Hogwarts, magic, and secrets Part 8

Hey guys! It's time for part eight!!!!! Yay! I hope you like it and please comment!! If the results are lame I'm sorry!!!!! In the comments tell me these things: 1) do you like the new result style? 2) Who do you want more romance with 3) what you think about this edition.

Recap: Ezy isn't dead! You saved quite a few people at the world cup and Ron has been telling you stuff by accident. You were bitten by a werewolf and tortured with the crusiatus curse. Accio quiz!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. "What was your dream?!" You asked. "I was in this house and Voldemort was angry with Wormtail and was giving this man a job," Harry began. "He was going to use the man to get to you. Didn't Voldemort kill the muggle caretaker?" You said. "How did you know?" Harry asked as he looked out the train window. "I-I had the same one," you whispered. "You had the exact same one?" Harry ran his fingers through his thick, messy hair. You nodded silently. "Wicked!" Ron said as he tore open a chocolate frog. "Not exactly. It's creepy, knowing things like that!" Hermione argued. "Well, at least they know so they can prepare for it!" Ron retaliated. "Hey, toss me a frog," you said in order to change the subject. Ron tossed you a pack with a smile. "That's barbaric!" Hermione said disgusted. "They aren't real frogs," Harry said. "I know, but still!" She said. "I shall eat it in the most humane way," you said bravely. Hermione nodded and you bit its head off first. "Better?" You asked. "Much," she responded. I nodded and ate the rest of the frog. "I've got Slytherin!" You exclaimed as you looked at the card. "Cool! I'm only missing him and Hufflepuff!" Ron said. "I'll give you Slytherin for six of your favorite cards," you said. "No way!" He said. "Fine, how about three?" You bargained. "Deal!" Ron stood up and walked to the luggage rack. He fished around until he pulled out a bag of cards. He handed you three and you thanked him as you put them in your jean pocket. "Give me another one," you ordered. Ron handed you another one and accidentally touched your hand. You pretended not to notice, but his face was deep red! "Slytherin, again?" You said astonished. "Not cool! I want my cards back!" Ron ordered. "No way! Haven't you ever heard the phrase 'look before you leap'?" You smiled as you put the card in your pocket. "Not cool, Ezy!" Ron whispered. You shrugged and took a bottle of pumpkin juice from your suit case. "I've been meaning to ask, where do you two stand?" Harry asked. "What'd you mean?" You asked as you unscrewed the lid. "Are you guys dating or what?" He answered bluntly. You choked on your pumpkin juice and coughed. "What?" You asked once you recovered. "Don't play dumb! You guys have been flirting all month!" Hermione joked. "Have not! Ron flirts with me, but I ignore it!" You said defensively. "Whatever!" Ron scoffed. "Deny it all you want! I've seen you staring at me and saying stuff by accident," you said. "I was shocked that you were alive is all!" He defended much too quickly. "Said that a bit quickly, didn't you?" Hermione whispered. Ron turned an even darker red as you stood up. You dug around for your school robes for a moment and left.
