated. "Be back later, Harry!" You waved while he sadly nodded. You, Ron, and Hermione left the grounds as Harry went back inside. After about ten minutes of walking through blistering wind and jagged snow, you finally reached Hogsmead. "Where to first?" Ron asked. "Shrieking shack?" You suggested. The two nodded and you made your way up to the hill on which the Shrieking shack was built. The three of you marveled at the haunted house for a few minutes until Malfoy showed up.
  3. "You three shopping for your dream home?" He sneered. "Shove off," Ron whispered. "Oh- Ho! Crabbe, Goyle, I think it's time we teach Weaslebe how to respect his superiors," Malfoy gloated. "Hope you don't mean yourself!" Hermione snapped. "Of course he doesn't, Hermione! He obviously means us! I mean, we ARE superior to HIM in EVERY WAY," you said. Malfoy turned red and played his usual card, "How dare you speak to me! You filthy mudbloods!" "Oh, hush up mudblood!" You instructed. "I happen to be pure!" "And I happen to be half. It's bad enough if you use it when it applies to muggle borns, but if you can call a half a muggle born, I can call a pure one as well," you said as you linked arms with a happily smug Hermione. Malfoy looked disgusted. "Or would you prefer blood traitor? That title still needs taking," you said as you linked arms with Ron. Malfoy looked extremely angry and was about to say something before a snowball hit him in the face. The three of you laughed as Malfoy and his lackeys were pelted with snowballs. You watched in hilarity as Crabbe was pantsed, Malfoy was tripped, and Goyle wedgied. "It's hard to respect someone when they're running and screaming like a traumatized 2 year old girl!" You shouted after them much to Ron and Hermione's amusement. Suddenly the sleeve of your robes was tugged, as was Hermione's hair, and Ron's toboggan tassel. "Harry!" Hermione and Ron said in unisons. Harry revealed himself, but to you he seemed to come from thin air. "That was bloody brilliant, Esmerelda!" He praised. You nodded as Ron and Hermione agreed with him. "Harry? How did you get here?" You asked, hoping you weren't treading on dangerous ground. Apparently you weren't. "Invisibility cloak. Got it first year at Christmas," He answered while holding the shimmering material. You nodded your understandings and the four of you headed to Honeydukes while walking past the Three Broomsticks, with Harry under the cloak. Once you reached the pub you heard Harry's name. "What would Sirius Black be doing in Hogsmead?" A lady asked, who Hermione said was Madame Rosmerta. A man with a black robe and green bowler hat, Cornelius Fudge, whispered something to the lady. "Harry Potter?" She asked amazed. "SSSHHH!" The man hissed as he led the bartender away. You saw footsteps leading to where they were and knew they were Harry's. "Just, let him go," you whispered to your friends. "I'll wait for him. You guys go see the village," you told them. They reluctantly agreed and you sat on a bench near the pub. "Not alone are you?" A Scottish voice asked. "No, Oliver. I'm waiting for someone," you coyly answered as you shivered. "That person doesn't happen to be me does it?" He teased. "Yes! Oliver will you marry me!?" You joked. He laughed. "Actually I'm waiting for someone to come out of the Three Broomsticks," you answered. "Why don't you just go in?" He asked as he sat beside you. "It's adult wizard day in there." "I'll go get us some butter-beer. I am 17." "No, Oliver, you really don't need to do that!" "I know. But for a pretty girl like you I will." With that he walked into the pub. He returned minutes later with piping hot butter-beers. "Oliver, how much was it? I'll pay you back," you said as you dug into your deep black pockets. "No charge. Wait, take that back. You owe me one date. Next weekend we'll have a luxurious fly around the school," he answered while adding jazz hands. "No way!" You said as you took your drink. "Okay," he said and took your drink from you literally a second after you got it. "I can get my own later anyway. And if you want a girl to go out with you, blackmail is the worst way to go!" You called after him as he walked away. A few minutes after that you were freezing in your big black coat, sweaters, and sweat pants. You shivered as you saw the pub's door open and 'no one' came out. Harry ran quicker than usual and you could've sworn you heard sobbing. You followed at a safe distance, your sweat pants getting snow covered. The foot prints stopped at a rock, you knew that Harry had sat down because you could still hear him sob.
