Hogwarts Love Story Pt.6

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Sorry this took so long to get up, everything is explained in the closing "question" so... Anyways have fun and the next part will be up soon! (I hope)

Well, it is love what can you really say about it? It kills? It's wonderful? Everyone thinks differently. But Love + Hogwarts? You can only think one thing... AWESOME! With many boys to choose from, but only one you will get. No it's not a riddle, it's just me filling in the second paragraph. Harry or Draco? Fred, George or Ron? You Choose!

Created by: fred4ever

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  1. "Hey gorgeous," he said with his typical smirk. "Hi Draco," I smiled. "What are you doing here?" he asked me as his eyes travelled from my face to my body. "I was about to get back to the castle since I'm cold," I explained casually. "I know about better ways how to warm you," Draco said immediately as his smirk grew bigger. "And would you mind telling me more about it?" I asked, even I already knew what he meant. "I'd better show you," he said and grabbed my hand. He leaded me behind the corner, where nobody could see us and kissed me, making me forget to breathe. My brain was empty and I started to felt dizzy from lack of breath, so I had to pull away. "You're beautiful," he said so quietly I almost couldn't hear it and his warm breath hit my face. He caressed my cheek gently and started to play with a lock of my hair. He was attractive. Something about him, maybe it was his dangerous aura, made me want to run away from him. But still I was longing for his touch. "Draco," I breathed out and touched his hand softly. He shivered a little at my touch. "I have to see you tomorrow, __________," he said quietly, desperate hidden behind his words.
  2. The next day we met secretly. On the other day we met again and our secret meetings slowly became a regularity. I enjoyed every minute with this boy and didn't even care about the fact, he didn't want to be seen with me. He told me all this things every girl want to hear, like I'm all he ever wanted and he never felt that way. I wasn't his girlfriend, but I knew there was something special between us. I didn't tell anybody that me and Draco are spending time together, but I was sure Hermione knew it. She was smart enough to realize it and I was too bad in hiding this good emotion I felt.
  3. It was a Friday's afternoon and I was sitting with Hermione, Ron and Harry in the common room. Hermione was doing her homework and two boys were trying to learn me play wizard chess. I hated this game, because it was boring, but I had to admit, this version of a game was much more fun. I clapped my hands hapilly as one Ron's chessman destroyed mine. "___________, you should be sad, you lose now," Harry said with a smile playing on his lips. "Nevermind, baby boy, I just know I'd never understand this game, so I'll be enjoying this brutal scenes," I grinned. "I honestly don't understand how can such a girl like you be so brutal," Harry just shook his head as Ron bursted out laughing. "Practise makes perfect, Harry," I pointed out with a wide smile. "Wanna play once more, __________?" Ron asked. "No thanks. Enough of killing for today. Hermione, are you done yet?" I turned to the girl next to me and she shook her head not even looking at us. "Girl, seriously, get a life," Ron mumbled and I laughed. In that moment Ron's older brothers climbed through the portrait. "Hello beautiful," George said as he sat next to me and kissed my cheek. "___________, take Hermione and go do some girly stuff," Fred grinned and as I raised an eyebrow at him he blushed slightly. "I meant, go get yourselves pretty, there's a party tonight!" "Whoa! I love you guys," I yelled, jumped on my feet and started to drag confused Hermione to our room. "Oh wait, how much time we have?" I stopped and looked at the boys. "Like three hours, probably. We have to steal some food from kitchen and the party can start. Oh, we also have a problem with music," George said. "What about my Ipod? Sure, I have no sound box, but..." I suggested. "Sweety, we are wizards. Just bring it here and we'll do everything else," Fred winked and I nodded with a smile before I ran for my Ipod. I put it on the table and frowned at the twins. "If anything happens to my baby, I'll kill both of you guys." "Yes, madam!" Fred salutated and I laughed before I made my way to room to got ready. "__________, I don't think I'm going there," Hermione said slowly as we were in our room. "Why not?" I pouted a little. "You know, party isn't my sort of thing. And I have nothing to wear!" she said and looked at the ground shyly. "Hermione, dear, please, come, this is my party and I don't want to go without my bestfriend, right? And I have plenty