  2. After muttering to yourself for a moment, and not paying attention to where you were going, you tripped over something in the aisle and accidentally snogged someone. "I am so so so sorry!" You stood back up. "Just, watch it next time," an icy voice said as he looked at you. "Oh, Ezy! Sorry about that, didn't know it was you!" Draco said. "It's alright. Is this yours?" You picked up what you had tripped over. "No. I don't read books about magical births and deaths," he smirked. "I guess it's mine, then. I think Hermione will appreciate something new to read," you tucked the book under your arm. "Where you going?" Draco asked. "On my way to the washroom. You?" You answered. "Escaping Pansy. Oh, Potter has your half of the mirror," he answered. You nodded and continued to walk. You dressed and returned to the compartment. "Hermione, want another book?" You announced yourself. "Sure! Where'd you get it?" She took the book. "Tripped over it," you answered simply and sat down beside her next to the window. "'Magical deaths, births, and conspiracy theories?'" She read. "Could be interesting," she commented. "I wonder if there are any theories about me. Can I see it?" You asked. Hermione nodded and handed you the book. You flipped open the book to the 'C's. You flipped through and looked for 'Conners'. "The only Conners in here is Samantha," you said and handed the book back. "Nah, I don't want it now. I already know it has false information," Hermione dismissed. "K, I'll take it to the library when we get there in a few minutes," you said kindly and stuffed the book in your trunk. "Harry, could I have my mirror back? Draco said you have it," you asked. "Yeah, third pocket in my truck," he answered. "K, thanks!" You said and took the mirror. "Draco," you whispered to check if it still worked. "Got your mirror back?" Draco answered. "Yeah. Hold on, you're upside-down!" You chuckled. You flipped the mirror and Draco was normal again. "Okay, Draco, I just needed to check this still worked. See you later! Hang up," you said and put the mirror in your suitcase. The Golden Trio bad been immersed in a conversation so they hadn't heard you. The other three were in their Gryffindor robes as well when you said you should get your things. They nodded and took their things from the rack. "I'll see you guys later. Hey, Nev!" You shouted.
  3. "Oh, hey, Ezy!" Neville greeted. "I haven't talked to you in forever!" You hugged him. "Yeah, you sort of blew me off when you met them," he said. "I am so sorry! I just wanted a little adventure. I didn't mean to blow you off!" You apologized as he led you off the train. "It's okay. I know I'm not all that exciting," he said sadly. "No, don't think that! You're very exciting," you consoled. "Thanks, Ezy," he sighed. "It's my job. Wanna grab a carriage?" You joked. Neville nodded and opened a carriage door. You pet the thestrals and climbed in. "So, Nev, how was your summer?" You asked. "My parents are doing rather well. Still oblivious and psychotic, just.....less," he said. "That's wonderful!" You said happily. "It really is! Mum almost got my name right! She called me Tengil," he said gladly. "That's much closer than usual! How's your dad?" You asked. "I didn't see him much. He was in questioning again," he looked down. "To get his memory back?" You asked. He silently nodded. "Well that was my summer. How was yours?" He smiled. "I didn't have to clean or cook this time because they finally decided to use magic for it," you pulled your red hair from your face and into a ponytail. "How'd you get them to do that?" Neville asked. "Making breakfast I set the oven on fire," you said in a devious voice. "On purpose, I'll bet," Neville smirked. "You know me so well!" You smiled and hugged your friend. "Have known you for four years!" He said. The carriage slowed to a stop and Neville helped you down. "Always the gentleman!" You said in a cordial voice. "This way malady," he joked. You laughed and walked into the school with your best friend. "You know, Ezy, I was reading something the other day," Neville said. "Please nothing to do with plants," you pleaded. "No it's not. I read in a muggle book something about best friends. It said 'Best friends are people you don't have to talk to everyday or even weeks. But when you do talk it's as if you'll never stop talking'," he said. "So true. I wonder what crazy things will happen this year. First year there was Voldemort on the back of someone's head, second year muggle-borns were attacked, last year Sirius Black invaded Hogwarts, what adventures will happen this year?" You wondered. "I've no idea, but grams bought me dress robes," Neville said. "Hmm. Apparently it's a formal thing. Like a wizard prom, maybe? In that case I need a dress. Dumbledore will probably talk about it," you concluded. "Yeah, there's Harry, Ron, and Hermione aren't you going to sit with them?" He asked. "No way! I'm not blowing you off again!" You said as you sat down at the Gryffindor table. "Cool," he smiled. "Ooh, Dumbledore," you smiled at the headmaster. "Welcome back, old students, and welcome to the new! Our caretaker, Mr. Filch, has asked me to remind our new students that the dark forest is forbidden to any and all students. A few of our older students need to remember that as well *stops and smiles at you, Harry, Ron, and Hermione*. Now, some of our students are probably wondering why dress robes were on your supply lists. Hogwarts has been chosen to bring back a historic event. We have been chosen to host the Tri-Wizard Tournament!" Dumbledore announced. "Awesome!" You whispered in awe. "However, due to tragic events in the past some new rules have been put into effect. I shall allow Mr. Crouch to explain this," he finished. "In the past many tragic things have happened during this tournament. Therefore the Ministry has decided to make this tournament for only those of age seventeen," Barty Crouch said. "WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO WON'T HAVE A CHANCE TO ENTER?! THE TOURNAMENT IS EVERY FOUR YEARS!!" You shouted as other angry things spread throughout the hall. "Silence!" Dumbledore shouted. You were quite as the door burst open. It was Mad-eye Moody! The ceiling cracked lightning and the scarred professor hobbled to Dumbledore. "If anyone wishes to enter this tournament, they need only put their name into the goblet of fire before this time on Thursday night. This tournament is designed to test you, if you are chosen there's no turning back! As of right now the tournament has begun," Dumbledore said gravely.