  4. You timidly walked over to him. "Harry? What happened?" You asked nervously as you pulled the cloak from him. "He was their friend, Esmerelda, and he betrayed them. HE WAS THEIR FRIEND! I hope he finds me. Because when he does, I'll be ready. When he does I'm gonna kill him!" Harry raged through sobs. "Harry...........I know you don't mean that. I mean, what would your parents say? As far as I've heard they were loyal, brave, and forgiving. How would they feel if their son murdered someone for revenge?" You commented shyly. You knew this was the worst card you could possibly play but he seemed to understand it. Harry nodded and silently cried. "Sh sh," you whispered as you hugged him. You decided that it might be a good idea to change the subject. "Would you like to go find Hermione and Ron, or would you like to stay here?" "I'll stay here for a little while." "Do you want me to leave you alone?" "No." "Okay," you said as you sat in the snow. "You know you're going to get soaked?" Harry joked. "No I'm not!" You pouted as you melted the snow. Harry just gave a weak smile and went back to his sobbing. You knew that the best thing for you to do would be to be there for him, and you planned to do just that. "It's okay, Harry. There's nothing you can do. I know that you want to do something but both of us know that you can't," you whispered. Harry choked back his sobs and nodded. After a few minutes of silence you heard footsteps. You instantly threw the cloak over Harry and whipped around. It was Ron and Hermione. "Whew. Thought it was Malfoy," you said. "Why didn't you come and get us?" Ron asked. "I asked her not to," Harry said as he took off the cloak. Ron seemed offended and Hermione was understanding. Hermione nodded and walked over to the rock where you and Harry were. You thought she was moving towards Harry so you stepped aside. She stopped you with a breath taking hug. "What's that for?" You asked. "Just for being you, Esmerelda," she said as she let you go. You nodded and felt water on your face. The snow in your red hair had melted and the water had passed by your brown eyes. You walked to Ron. "Esmerelda, are you crying?" He asked worriedly. "No, the snow in my hair melted," you answered. Honestly you weren't sure whether you were crying or not but you didn't want him to know if you had been. Ron nodded and you turned to see Hermione speaking softly to Harry. Just then you heard footsteps again and you acted from instinct once more. "Patrificus Totalus!" You shouted toward the noise. You turned to see a petrified Draco Malfoy with two people staring at him in shock. You shouted the spell at them as well. "Harry. Hate to rush you, but chances are once this wears off, Malfoy's gonna tell on you! You'd better get back to the castle," you said while gesturing to the three fallen figures. Harry thanked you and stood. He brushed the snow from his blue and green shirt and his black pants as he threw the cloak over himself once more. This time, however, he remembered to wipe away his foot prints. Once you were sure that Harry was gone you un-petrified the three Slytherins. "Can we help you?" You asked in a smart aleck tone as Crabbe and Goyle lifted Malfoy from the snow. "What the h*** was Potter doing here?" Malfoy said as he slicked back his hair and straightened his coat. "How many Potters are there? I only know one and he's at the castle," Hermione said. "I JUST saw him!" Malfoy argued. "You must be seeing things. They say jealousy impairs your vision," you remarked coyly. "Jealous? Pfft. Me, Draco Malfoy, jealous of Saint Potter?" He spat. "Well, you did try to friend him in first year and were quite upset when he turned you down," Ron said truthfully. "Yeah, right! I was upset because McGonnagle had to come in and kept me from slapping him," Malfoy defended. "Yeah, right! Like you would slap anyone!" You said snidely. "How's this for a smack in the face?" Malfoy said as he walked over to you. You saw Hermione grab her wand and saw Ron tense up. You gave them a sign to calm down. Just then Malfoy kissed you on the cheek. "You have no clue how close I was to slapping you!" You snapped as he moved away. "Then why didn't you?" He asked with a smirk. "You try slapping someone with numb hands!" You said. Malfoy rolled his eyes and walked away.