of dresses, we have the same size, so trust me, this is really not a problem," I pointed out with a smile. "Okay, __________, I'll go, but only because of you," Hermione nodded rather hesitatly. "Thank you! Now go shower yourself, we have only three hours," I laughed and pushed her to the bathroom. "Hermione, what do you want to wear?" I asked her a little later as we were standing before my open closet, big fluffy towels covering our bodies. "I don't know, pick me something," she shrugged. "What about this?" I asked as holding purple short dress with red high heels. "No way, that is way too sexy for me. And I don't have a body for short dress. Besides I can't walk in heels," Hermione said ashamed. "You truly are beautiful Hermione," I said sincerely and went back to my closet knowing it won't be easy to find the right outfit. Later we were standing behind a huge mirror, already dressed with our make up done. "Hermione, you look absolutely beautiful," I smiled at my friend. She truly looked stunning in her black skinny jeans, blue top and black flats. Her make up was quite natural, she already was pretty girl. "You are hot as hell,___________," Hermione giggled and I smiled at her thankfully. I was feeling quite irresisstible in my white top. I was wearing black skinny jeans as well and a pair of red high heels. I decided to wear smokey eyes and keep my lips natural. "Ready to go, Miss Granger? I bet people can't wait to see our hot selves," I joked. "Like I have other choice," Hermione mumbled, but followed me out of our room.
  4. Hermione and me entered the common room and I gasped. It was looking amazing. There was a big poster saying Welcome_________! on one wall, under it was a table with lots of food and on the other side were something like a dance floor with some people dancing on a music played from my Ipod. Everywhere were chads, ballons of every colour and above everything there was a real fireworks, but it was making no sound. I winced when I felt the weight on my shoulders. I looked up and my eyes met with dark blue ones. It was George who put an arm around me. "Gorgeous," he said softly. "Yeah, it is. How could you do something so amazing?" I smiled at him. "Magic. But I was saying you are gorgeous," he whispered and I blushed slightly as he hugged me. "Thank you George.” "Anything for my princess," he said and kissed top of my head. "Lovebirds, let's get party!" Fred's voice shouted. "Freddie, you're so impatient," I laughed and playfully hit his arm. "Yeah, I am the one who was getting on my nerves the whole week with wanting a party," Fred rolled his eyes. "At least you admit it...," I smirked. "I'll give you ten seconds. Ten...nine...eight..," he started and I raised my eyebrow not knowing what he was up to. When he said three, it hit me and I ran away. "One! ______________,you can run, but you can't hide!" Fred yelled and started to chase me around the room. He caught me quite easily, so I giggled and tried to escape from his grip. "Nice try _________," Fred smirked and started to tickle me. I bursted out laughing and pleased him to stop. "You are too adorable!" he said with a grin without stopping to tickle me. After a few minutes of torture he finally released. I wiped away tears of happiness from my cheeks and turned to Fred. "Weasley! You are going to regret this. You ruined my make up," I said pouting. "Oh, come on, it was a fair play and I won," Fred winked at me. "It wasn't. Try running in this high heels!" I yelled and crossed my arms. Everyone laughed and I realized our friends was there, watching our childish arguement. I was about to say something, but Katy Perry´s song started to play. It was California girls. "Whoa! This is my song baby! Let's dance!" I yelled and pulled Hermione with me on the dancefloor. As we were dancing, with the corner of my eye I saw guys staring at us. "Seems like we are totally gorgeous tonight," I whispered to Hermione, who just blushed madly, and I continued dancing, singing and jumping on my song. We ended up there, on the dancefloor, for nearly two hours. "I'm thirsty," I said to Hermione and when we made our way to grab some drink, she thankfully squeezed my hand. "Actually I really want to say I hate this party, but it's not truth. In fact, it was quite amusing, I had great time,” Hermione admitted before sipping from her drink. "Having fun beautiful?” George asked me as his arm sneaked around my waist. "Totally, this night is awesome!" I grinned wildly. "Wanna dance?" he asked me and I looked at Hermione to ask her if that's okay with her, but she just smiled, so George took my hand and leaded me to the place I've returned from. We danced for a while, when Seamus Finnighan's angry voice interupted us. "You're a fool! And everyone who believes you is also an idiot!" he yelled.
