Hogwarts, magic, and secrets part 5

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Hey guys! I'm just going to skip to the Hogsmead trip because I need to get to fourth year quickly. Thanks, hope you forgive me! This year is only going to have 6-7 parts to it so......yeah. Anyway I'll hush up and let you read!

Recap: you agreed to go out with Ron and then you agreed to break up with him for Hermione. We found out that Ginny put you in your coma and you nearly got kissed by dementors. You lost your temper with Oliver and told him that he wouldn't care about Harry if he didn't play Quidditch. You beat Ron at Wizard's chess and his worst experience was going a day without food. You topped that easily and he kissed you. That's everything of interest really. Oh, I completely forgot about Buckbeak's execution! That will happen in this one as well.

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. "Ezy get up!" Neville called to you from downstairs. You groaned and flipped your pillow over your head. "Why?!" You shouted back. "Hogsmead trip!" He answered. You shot up and hit your head. "Ow!" You seethed and rolled out of bed. "Come on!" Neville shouted. "I'm UP!" You shouted back. "Ok!" He shouted. You dressed in a dark blue, tight sweater and black skinny jeans. After straightening your naturally curly red hair and slipping on your tan, knee high boots you went downstairs. "Hey, Nev!" You greeted the black haired boy at the bottom of the stairs. "Hey, Ezy! Why so dressed up?" He greeted. "Eh. I told Ron I'd get a butterbeer with him," you sighed and sat on the scarlet couch. Neville's face fell considerably. "You okay?" You asked him and patted the seat next to you. He nodded with a pained smile. "If you say so," you sighed and kicked your feet on the coffee table. "Where is everybody?" You asked. "Breakfast," he whispered solemnly. "Come on then!" You ordered and dragged him out of the common room. "Ezy! Come on!" Harry told you angrily once he saw you. "Am I in trouble?" You asked as he dragged you away from Neville. "No, but Malfoy will be!" He raged. "What'd he do?" You asked. "I'll let Hermione tell you. I'll end up screaming if I tell it. Ron too," Harry explained with a fire in his green eyes. "Okay?" You said nervously. Harry grunted angrily and pulled you to a corridor. Its only occupants were Ron, Hermione, Harry, and yourself. "What is going on!" You said with a loud sigh. "Buckbeak," Ron glared. "Who?" You asked. "She was in a coma then, Ron! Buckbeak is a Hippogriff. He was Hagrid's first lesson and Malfoy taunted him. Now, Buckbeak's being executed!" Hermione cried. "What d'you need my help with?" You asked in a dead serious tone. "We need you to help us to defend Buckbeak. We know that Malfoy is........your friend, but we need your help more! Because of Malfoy an innocent animal is going to be punished!" Harry answered. You nodded and clenched your fists as you gritted your teeth. "He's not my friend right now!" You whispered and kicked the wall. "Sorry Ron, Hogsmead's off, I've got to get to work!" You told him and turned around. Ron grunted in a natural, friendly way as you walked away. "I'll tell you guys what I find out tonight," you called halfway down the hall. They nodded and said they'd do the same. You walked for a few minutes before you noticed that you were no where near the library but at a new corridor. You stopped and looked around: you had gotten on a staircase that moved without your noticing. You turned toward the staircases while pulling your red hair out of your brown eyes. All of a sudden you were pulled into the corridor with a yelp. You were being pulled by a platinum blond. "Let me go, Malfoy!" You ordered with a venom in his name. "Last name basis again, are we, Conners?" Malfoy asked with small hurt in his voice. "I address my FRIENDS by first name," you replied venomously. "So we aren't friends now?" Malfoy asked sadly. "Not since I heard about Buckbeak!" You yelled as you yanked your sweater laden arm from his pale hands. "Obviously, you had enough nerve as to cry to your good for nothing daddy"”" you started angrily. Malfoy smirked and pushed you against the wall and snogged you. 'He has a LOT of nerve to do this!' You thought angrily as you noticed that your arms were pinned to the wall.