  5. "What the bloody h*** was that?!" Ron asked. You were standing still in shock and some emotion that you couldn't quite put your finger on. You shook your head as you were too busy gawking at what just happened. Hermione, coming to your rescue, decided to change the subject, "We still haven't gone to Honeydukes!?" "Yeah, uh let's go get some sweets," you answered as you snapped back down to earth. Ron stomped ahead of you while Hermione hung back to talk to you. "What was that about?" She asked much to eager for the situation. "I. Don't. Know,' you calmly said. "Why didn't you slap him?" "Too shocked to move, I guess." "Why didn't you tell us to do anything?" "Too shocked to think." "Did you like it?" "NO!" You shouted. 'Well maybe' you thought. "Okay, just asking. Although, I wouldn't tell Harry he'll probably freak out about as much, if not more, as Ron. Plus, Ron will already have told him." You nodded at her advice and the two of you went to catch up with Ron who was stomping down the hill. "Ron! Ron! RON!!" You shouted as you stumbled down the hill. "What?!" He snapped angrily. "Uh, just, um. Never mind! I'll just go back to the castle!" You seethed. You waved to Hermione and ran towards Hogwarts. Once you arrived at the castle you were in full fledged tears! You had run into Neville but made a quick excuse to get away. You rushed through the entrance hall and ran to Gryffindor Tower as fast as your 13 year old legs could carry you. "Fortuna *sob* major!" You told the fat lady. The portrait of the fat lady in a pink dress and obnoxious black curls swung forward. You skulked to the nearest scarlet couch and slunk into it. 'Can I just like, NEVER get up? Life is SO hard, I just want to lay here forever!' You thought as you rolled around on the comfy, feather cushions. Before you even knew what had happened you were hit on the head by something and blacked out.
  6. *Harry's POV* "Ron, have you seen Esmerelda?" I asked. I hadn't seen her since Hogsmead and Hermione seems very hesitant to tell me about her. "Yes! She ran off to the common room!" Ron answered me angrily. "Why are you so mad?" I asked. "Malfoy!" He raged as he clenched his fists to his sides. "What did he do this time?" I asked putting a considerable amount of emphasis on 'this.' "He kissed Esmerelda and she DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!" He seethed as his face turned red. "And you are mad........why?" I asked as we continued walking toward the common room. "What part of SHE DID NOTHING, did you not understand?!" He shouted a bit too loudly. I chuckled and rolled my eyes at him. Truth be told, I wanted to murder Malfoy for that, I don't fancy her it's more of an 'I love her like family' thing. We continued our way to the common room when we saw Malfoy.
  7. *Ron's POV* Malfoy rounded the corner with his awful rich boy swag. "Potter, what were you doing in Hogsmead?" He asked Harry. "I wasn't in Hogsmead, Malfoy," Harry answered. Malfoy gave a disgusted look my direction and smirked at my jealousy. I turned a blood red and clenched my fists, ready to punch him in the face if he made another remark. He did. "So, Weaslebe, how's Esmerelda, she was quite in shock and seemed to rush off from you," he smirked. "She's shocked, you f***ing spy!" I spat. "Of course she is! How can someone not be shocked when I kiss them?" He sneered. "It's not a good shock, Malfoy. It's the kind of shock you get when you receive rocks for Christmas, not the kind you get when you become Quidditch captain!" I spat. "Oh, shut it you jealous blood-traitor!" "I thought Esmerelda named YOU the blood-traitor?" Once I said that, Malfoy stalked off. "Okay, what all did I miss at Hogsmead?" Harry asked me. "Just that," I answered and then Neville came running towards us with Hermione close by.