  5. “Only one who's that, is you Seamus. Also with your stupid mother. He is alive! I've seen it, I have seen how he killed Cedric!” Harry screamed at him. "Don't bring here my mother Potter! Nobody believes in you!" Seamus yelled back at Harry, his face red from anger. "I do! If Harry said You-Know-Who is alive, then he is. Has anyone other problem with Harry?" Ron defended his bestfriend, but Harry ran to his room, as Seamus went who knows where. Ron went after Harry, but was soon back. As the asnwer on our questioning looks he just shrugged and sat down next to Hermione. "Nobody is going to ruin my party!" I yelled angrily and ran to Harry's room. I didn't even bother to knock. "Harry Potter, would you explain me what was that about?" He was sitting on the window sill and was completely ignoring me. I came to him and punched him it his arm hard. "What was that for?" he yelled and jumped from his seat. "Do not yell at me, dude!" I glared at him. "And can you do that?" "Yes, I can!" "Pathetic!" Harry yelled and my hand collided with his right cheek, leaving red mark on it. He looked at me unbelievably and then slowly sat down on the ground. "I was acting like an idiot," Harry admitted and blushed as I sat next to him, touching softly his arm. "So, Harry, now when you calmed down, would you explain me what's going on?" I asked slowly, even the curiosity was burning in me. "That's a long story, ______," Harry sighed. "I have plenty of time," I smiled at him and waited patiently as he started to speak. He told me everything about the most powerful evil wizard Voldemort. He told me how he survived one murderous curse, Voldemort sent at him, which only made him a scar, about Cedric's Diggory death and about how only few people believe Voldemort's not dead anymore and he is back, probably more powerful than ever. "I am afraid _________. I just feel so angry all the time. There's a special connection between me and Voldemort and I'm afraid every day I'm more like him. That's why I don't want to be with my friends, that's why I am more alone then ever," Harry said quietly. "You know Harry, if I was Voldemort, I'd want to make you feel like that. Alone and afraid. Because you are more vulnerable when you're alone, without people who loves you," I pointed out. "You are right ___________," he admitted. "Now, let's go return to my party!" I said and kissed his cheek before standing up. He laughed and we made our way to the door, when he stopped me. "_________. You look gorgeous tonight. You are beautiful," he whispered. "Harry," I breathed out and stared into his amazing eyes. He was dangerously close with his eyes fixed on my parted lips. He was too close.
  6. The door bursted out open and our moment was ruined. There was standing Ron, Hermione and the twins. "We were just wondering if neither of you is dead. We heard yelling, and then it was silence. But I can see you two are perfectly fine," Fred grinned at us. Me and Harry, we both blushed and stepped aside from each other. Everyone laughed, but I was sure George's smile was fake. I shook it off and moved to the door to walk out. "Where are you going _______?" Ron asked with his eyebrows raised. "Let me think about it. Probably back at party. Or do you want to stay here for the rest of the night?" I asked rather annoyed. "I was just asking," Ron mumbled as everybody laughed at him. As we made our way to the common room, George put his arm around me protectively. I looked up at him and smiled. "Do you still want to dance?" he asked me with a small smirk. I grinned and nodded. We were dancing for he couple of songs, when we decided to sit down a bit. "I'll get you a drink," George said as I sat on the couch. I smiled at him thankfuly and started to chat with Ginny Weasley. She was a nice girl, but I could feel she didn't like me too much, so I was glad when my favourite twin came back with two glasses. I took a sip and almost splitted it out. "God, what's that?" I asked as the alcohol was burning my tongue. George just smirked and Ron sat next me and smelled the liquid in my glass. "Darling, this is a fire whiskey. Seems like my brother wants to get you drunk," he said with a big smile. I raised my eyebrow at George, who just looked at me with an innocent face. "Oh, nevermind, no party is good enough without some drunkers," I laughed and finished my drink. We were talking and drinking for maybe an hour, when I started to feel a bit