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  • Thanks! Yeah, Feya is modeled after a few of my 'friends'. I'm angry with Malfoy too. (Sorry outside of the story he is Malfoy to me). The next one will sort of be the ending of this year along with a Christmas special. The dreams have stopped because I'm not writing all day every day, but they were weird! The first one, Hermione was staying the night at my house and we got robbed in our sleep! The other one, Harry asked me to the Yule Ball :)

    Pyra Potter
  • Gooood. I hope we can save Buckbeak in the next part.

    Really angry with Draco.

    Feya reminded me of one of my friends. She was not good in keeping my secrets, then we had a fight, and well nvm.

    Invading dreams? Don't worry. You'll only get some new story ideas in dreams.

    Keep up the awesomness. :)

  • I like Snape much better than Malfoy. I don't see how other people like him. He's a braggart pureblood. Love the quizzes so far.


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