  8. *Neville's POV* I saw Esmerelda on the couch in the common room and thought she was asleep. She wasn't. "Esmerelda? Are you okay?" I asked her near lifeless form. She did nothing and was barely breathing. "Uh-oh!" I whispered. I immediately bolted through the portrait hole to find Ron, Hermione, and Harry. I ran directly to the library, where I knew Hermione would be. She was. "Hermione! Come with me! I need you, Ron, and Harry like NOW!" I urged her. "What? Neville, why do you need us?" She asked me as she put her books away. "Just.....hurry!" I persisted as I shelved some of her books for her. Hermione looked shocked and upset at my disturbing her, but I didn't care at the moment. I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her away once she had finished cleaning up her area. "Where are Ron and Harry?" I asked urgently. "Probably in the Great Hall. Now, where are you dragging me?" She said rushed. "You wouldn't believe me if I did tell you," I whispered as I dragged Hermione to the Great Hall. Strangely, we met no obstacles on our journey. I saw Harry and Ron while Malfoy was walking away from them, less boastful than usual. "Harry! Ron! Now!" I shouted. "What, Neville?" Harry asked me. "It's better if I show you!" I said urgently as I dragged Ron who dragged Harry. "Where are we—?" Ron asked. Hermione shrugged her shoulders. "Gryffindor common room! Now!" I said as I ran quicker than I thought I could. Halfway to the common room we ran into Wood. "You guys know where Esmerelda is?" He asked. "Follow us," I said quickly. At that Wood nodded and I ran once more. After a few minutes we arrived at Gryffindor tower, panting and sweating awfully, Harry opened the portrait hole. "Fortuna major!" He had shouted and we all rushed inside. "Okay, why are we here?" Harry, Ron, and Hermione asked at once, but Oliver already knew. I gestured towards the couch where Esmerelda lay passed out. The three gasped in horror and Oliver sat beside her.
  9. *Oliver's POV* "She isn't........dead.......is she?" I asked afraid as I sat beside her. "No she isn't dead, she's knocked out. You three are her closest friends and thought you should know first," Neville answered while gesturing to the three third years. "What happened? Esmerelda wouldn't just pass out!" Hermione said as she rushed to her friend's aid. "That's what I need help with. If it's something we should worry about we need to check it out, like if someone had hit her. If it's something normal like sleep deprivation or stress we can just let her sleep," Neville answered. "She looks like she was hit with a bludger!" I said as I noticed the huge lump on her head. "You're one to know," Ron joked. "How can you possibly be joking?!" I asked standing up. "It's a defense mechanism," he answered. "Defense? What are you defending yourself from?" I asked angrily. "The truth you idiot!" He spat. I rolled my eyes and sat back down. 'The kid is such an imbecile!' I thought to myself. "Yeah, Esmerelda was definitely hit with something. But, what? We probably need to take her to the hospital wing and look around," Harry suggested. I nodded and picked Esmerelda up. "I'll take her down there, you guys look around," I instructed as I left the common room. As I left I heard Harry say that this was none of my business.