dizzy. "Well, Mr. Weasley, you did a great job," I admitted and sat in his lap with a grin. George smirked and winked at his twin brother. Fred announced we are going to play Seven Minutes in Heaven. "Fred, this is for kids," I complained, but in fact it seemed like I was the only one who didn't like the idea. "That is exactly why we wanted you to be drunk. We were sure you wouldn't like, especially being sober. Now, Miss Drunk, because you're complaining, you're the first one, who's getting in the closet," Fred smirked at me. "There is no closet!" I said with a satisfied smile. "Are you sure? Don't forget the fact we are wizards!" George pointed out. "Damn it!" I rolled my eyes and as I was putting my hand in the hat, where every guy put some color before, I was cursing myself for being so stupid and so drunk. I put out a small red piece of paper. "Ronald Weasley," I said as I read what was written on it and smiled at Ron who blushed madly. He took my hand and we made our way to the closet. The last thing I saw, before he closed the door, was Fred's evil smirk. "So," Ron started nervously. "Don't worry Ron, what happens in the closet, stays in the closet," I smirked. Maybe it was the fact I was intoxicated or the way he looked so cute while nervous, but I didn't hesitate and kissed him lightly. He immediately kissed me back and I felt his shaking hands on my back. "You've got one minute!" Fred's voice called from the outside and we pulled away. “Make the most of it!” "Wow," he breathed out and I inhaled his breath which smelled of mint and chocolate. I pecked his lips and pulled away just when Fred opened the door. The light blinded me and I shut my eyes. "Damn this stupid light, God I can't see anything," I cursed as everyone laughed at me. Ron and I sat down next to Harry and watched the rest of the game. Everytime I looked at Ron, he blushed and smiled a little. I was still shocked from what happened. I wasn't expecting him to be so nervous! I watched the pairs coming in and out of the closet. Harry with some girl I didn't know, George with Hermione. It was now Ginny's turn and when she read the name on the green paper, I bursted out laughing. It was no other then Fred Weasley. "Karma's a bi*ch, Weasley!" I yelled as laughing hard. "Shut it,________," Fred glared at me and went into the closet with his sister. As they walked out, I was still laughing. "Still funny, dollface?" he asked and I just nodded. "Okay, if you like running, so ten...nine...” he started the counting. "Not again Weasley!" I complained. " ...seven...six..." "It's not fair, I have high heels and I'm drunk!" "...four...three..." I ran out of the common room, followed by Fred a second later.
  7. I giggled as was running, but my smile disappeared as I crashed into someone and felt on the ground. I looked up and stared into a face of very unpleasant looking professor. "Miss___________!" she cried. "Um, hello Proffesor Umbridge," I smiled innocently. "Would you please explain me what are you doing here so late? It is three in the morning! You should be sleeping. And get up from the ground," Umbridge told me with a glare. "I was running," I explained simply as I stood up. "Do not make fun of me Miss!" she yelled. "But she was honestly running. I was chasing her," a voice from behind my back said. "Pardon, Mr. Weasley?" Umbridge raised her thin eyebrows. "Do not listen to him, madam. I was ..um sleeping, but you know..I kinda needed to use the bathroom and I forgot I have one in my room...so...yeah, I really had to pee so I had to run...and Fred was just trying to stop me, but I heard him chasing me so I freaked out and started to run even more," I grinned at her as I heard Fred's chuckle behind me. "Miss Williams, do you honestly think I am going to believe you? And what do you think you are wearing? That is most certainly not appropriate! Do you think just because you are Dumbledore's grandchild, school rules are not for you? Detention for a week. And for you Mr. Weasley, I don't like your attitude. You and your brother are big troublemakers. Detention for you too," Umbridge said in her fake sweet voice. "He got a week? For what?" I yelled. "Detention for him for a weekend. And for you Miss, I add another week because of your attitude. And you're alcoholic breath! And be sure your grandfather will know about this. Now go to bed, I have to write to Kornelius about Hogwarts's students. Good night, children," she