  4. "What was your freak out about? Do you even want to enter?" Neville asked as he began to eat. "No way! I was talking about the first years that were giving him 'the finger'," you said as you ate a corndog (or oranges and corn). "Ah," he said. "Besides, do you even remember my boggart? It was the unknown. I haven't a clue what will happen in that tournament," you said as you took a swig of pumpkin juice. "Oh yeah!" Neville sighed and took some water. The rest of dinner was silence. Not an awkward silence, but a comfortable one. A silence that shouldn't be broken for fear of an awkward silence. "First years, follow me!" The new prefect ordered. "Come on, Nev: if I don't know the password you'll end up sleeping in the corridor," you joked. "I'm not that forgetful!" He argued as you pulled him to his feet. "Really!? What creature lifted you by the ears in second year?" You inquired. "Hippogriff?" He answered. "Cornish pixies," you corrected. "Alright, so maybe I am hopeless!" He followed you from the hall. About twelve flights of stairs up the stair case moved! You had just stepped on as it moved and you slipped! You were holding only by your hands now and that wouldn't work for much longer. "Nev!" You yelled. "Ezy!" He ran over to you. "Give me your hand," he said. "I-I can't," you said. "Trust me, Ezy," he said. You looked to the right and saw if you didn't act soon you'd be pushed off by the next platform. You let go with your left hand, your weakest, and got 'this' close to Neville's hand. The platform pushed you off. "Oh, Merlin! Why did you have to kill me my first day back?!" You shouted. "STAIRS!" You shouted after you fell six floors. They moved and you fell past. "I'm going to be splattered all over the corridor!" You shouted. "HELP!!!!!" You shouted in a more high pitched voice than you'd have liked. "Who the-?" Draco heard you. "Ezy?!" He asked. "Help me!" You ordered. "Aresto momentum," he cast. You stopped an inch above the ground and fell. "Thank you, so much," you whispered breathlessly as he helped you up. "How high up were you?" He asked worried. "Twelve floors," you sighed gratefully. "Yikes. How'd you fall?" He asked. You explained how you fell and he listened intently. "He tried. I'll give Longbottom that," Draco rolled his grey eyes. "Hey! Neville's my best friend!" You defended. "Sorry. You should get up to your dorm: they're probably worried about you. Do you want me to walk you up?" He asked. "Isn't your dorm in the dungeons?" You asked. "So? My dad has connections, the worst trouble I'll get in is detention," he waved it off. "Such a bad boy, Draco!" You teased. He nodded as you walked to the stairs. "You walking me up or not?" You asked playfully once you noticed he want moving. He caught up with you and walked you up.