  10. *Back to normal POV* Harry, Ron, Neville, and Hermione searched the Gryffindor Tower for hours and found nothing! "Guys, whatever hit Esmerelda upside the head is gone!" Ron said as he plopped down onto the scarlet armchair. "Agreed!" Harry said as he did the same. "As much as I hate to admit it, Neville, but there's nothing here!" Hermione said defeated. Neville nodded and sat down as well. "What could have knocked HER out?" Neville wondered aloud. "What'd you mean?" Harry asked. "Oh, Esmerelda is not one to be taken so easily. She's been hit in the head with various things and has never passed out, one of them being a small brick!" Neville answered. "Perhaps it was stress mixed with sleep deprivation and pain?" Hermione suggested. "She was probably stressed out by Malfoy and Ron. Sleep deprived because of her major homework load and pain from whatever hit her!" Hermione said as she looked at Ron with 'I told you so' eyes. Ron turned a pale pink, "Should we go visit her?" "I doubt she'll be awake but may as well," Harry said while standing up. "Yeah, we're her best friends! We should be there when she wakes up," Hermione stood as well. 'Actually I'M her best friend........or I think I still am,' Neville thought while standing as well. Hermione straightened her purple and grey sweater and pulled up her black sweat pants. "Do you always do that?" Ron asked while attempting to sound like her. "Ever since I met Esmerelda," she answered and strode towards the portrait hole. "You three coming?" She asked. Neville stole over to Hermione, his green sweater trailing behind him and khakis scratching against each other. Harry followed suit, and as did Ron after brief hesitation. "One question, Ron. Why are you mad at Esmerelda for something Malfoy said?" Hermione asked. "What did Malfoy do?" Neville asked as he pushed the portrait open. "We'll tell you later," Harry assured him. "I'm mad at her because she did nothing!" Ron raged while following Neville into the corridor. "She was shocked you idiot! Wouldn't you be too shocked to move if that happened to you?" Hermione said. "I would have acted on instinct and slapped the person in the face!" Ron yelled. "What did I miss?!" Neville shouted. "Malfoy kissed Esmerelda and she didn't do anything to stop him," Hermione answered. "Okay?" Neville answered. "She was too shocked to think or move, Ronald!" Hermione said. "Who can ever be too shocked to think?!" Ron questioned. "How about someone who was ambushed?!" Hermione shouted while throwing her hands in the air. They continued their bickering for maybe five minutes until they arrived at the hospital wing.
  11. They ran over to you and gasped in horror. There was now blood on your head and on your hand where the scar was. "What..........happened?" Harry asked as he sat beside you on the chair. You were unconscious and in much worse condition than when Oliver carried you. "I'm not sure. I carried her in and laid her on the bed and she just started bleeding like mad!" Oliver said from the opposite side of the bed. 'So, this is HIS fault!' Ron thought. You could occasionally hear words they were saying until you slunk back into your coma. {Your thoughts} "Here is what I need you to do. I need you to get Potter fully vulnerable and—" Lucius Malfoy instructed. You cut him off. "How about I get it to where Harry is ten times stronger you could ever be and have us all kick your a**!" Malfoy looked shocked by your answer. "I didn't want to do this, Esmerelda, but you leave me no other option. It's either you agree or BOTH of us die! Cr-!" You cut him off once again, "You deserve to die you idiotic death eater! And I would RATHER die than join you!" 'Will I ever get to complete my sentence with this girl?' He thought. "So be it! Crucio!" He shouted while aiming his wand at you. Nothing happened. "Why aren't you writhing in pain?!" Malfoy screamed. {Reality} Your hand bled again and so did your forehead. The blood dried into your auburn hair making it more red than ever. "What's happening?" Neville asked. "I dunno," Harry answered. Hermione looked extremely worried while Ron stood in shock. "Too shocked to move," he whispered. "Madame Pomfrey!" Oliver shouted. "Yes, Wood?" She asked. The five gestured towards you and the nurse looked very shocked. "Did any of you touch her?" She asked. "No, we were talking and she just started bleeding!" Ron said. {Your thoughts} 'Let's try this again.' Lucius thought. "Crucio!" He shouted once more, his bleach blonde hair falling into his face. Nothing happened to you in your mind, but your physical person twisted in ways that were impossible without breaking a bone or two. "I give up! The cruciatus curse doesn't work on you. But, how?" Malfoy said. "Dismissed!" He said with a wave of his hand. At this everything warped and you found yourself in a forest wearing a short white and black leopard printed dress. "What? Where am I?" You wondered aloud.
  12. What do you think? For those of you who didn't understand the scene with the cruciatus curse, it's like that Freddie Cougar thing. Where in this guy's dream his arm is cut and it really happened. Comment/rate/the usuals. Thanks!

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