  2. You attempted to kick him, but couldn't manage it. Each time you tried to kick him he snogged you harder. You could barely breathe because he was pushing you up to the wall so hard! You stayed like this for maybe ten seconds until you heard something. "Oi! Malfoy, what do you think you're doing?" A boy said. The voice sounded familiar, but you couldn't quite make out who it was. Malfoy jumped back and color returned to your face as you gasped for breath and slid down the wall. You turned to see the owner of the voice and saw Cedric! "What's it to you?" Malfoy smirked. "Ezy, are you okay?" The Hufflepuff asked. "I am now!" You smiled at your friend. You walked to Malfoy and slapped him. "You are so lucky that I couldn't reach my wand or you'd have gotten much worse than that!" You whispered venomously and turned around after admiring the searing red mark on his cheek. "Thanks, Ced. I've to go to the library," you told your chestnut haired friend as you skipped toward him. He nodded and the two of you held hands just as best friends do. The two of you walked merrily to the Hogwarts' library, making no conversation on the way. "Thanks for helping me," you whispered in embarrassment as you reached the library. Cedric nodded and released your hand. You pecked him on the cheek and walked through the ten foot tall, bronze doors. In there you saw that Harry had beat you to it. Ron and Hermione were in Hogsmead. "Hi, Harry," you said sourly. "What's wrong, Ezy?" He asked with genuine concern. "Malfoy," you seethed. "What'd he do now?" Harry asked agitated. "Snogged me against my will!" You raged. Harry slammed the book he was reading shut and avoided all of the daggers that Madame Pince threw at him. "He what?!" "You heard me," you answered angrily. "I wonder if I could execute him!" Harry said angrily. "Wish I could at the moment," you admitted as you grabbed 'Magical Laws' from the shelf. "Other than that, how was your trip? It took you a while to get here," Harry explained as you say down. "That was pretty much it! I got lost on the staircase, Malfoy pulled me, THAT happened, then Cedric saved me," you said as you flipped to the fifteenth chapter 'laws against beasts'. The two of you sat in silence as you read.
  3. LAWS AGAINST BEASTS: A beast is not, under any circumstances, guilty if the beast in question was hit, provoked, or any other action in which a human would react in such and such a way. I.e. A dragon is NOT guilty if a wizard or witch hit him with a bludger and it reacted by breathing fire. This law was approved by the Wizengamot wizard society and the department of magical law enforcement in 1951. This law is in place due to too many previous wizards/witches punishing beasts severely for their reactions against said witch/wizard's provokings.
  4. "Harry! I found it!" You exclaimed and showed your raven haired friend the article. He flipped the page skeptically and saw that the law continued: LAWS AGAINST BEASTS: However, due to the violent nature of beasts and the carelessness of witches and wizards everywhere the law was lifted in 1974. The law was lifted after an incident in a Quidditch match in which a Phoenix found the movements of the snitch a threat and attacked the nearest player. However, IF IT CAN BE PROVEN that the beast in question WAS in fact provoked said beast shall be free of charge. "Can we prove it? I mean, I was in a coma so I can't," you asked. "No, we can't. The only proof is our word against Malfoy's, and"”no offense"” the word of a witch in a coma at the time is not the best proof," Harry answered. "Ugh! Neither is the word of the son of a death eater or three thirteen year olds who hate him," you pointed out. "Basically, by family Malfoy is going to win!" Harry raged and put his book up. "Pretty much! That explains why his dad even suggested the execution!" You said and did the same. Harry growled and you laughed at the fire in his green eyes. "Do you think we should tell Hagrid?" You asked. "No, he'd be too upset," Harry answered. "What's the point of having a potion like Veritaserum if the Ministry of Magic doesn't use it in situations like this?" You asked. Harry just nodded his agreement and stood up. "Where you going?" you asked. "Breakfast, coming?" He answered and held his hand out to you. You nodded and took his hand in a friendly way as you stood as well. The two of you left the library and walked toward the Great Hall.