  5. After twenty minutes of comfortable silence you arrived at Gryffindor tower. "Thanks for saving me," you whispered. "Anytime. Even the Slytherins can't keep me from helping you out," he said sincerely. "That's not something Draco Lucius Malfoy says everyday!" You smiled. "How do you know my middle name?" Draco ran his fingers through his platinum blond hair. "Didn't until just now!" You laughed. "Well, you should get to bed," he said with a hint of sadness in his voice. "Yeah, I should. Thanks again," you pecked him on the cheek. He blushed, even though it was too dark for you to see, and you knocked on the portrait hole. "Ezy," Draco said right before the portrait opened. "Yeah, Draco?" You asked sweetly. "We should do this again," he said as the portrait opened. He hid in the shadows as you whispered, "Yeah, we should." "We should do what?" It was Hermione. "Oh! Not you, I was talking to.........myself," you answered. You waved to your blond friend as you walked inside. "Ezy!" Neville ran over to you. "Hey, Nev!" You hugged him. "Yeah, thought you'd died! Who saved you anyway?" He asked. "A friend," you said simply. "Who?" He asked. "Just a friend. No one special. I'll see you guys tomorrow," you went to your dorm. Hermione joined you a moment later. "You ran up here really quick," she pointed out. "So?" You asked. "So......why?" She answered. You shrugged. "Ezy, tell me! I'm like your best friend! Besides Neville," she persisted. "Fine. Draco saved me," you whispered. "Why didn't you say that?" She asked. "Can I tell you a secret?" You asked. "Anything!" She sat beside you on your bed. "No matter how potentially embarrassing?" You continued. "The secret will never leave the two of us," she swore. "Not even to Harry or Ron?" You asked. She shook her head. "Okay. You're going to give me bad things, I already know it. I honestly think I like Draco," you whispered with a smile. "How can you like him?" She asked. "Hermione, I know what you're going to say! You're going to point out what he's done to my friends and you're going to expect that to change my opinion. You're going to say I like what he did for me tonight rather than him. I've heard it all before! But today he told me something he's never said before. He told me that even the Slytherins couldn't keep him from helping me. Hermione, he acts different around me! I got him to apologize for something he said about Neville, he doesn't ridicule you guys when I'm around," you said. "Well, even though that is sweet, my opinion doesn't change when it comes to him. He's still a foul, evil, loathsome, cockroach. Just as I said last year," she sighed. "Will you at least respect my opinion and not criticize me for it?" You pleaded. "Anytime. And I'll even listen when you need someone to vent to about it. No one else will be as nice about it, especially not Ron," she smiled. "Thanks!" You hugged her. "You know, I agree with you on the whole flirting thing. He was worried more than Neville once he told us. And that's saying something," she smirked. "Well, thanks for listening. We'd better get to sleep! Oh, did I get my coarse schedule this year?" you asked. "McGonnagle is giving them out at breakfast," she answered and went to her bed. You went to the washroom and changed out of your robes before going to bed.
  6. You were in a dark, shabby house! You saw an old, hunched over man with a green hat, a green jacket, khakis, and black shoes. He also had a cane that thumped with each step. "Perhaps it would be wise to use someone else? Any one other than boy would be sufficient," Wormtail suggested. "No! It must be the boy!" He shouted angrily. Voldemort! He wasn't quite normal. He had more of an infant's build at the moment. "Look out the door," you whispered. You weren't normal either. You were his snake, Nagini! "Nagini tells me that the old muggle caretaker is standing just out side the door!" Voldemort informed. Wormtail stepped up to the door and Voldemort told him to move aside. "Avada kedavra!" Voldemort killed him! You jerked awake as you saw the jet of green light. "Ezy! Come on, it's time for breakfast!" Hermione shook you awake. "Huh!?" You looked around the room. "Breakfast," she repeated. You smiled and climbed out of bed. You took a shower quickly, brushed and put your hair in a bun, brushed your teeth and went to breakfast with Hermione. "So you've slept on it, what do you think?" Hermione whispered. "I don't know. I'm just glad you have to hold the mirror to call people! Otherwise he'd have heard the whole thing," you answered quietly. "Yeah, that would have embarrassing!" She agreed as she sat down at the Gryffindor table. You nodded and sat beside her. After a few minutes full of talk about your summers McGonnagle came around with the schedules. This was the your schedule: 1) DADA with Ravenclaw. 2) Double herbology with Hufflepuffs. 3) Care of Magical Creatures with Slytherins. 4) Lunch. 5) Arithmancy with Ravenclaw. 6) free period. 7) Ancient Runes with Slytherin. 8) Dinner. "We have all the same classes!" Hermione exclaimed as she saw your schedule. "Wonder how Moody teaches?" You wondered. "If he's half as good as Lupin, he'll be fine," Hermione consoled. "Lupin was awesome. I'll have to talk to him later," you said. "Why?" She asked. "I'm a werewolf, remember?" You answered. "I'll teach you the potion if you want," she whispered. You nodded and began to eat. After twenty minutes of food and talk you went to Defense Against the Dark Arts. You sat down in the middle row next to Neville.
