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  • Finally! A quiz that is NOT about One Direction! XD Haha. I scrolled down the newest quiz list today and since every teenage girl in this world seems to be obsessed with those lads (*cringes* Wattpad fan fictions - you know what I'm talking about), I only found those mentioning them but when I was just sighing in frustration and thinking I'd better try next time, I saw this! You have no idea how it lifted my mood, because it has been ages since you last updated - but I understand. :) It's good to see though that you finally updated, despite your tough schedule.

    Now onto the chapter. :P This edition was spectacular and your writing was naturally fluid. I particularly enjoyed your descriptive style, and one thing I notice is that your fan fic, despite being magical, seems realistic. Now that's very rare because most of the time, we come across fan fic stories that have exaggerated descriptions and are hardly believable. You make your character relatable, and your depiction of characters is up to the mark.

    Anyway, I'm really not a reviewer or something, so I guess that's all you can get from me now. :P Amazing work nevertheless and I'd love to see the next update - that is, if you get time to do so. :P haha. I really don't want to pressurise. XD

    (P.S. I don't know if you're a Directioner, but anyway, I don't hate them. I actually enjoy their music. It's just the crazy obsession of most of the people around me that creeps me. But I have to say, I read those fan fics - "Arranged Marriage with Zayn Malik" was particularly hilarious! XD) *coughs* Sorry for the rant. :P

  • Wow, it seems I'm a bit behind on GTQ reading material! I don't think I've checked in at least the last month or two. Anyway, I'm glad to see you updated again. It seems like HP fan fictions have all but disappeared lately, and I'm starting to miss them. As always, I really don't have much to add that @hp4evr hasn't said for me. Just thought I'd drop in again and tell you how much I love your writing!

  • @hp4evr Ha ha! No, I'm not a Directioner. I too enjoy some of their music (although some of the more recent has been cringe-worthy!) but yes, I know exactly what you mean. Today has been exactly the same. I read the odd one, when I have little else to do over the summer, and it's always a laugh. Most consist of a traumatised girl and a hero from One Direction... Predicable much?!

    Thank you so much for your comment. I suppose that as 'magic' isn't my normal genre, although fantasy comes into my other works sometimes, I don't obsess over the more lucrative ideas. I suppose that's just my style! It's served me well so far!

    It's good to update! It always feels wonderful to read these reviews, long or short, good or bad. I last updated in late August, so, yes, I suppose it has been a while! I'll try not to let it be so long this time, but I'm afraid that I make no promises. I'm well into term (or 'semester', as you Americans say!) now, and have many obligations. Actually, I don't think I know... Are you American?


  • @vulturemonem Haha. If I was an American, I would have had an American accent (but then I also would have wanted a British one - Americans seem obsessed with it XD), and I use the word "term" instead of semester. :) Also, I have more things bought from Tesco and Esda in my home than from Walmart (I guess that's what American stores are called XD).

    So your answer is: No, I'm not an American. :)

  • why post this on this website...? no hate or anything but i’m just confused why you posted this on here and not fan fiction.com or wattpad or something...


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