  5. You and Harry walked hand-in-hand to the empty Great Hall. "Shouldn't you be sneaking off to Hogsmead right about now?" You asked jokingly. Harry chuckled and rolled his forest green eyes. "I doubt Filch would let you out anyway, trip started an hour ago," he explained. You nodded and the two of you sat side by side at the Gryffindor table. "Could we have some breakfast?" You asked the table. As if waiting for your request, small portions of a normal breakfast filled a small section of the table. "Thank you!" You told the table with a smile. "House-elves," you explained to a bewildered Harry. "Hermione would be glad of your attitude toward them!" Harry smiled. "They like to work, think they deserve it in fact! I just think they need a little appreciation," you told your friend and laid your head on his shoulder. "Harry?" You asked. "Yeah?" He responded as he took a bite of ham. "All the stuff you told me in my coma, I still remember it, did you mean everything you told me?" You asked. "Every word," Harry told you. "Then I love you, too," you told him and pecked him on the cheek. "Like I said, I love you like family," Harry explained. "The same from me to you," you said and laid on his shoulder again. He put his left arm around your shoulders in a friendly and protective way and you smiled. You'd never had a real family before, you were an outcast like Harry. You both had finally found someone to understand your struggles, pains, and sorrows. Someone to vent to, count on, and trust with everything. "I finally have someone who understands, someone who cares," you whispered before you took a sip of pumpkin juice. In response Harry squeezed your shoulders with a smile playing oh his lips. "You're cute when you smile!" You joked as you sat up. "I think everyone is," Harry responded with a look of mock thought on his face. "Even Parkinson?" You asked. "Zabini? Malfoy? Crabbe? Goyle?" You pushed him further. "Nothing could make any of them look cute," Harry said. You decided to have a touch of fun and play with his emotions, "I think Zabini and Malfoy are cute." Harry's hand darted to your forehead as if checking your temperature, "Do I need to take you to St. Mungo's?" You laughed and shoved him playfully, "I was only joking!" "Good," Harry said relieved as he continued to eat his ham. You rolled your brown eyes and continued to eat more toast. After twenty minutes of comfortable silence your food disappeared as you were about to take a bite. You ended up biting your fingers instead. "Ow!" You seethed and sucked your finger. "What is it?" Harry asked. "Bit my finger," you said simply. Harry nodded as he stood from the bench. "Quidditch, Ezy?" Harry suggested as he held his hand out to you. "You know me so well!" You cooed and took his hand. Harry pulled you to your feet and escorted you to the Quidditch pitch. "Slow down, Harry! I don't even have a broom!" You laughed as you reached the grounds. "I'll get you one then!" Harry answered, released your hand, and ran to get the brooms. You rolled your brown eyes once again and sat on a rock to await his return
  6. Harry came back a few minutes later and was soaked! His jet black hair was sopping wet and dripping water into his forest green eyes, and his clothes were 'sloshing'! "What, did you go through a waterfall to get those brooms?" You asked as you took the Cleansweep 11 he offered. "Peeves + water balloons= this," he explained simply. You nodded and walked in front of him with your wand out. "Close your eyes," you instructed in a tender voice. He did so. You pointed your wand to him and said, "Drixodus." There was a whooshing sound and Harry was completely dry. "You can open them now," you told the Gryffindor. He obliged, "Thanks! Why did I have to close my eyes?" "Would you rather have no eyes, cuz that's what it would do!" You told him. Harry nodded and mounted his Nimbus 2000 as you mounted the cleansweep 11. "Harry?" You called as your friend soared a few hundred feet above the ground. "Yeah, Ezy?" He called back. "Could we just ride around and talk? I've got an ancient broom!" You called. "Sure!" Harry called and dove toward you. "Thanks," you told him once he was in front of you. He nodded, "So what did you want to talk about?" "Nothing in particular, just stuff that's important to you, mostly because I don't know you too well," you answered as you hovered your broom beside his. "Okay, shoot," he answered. "What's it like, in your view, to grow up without your parents?" You asked as the two of you flew around the Quidditch pitch. "I haven't