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  • This chapter was interesting, in that it heightened the suspense of the plot. What EXACTLY happened with Cedric? He can't be dead - again - right? But I think it's a possibility that might be true for all I know.

    Draco is being distant with Cailey, and considering the nature of the task given to him, it's perfectly natural. I just wonder how this will affect their relationship, and if I could guess, a lot of angst is probably coming our way. Sixth book was the point where things started to turn really dark, and I can see this 'dark and melancholy' undertone in your plot as well. Whether it be Cedric's mysterious disappearance, or Draco's strange behaviour, things are definitely not as simple as they seem. I guess we'll find the answers to all these questions in later updates. Anyway, your writing was great as per your standard, and I'd be interested to see how the remaining events will unfold. :)

  • AWESOME AS ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!! Even though I love Harry I can't help but wonder what's happened to Cedric. Perhaps he was imperiused and was forced to become a death eater so the main character would become one as well, but instead is too ashamed to show himself?

    Pyra Potter
  • Thank you! Hm... I wonder. :) Cedric's not a Death Eater. But that has given me a rather, ah, vivid mental image!!

  • Next one? Like now!


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