said before turning on her heel and walking away. "That woman is such a witch! She can't give me detention! I am not a student!" I said quickly hoping she could hear me but she was already away from us. "Nevermind, dollface, at least, it wasn't Snape who caught us. Or your grandfather. I don't think he would like to see her sweet innocent grandchild drunk," Fred shrugged and we returned to the common room. "Who won?" Harry asked as we climbled through the portait. "Umbridge," we both said at the same time. "She caught her," Fred explained and sat down on the sofa next to his brother. "And Fred tried to help me, so he has detention for a weekend," I admitted. "And ________ tried to persuade her she just needed to use the bathroom, but forgot she got one in her room, plus she's drunk, so she got detention for two weeks," Fred finished with a shrug. "Okay, enough of partying, I knew this wasn't a good idea! Detention! _____________, you are here for a week! One week and you already got detention! Impossible! Go to bed now!” Hermione yelled and jumped from her seat. "Yes mom! Good night everyone," I waved before headed to the room with furious Hermione behind me. *********************** "_____________, come on wake up already!" I woke up at Hermione's voice. I groaned and I reached my hand to lightly hit Hermione's head. "What are you doing?" Hermione asked. "Trying to find where is an off button," I mumbled sleepily. "Oh Merlin, wake up or I'll bring here cold water," I heared her annoyed voice, but I still didn't move. Second later the freezing water touched my skin I screamed and jumped out of bed. "I told you," Hermione just smirked and put away her wand. "I am going to kill you Granger!" I yelled and threw one pillow at her before walking to the bathroom for a quick cold shower. "Hermione, why I have to get up so early?" I asked her as I walked out wrapped only in a towel. "Early? You already passed the lunch _________!" she laughed. "Oh. That sucks," I groaned. "And don't forget the fact you've got the detention with Umbridge tonight!" she informed me too happily for my own liking. "Tonight?" I sighed and rolled my blue eyes. "Yeah, she asked me to tell you that," she smiled. "Where are Harry and Ron?" I asked as I was dressing up in my stripe top, white jeans and yellow shoes. "Probably at Hagrid," she shrugged and I nodded with a smile. I met Hagrid on my second day at Hogwarts. He was, after all, hard not to notice and I liked him from the first moment. "So, what are we going to do? We can go to the library," Hermione suggested as we walked out of our room. "Oh please not, it's Saturday's afternoon," I shook my head and we decided to go to the great hall. The time has passed and I only realized it was time to go to my detention when Fred called my name. We together made our way to the Umbridge's office in silence. I took a deep breath, knocked on her door and stepped inside her office without waiting. As I came in, I frozed for a moment. It was looking like a Barbie's house, but there was much more pink color. The wall, the furniture everything was different shade of pink. "Mr. Weasley, Mr. Filch is waiting for you and you, Miss, you may sit down," Umbridge told us with a smile and Fred gave a encouraging look before walking out of the room. "First, your outfit is inappropriate. I do not want you to wear things like that. You must wear uniform," she said just as Fred closed the door. "I am sorry to inform you, but since I am not a Hogwarts student, I do not have to wear uniform. So if I decided to wear something like this, you just have to accept it," I said with a big smirk. "I want you to write I must be polite," she informed me and I smiled to myself. "No problem, just give me a pen and paper," I said. "You won't need a pen, there's a special quill. Start writing, now," she commanded and I shrugged. Just as I wrote first word, my hand started to burn and I slowly watched as the same word appeared on top of my hand. "F you, witch," I whispered before bitting my bottom lip from stopping the pain. "Do you need anything,_______?" she asked me and I didn't bother to answer her. After an hour and half of torture she finally released me and I ran from that office as quickly as possible. I closed the door behind me and bumped into someone. Again.
  8. I looked up at the person I just bumped in and my eyes met with the blue one. "Draco," I said surprised, but not unhappy.