  7. "I already don't like this class," he whispered. "I have an excuse to get us out of class if any thing bad happens," you whispered. "What is it?" He asked. "I'll say that I volunteered us to help Sprout," you whispered. "Nice," he smirked. "Thanks, I have adv excuse for everything. Well, other than potions," you said. Just then Professor Moody walked in. "Unforgivable Curses," he said in his hoarse voice as he wrote on the board. "Uh-oh," you whispered as you glanced at Neville. "How many are there?" Moody demanded. "Three," Hermione answered. "Mr. Finnegan, please find another place for your gum! The underside of your desk is not a trash can," he shouted. "Blimey! Eyes in the back of his head, he's got," Seamus sighed. "They are so named?" Moody continued. "Because they are unforgivable! The use of any one of them on a human will send you straight to Azkaban!" Hermione said pained. "Who can tell me one?" He asked. "I've heard one. The imperius curse," Ron whispered. "Yes, yes. Engorgio," Mad-eye cast on a spider. The furry thing grew twice its size! "Imperio," he hissed. The spider flew across the room and onto your desk. "Hi," you whispered and pet her. Moody put her in Ron's hair, then in Draco's face. He slammed the spider into glass a nearly made her drown herself. You knew the other curses so you walked up to Professor Moody. "Sir?" You asked. He grunted your continual. "Well, my friend and I know all of these. Could we be excused to finish late homework?" You asked. "Go," he barked. "Nev, come on, get your stuff," you ordered. Neville gathered your things and his and you grabbed your bag. The two of you were at the door when Mad-eye said, "Before you go, tell me a curse!" "The C-Cruciatus Curse," Neville answered. Before the professor could demonstrate the torture curse you pushed Neville through the door. Neville was terrified to say the least. "Told you I would get us out of there. Are you okay? I know that curse isn't your favorite. Mine either," you whispered as the two of you stopped at a stained glass window. "I'm fine. What happened to you with it?" He asked. "I hated it already, but I've had it used on me. At the Quidditch World Cup. After I was bitten by a werewolf," you regaled. "Rough summer," he smiled. "A bit. If you'd like, I'll leave you to your thoughts," you offered. "Yes, please. Thanks, Ezy," he answered. "Okay, I'll see you in herbology," you waved. He nodded and you sat on a staircase a few corridors away.
  8. "There's a reason those curses are outlawed! To use them in a classroom is just despicable! And did you see their faces?! Ezy lied, she doesn't have missed homework!" You heard from behind you. You turned and saw Hermione talking to Ron and Harry. "She's right. I just needed to get out of there," you smiled weakly. "Are you okay?" She asked you as she hugged you. "Yeah, I'm fine," you answered. "Where's Neville?" She asked. "He wanted to be left to his thoughts," you answered. "Ready for Herbology?" Harry asked. You nodded and asked, "Did any of you want to enter the tournament?" "Ron," Harry smirked. You nodded and walked with them to Herbology. The rest of the day was short and boring!
  9. How was this? Comment, rate, everything else I ask. I have been asked, by @agentmotherboard, to have more Draco romance so I hope this has satisfied her expectations for the time being! I hoped you all liked it and see you soon! Accio results!

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