really thought about it, but I guess it's easier than most think," Harry answered. "Easier because you grew up not knowing them and missing them instead of growing up with them and missing them more?" You asked. Harry nodded with a sad look in his eyes. "I'm so sorry, Harry! I didn't mean"”" you started. Harry cut you off, "No, it's fine. I need to talk about it and I'm glad to find someone who is interested, most people just ask how I killed Voldemort." You nodded, relieved. "How was life growing up without yours?" He asked. "Pretty much the same as yours," you answered. "What do you know about your parents?" You asked. "My parents are Lily and James Potter, my mum died to save my life, they were in Gryffindor, and they lived in Godric's Hollow," Harry answered and looped around the goal posts. You followed. "What do you know about yours?" Harry asked. "Nothing, except that they were Gryffindors," you sighed and sat in one of the goal hoops. "I'm sorry," Harry told you. "It's not your fault. Besides, they say ignorance is bliss," you sighed. "What's the best adventure you've ever had?" You asked. "Best? All of my adventures have been terrifying!" Harry joked as he sat beside you. You were fifty feet in the air but you felt safe with Harry. "Fine, your most terrifying adventure!" You stuck your tongue out. "Hmm, they all ended in a near death experience. Although, it would have to be last year when Ron and I fought a whole tribe of Acromantula! What's yours?" Harry answered. "Hmm. My most terrifying adventure would have to be...........oh! Four years ago at my muggle school when I found out what I was really capable of and what others are capable of," you answered. "Explain," Harry ordered. "Remember the other day when I was crying and I told you to ask Ron? Well, I think I'm ready to tell you. You'll be the third person to know, but the second to know it all. Well, four years ago I was a bigger loser than I was last year. And that's saying something! I only had one friend, her name was Feya. I trusted her with everything! I told her all of my secrets, my crushes, my likes, my dislikes, I thought I could be myself around her. I was wrong. She told everyone my secrets! She spread rumors about me and blamed it on everyone else! One day, she finally showed me her true colors. I'd had a crush on the most popular guy in school, little did I know, he had a girlfriend. I told Feya and she told his girlfriend. I was walking home from school and his girlfriend cornered me. She bit me and punched me and kicked me. She pulled my hair and cussed me out. Feya came and I pleaded for her to help me. Next thing I know I was in the hospital trying to explain what happened to oblivious doctors. Ever since I've had trouble trusting people. Cedric had been my friend a few years before that, until he got accepted to Hogwarts. I trust guys more than girls now actually. Girls, we gossip and we're usually all bark and no bite. Guys, they're so much simpler! You guys will believe what you want and believe it no matter what! You won't gossip and tell secrets, but you'll keep secrets safe and punch and kick if they deserve it. No offense but you guys can be read like a book," you told him. "How did you find what you were capable of in that instance?" Harry asked you with a sorrowful look in his eyes. "The next day, I gave them all h*** I'm afraid. I walked in the school like I owned the place and went straight to Feya. I pushed her up against the locker and called her a good for nothing piece of s*** who couldn't be trusted with the pettiest of secrets. After that I punched her in face. Then I went to find the other girl, I can't be bothered to remember the b****'s name, and did the same to her. Later I discovered that I had magic. I was angry the entire day and the other girl got her hair caught in her locker and her boyfriend had to cut it off! And Feya, her lunch dumped itself on her head and everyone laughed at her. I still feel that they deserved it, just less," you answered with a guilty look toward the ground. "I'm sorry that happened," Harry told you. "So am I. But it's helped me realize that some people will succumb to jealousy as to do that, even when the other has NO chance," you answered. Harry nodded silently as he noticed the scars on your arms. "Oh, Hogsmead's over," Harry said and mounted his broom. He held his hand out to you and you shook your head. You bewitched your broom to fly to the ground and flipped backwards. You slid down the 50ft goal post rather quickly. You grabbed your broom and followed Harry inside.