  9. "_________-, what are you doing here?" he asked me. "Detention," I explained with a smirk. He took my hand and tried to help me up from the ground, but I hissed with pain, batting it away from his grip. "What happened?" he asked while concern was hidden in his eyes. "Nothing Draco. Let it go," I sighed and stood up. "Who did it?" he asked me again after he examined my hand. "Draco, let it go. It doesn't hurt that much," I lied and glared at him. I was actually feeling loved as he was worrying about me, but my strong nature was winning in my inner conflict, which meant I played hard. He frowned as a sign he didn't believe me, but didn't say anything. He but gently cupped my face and kissed me softly on my lips, making me smile to myself. "What was that for?" I asked with a smile as I pulled away. "For being so beautiful," he whispered. "I want you so badly right now." "Prove it," I teased him with a smirk. He immediately kissed me hungrily. "________?" very well voice made my blood froze as I pulled away from Draco. "Um, hey grandpa," I smiled awkwardly. "________-, I've heard you have a detention. Could you explain me that?" my grandfather spoke up after a moments of silence. Very awkward silence. I bit my bottom lip and explained him how I got into that situation. Obviously not mentioning the fact I had a party and I was not so sober. "How long does your detention last?" he asked me while shooking his head. "Well, Umbridge doesn't like me," I bit my bottom lip not making eye contact with him. "But that didn't answer my question," he pointed out. "Two weeks," I mumbled. “_______________! You aren't even a student and you already got detention for two weeks? You are just like your mother!" he sighed, but didn't raise his voice at me. "And now, go to your bed. So you too, Mr. Malfoy," he ordered since I was silent and left. "Well, that was embarassing," I started. "Nevermind right now. Where were we?" Draco said with a smirk. "Do you honestly think I am going to continue snog you a minute later after my grandfather saw us?" I raised my eyebrow at him. "No?" he asked with cute look on his handsome face. "Of course not Draco!" I laughed. "Oh, can I at least have a goodnight kiss?" Draco smirked at me, and I kissed him sweetly before turning around and walking the direction of my common room with a smile on my face. I climbed through the portrait and my smile frozed as I saw two people sitting on the couch. It was George Weasley with some girl I didn't know sitting in his lap while her hands were playing with his hair. He looked at me and with a smile formed on his face he waved at me.
  10. "________, come here!" he grinned and continued as I slowly came to them. "__________, this is my girlfriend Victoria," George introduced her and I felt my stomach dropped. "Um, so, when you too started to date?" I asked breaking a silence. "Well, a minute ago," George said simply. "Do you have a problem with that?" Victoria snapped at me and my eyes went wide. "No, I am just wondering, because I didn't knew George likes you. Actually I didn't even notice you there," I said truthfuly. "Sure, why would you notice someone like me. I am not a dumb blonde just like you," brown haired girl rolled her eyes at me. (Sorry if you're not blonde, I just needed a mean thing to say about looks) "How dare you! Dude, you better keep this ugly thing away from me!” I yelled and tried to punch her, but George stood in my way. "Could just you two get along?" he asked, his eyes searching for mine, but I avoided. "No!" me and Victoria said at the same time. "Don't worry George, since I am the smarter and prettier one, I am leaving, so you can continue snogging your new oh-so-called girlfriend!" I angrily said and ran to my room. "Did something happened?" Hermione asked me as I slammed the door. "Why he did it? She is not even pretty! And she acts like she knows it all. Like she is Miss Perfect. But she is definitely not! And would you please explain why I feel so angry, sad and jealous? He is my best guy friend! I do not want to date him or something like that. I have Draco, I do not need some stupid redhead George!" I yelled. "Oh, well...," she started but I hugged her and started to cry. She just hold me and rubbed my back until both of us fell asleep.
  11. Alright! Part 6 after like a year! I started to write this then got hooked in again... NOT GOOD! Exams in 12 days and I have nothing done but this... Oh well I've got good grades so I'm good anyways! :) I'll try to have the next part up alot faster... Sorry! Like I said, so much to do! Pewdiepie, Tobuscus, and Onision to watch, social life to uphold, guys to chase over... ;)))

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