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  • Your stories are just amazing writer.

    Among so many of the Harry Potter series fan writers, there actually has been no one who was really considerate of Cedric's perspective nor anyone who described Cedric to be more than a popular pretty guy.

    I am eagerly waiting for your next installment of the series.

    In case you are having some writer block, I just have some suggestion: (But remember that although I like both Cedric and Draco, I am little bit more fan of Cedric.) You can return back to old classic of Harry Potter series - Cailey(I hope I spelled that right...) can start to have very suspicious dream. Since Draco has mentioned something about Cedric, she may try to get more information. In such process, Draco tries to stay away from her but later she can find out about the Dark Mark on Draco. Will Draco's secretive help, Cailey can start having occasional connection with Cedric. Cailey can start falling for Draco also as she loves Cedric. More things can happen between Year 6 and Year 7. But in the end, you can have two separate endings to satisfy both Cedric's fan (me for example) and Draco's fan (like hp4evr).

    But I mean after all you the writer so you do whatever you want to do.

    Take your time but please not 2 years this time.

    I will consistently waiting for your amazing works!!!

  • I'm honestly astounded you can remember what's going on in this story after so long! I, too, like to come back and have a nose around sometimes, but it'd been far too long, so I was determined to sit down and finish this part.

    I have to say, I always enjoyed Cedric from a writer's perspective because he's probably the most underdeveloped character -- which gives me a bit more freedom! But I'm really enjoying sinking my teeth into Draco a little more in he sixth year. I'm never going to come back from the abrupt and intense sympathy you made me feel for him! (Has it really been four years since you finished? My goodness!)

    I'll try to avoid a gap of two years again, lol. I might aim for one update a month so I can actually finish this before I'm thirty!! Thank you so much for reading :D

  • Wow, it's been a very long time, hasn't it? I still like to come on here every year or so to see if the Hogwarts community is still around, so I was excited to see you post another chapter today!

    Anyway, I can't remember if anyone else had Cedric live beyond fourth year, but I find the whole concept and the way you've developed it very interesting. I've probably expressed my mild dislike for Cedric in the past, but you've not only made him into more of a sympathetic character, but also one surrounded with mystery and intrigue. I'm interested to see how his side of the story develops - just don't wait another two years, okay? XD

    Eagerly awaiting the next installment!

  • @ vulturemonem

    You seriously have to continue this series, I cannot wait to see what happened to Cedric.

    And please tell me that Cedric is not dead and write some stories in the future in Cedric's POV.

    And it was Cedric who had sent the necklace as birthday present right?

    Please do continue the stories, I just love them.

  • It has been a long time, no doubt. Just yesterday I was reminiscing all the good times that we had here, and how much I missed it. You can take years if you want in writing another post, but as long as you post, we'll be a happy bunch. :3 (Because we know it would be fabulous and worth the wait.) Anyway, again, sorry for the one month delay!! :P

    Reading HLS again after an extended period of time was wonderful. I've missed visiting the familiar world of Hogwarts and I'm glad you posted again. I needed it. Thank you. :") Ah. Cedric. As @music826 has mentioned, you surely have transformed mild annoyance with Cedric Diggory into sympathy and heck, even a desire to know more about him. In Rowling's book, he was only a pretty boy who probably only served as a plot device. But here, I'm certain he'll have much more depth and now that there are speculations of his involvement with the Death Eaters (*gasps*) I'm pretty excited to see how his character will influence the later events in the Half Blood Prince.

    However obviously, Draco is the man. XD Haha. I'm definitely enjoying your version of Draco and hope we'd get to see more of him even in 7th year! (Yes. I'm hoping. Sue me.) Because that's the year when he makes almost a cameo appearance and we spend most of our time with the Golden Trio. So I'm excited to see how you plan on tackling that year. Seventh year. Even thinking about it is making me teary-eyed. :"( Anyway, best of luck! And as always, keep up with your excellent work. 💕

  • these are good


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