  7. The next couple days flew by in a flash so I'm going to skip to Tuesday.
  8. You were in Divination for the first class. You were sitting across from Neville and nearly asleep. "Gaze into the future by deciphering the contents of the crystal ball," Trelawnie had instructed. 'Anyone with common sense and the ability to SEE at all knows that this class is a load of rubbish!' You thought as you stared at the smoke clouded orb. The smoke parted and you could actually see something! You saw an executioner in Hagrid's pumpkin patch! He raised his axe high and let it fall slowly. You could tell that Buckbeak's case had been lost. You sat there and wrote down what you saw for ten minutes before you realized, 'I have the gift of sight!' "Lemme see, lemme see dear boy," Trelawnie said from behind you. You turned to see her hovering over Harry. You rolled your eyes. You heard a voice. It was Hermione and she was standing up to a teacher! Trelawnie gasped and Hermione said with an eye roll, "Let me guess. The Grim?" "Miss Granger. I knew from your aura that the noble art of divination would not suit you. You have a short life line my dear, see there. Your soul is as old and fragile as the pages of the books to which you so desperately cleave," Trelawnie replied. "Professor, did you basically call Hermione and old hearted book worm?" Ron asked. Trelawnie shook her head and you strode over to their table. "Might I try, Professor?" You asked in a falsely sweet voice. "Trelawnie's gonna get told!" You heard Harry whisper to Ron. This made you smile. "Of course," Professor Trelawnie answered and handed you Harry's crystal ball. You ignored the death sentence you saw and said, "I see an offended Gryffindor and a bored Gryffindor walking angrily from this classroom and not coming back." "Can you see who it is, Miss Conners?" "In fact I can! It's me and Hermione," you answered. A chorus of gasps and 'oohs' chorused throughout the room. Hermione got angry with Trelawnie and knocked a crystal ball off the table. Together the two of you left the stuffy divination classroom and never looked back. "That was awesome, Esmerelda!" Hermione told you. "Call me Ezy, 'Mione," you told her. She nodded and the two of you walked down the hall. "'Mione, I'm gonna go turn my time turner back in, I keep forgetting to use it. I think I'll drop Muggle studies as well," you told her. She nodded and you walked to McGonnagle's classroom. You turned your time turner once, before the start of class and went to her office. You knocked and walked in. "Oh, Miss Conners! Shouldn't you be heading to divination?" McGonnagle greeted you. "I came to give this back," you said and took the time turner off and laid the gold chain on her desk. "Why?" She asked as she took the necklace. "It's too much work! I want to drop muggle studies and divination please," you answered. McGonnagle nodded and put the necklace in a drawer. You thanked her and left.
  9. Harry was freaking out when he came to DADA! "What's wrong?" You asked him. "Trelawnie she actually 'saw' something! She said that servant and master would be reunited tonight. Any clue about what that could mean?" He answered in a whisper. "Unless it has something to do with house-elves I haven't a clue," you answered. Just then Snape walked in. Harry's hand bolted into the air. Snape looked around the room for anyone else to raise their hands. No one did. Snape sighed and asked what it was that Harry needed. "Where's Professor Lupin?" He asked. "He's ill," Snape answered simply. Harry nodded solemnly. "Who can tell me the difference between an animagus and a werewolf?" Snape asked. Hermione's hand shot in the air. "No one?" Snape asked. "Hermione's hand's up you git," you whispered and snapped an already broken quill. You weren't in the best mood and your favorite class being infiltrated by your least favorite teacher didn't help. "Please, sir. An animagus is a human that can change into an animal at will. A werewolf has no choice," Hermione answered anyway. Snape rolled his eyes, "Turn to page 394." "But sir, we've only begun learning about redcaps and hinkypunks. We're not to start werewolf studies for months!" Hermione informed him. "Miss Granger for once in your life hold your tongue! Or do you take pride in being an insufferable know-it-all?" Snape snapped. So did you. Hermione whimpered and you stood from your chair. "If anyone here is insufferable here it's you!" You told him. "Miss Conners, you should work on holding your tongue as well," Snape told you. "So should you! Doesn't mean that either of us are going to!" You snapped. "Twenty points from Gryffindor! Now, Miss Conners, sit down!" Snape ordered. You rolled your brown eyes and sat back down once you gave him a death glare. "Okay, now I know why you're a Gryffindor!" Ron praised. You nodded and began to comfort Hermione. You stared at page 394 for the entire class, not taking in a single word. "You are to do a two yard essay on the difference between animagi and werewolves, due tomorrow," Snape said as the lunch bell rang. "I'm not doing it," you told yourself and stormed out of the class.
  10. How was this? I was a tad bit at a loss for new ideas and I always find comfort in giving Snape a taste of his own medicine along with Draco (even though neither turn out to be as bad as they seem) comment/rate/polls/quizzes. The usuals! Also, my HP fangirl-ness has begun to invade my dreams! Do I need help? (Answer question in comments please) Accio results!

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