Hogwarts Love Story pt 30

Here is part thirty. I hope you enjoy it - there's a bit more about Rebecca in there, and a little with Cho and Harry! Always good to see the love, right?!

Part thirty is up! Enjoy it! There's a little more about Rebeeca in there, and we'll be seeing more about her soon... And her evil, devilish ways.

Created by: vulturemonem

  1. Over the following two weeks, our DA meetings continued, with the addition of fake Galleons to tell us the time and date of the meetings. As each meeting passed, I found myself talking to Rebecca more and more. She seemed like a friendly Ravenclaw, and I learned that she was a half-blood. Despite her friendly exterior, I caught that look in her devious green eyes more and more often. I was exceedingly glad to see that after the first two meetings - in which we practised the simpler defensive spells - I was able to beat Rebecca when we faced each other. Of course, it wasn't a competition, but I was of a competitive nature, and I found myself wanting to better Rebecca more then anyone else. Perhaps it was, subconsciously, due to her persistent interest in Cedric, and her relentless questioning about what exactly had happened in the graveyard. Or perhaps it was her clear dislike of Neville, and her continuous, snide remarks about his abilities. Whatever it was, I found myself growing ever-so-slightly suspicious of Rebecca Gardener. Needless to say, I didn't let her get wind of my thoughts, and often paired up with her in the lessons. She had become rather frustrated over the reductor curse, and had ended up setting fire to Neville's sleeve. I wasn't entirely sure whether or not this was purposeful, but I kept a careful eye on her through the rest of the evening.
  2. The first Quidditch match of the year, between Griffendor and Slytherin, was looming over us, and McGonnagle had even let us off homework one day. She said to Ron, Harry and I that she was loathe to hand the Quidditch cup over to Snape. I smiled at that, and I could have sworn I got a flash of one in return.
  3. The morning of the first Quidditch matched dawned bright and early, and God-damned cold. It was one of England's freezing Novembers, and the students of Hogwarts weren't especially happy about it. Personally, I didn't mind the cold, but I couldn't abide the snow. The only time I'd ever been thankful for snow was in my third year, when Harry had thrown a few snowballs at Draco from under his cloak. I was snapped from my reminiscing by Angelina, who pulled me aside in the changing room. "Did you see the Slytherin badges?" she asked, her voice slightly hoarse. I shook my head. "I expect they'll be chanting by the time you get out there, but do me a favour will you? Look out for Ron, and make sure he pays attention. You know how he gets with the insults," she said. Feeling a little worried, I nodded. Together, Griffendor headed out onto the pitch and we took our positions. Angelina and Montague, the Slytherin captain, shook hands. I was certain that Montague was trying to break her fingers, but Angelina didn't flinch. Madame Hooch blew her whistle, and the quaffle was thrown into play. Angelina caught it, and zoomed up the pitch, only to be tackled by a Slytherin. I grinned when Fred hit the guy on the head with a bludger, and Katie Bella caught the quaffle. I had to admit, it was slightly strange playing without Ginny on the team, but she'd opted out of Quidditch. I had yet to get a straight answer as to why. I shook my head a little to clear my thoughts and groaned when Katie's shot was saved. Lee Jordon paused in his commentary, and the chants I heard made my insides curl. "Weasley cannot save a thing, He cannot block a single ring, That's why Slytherins all sing: Weasley is our King. Weasley was born in a bin He always lets the Quaffle in Weasley will make sure we win Weasley is our King." I looked at Ron, who had turned bright red. "Ignore them Ron!" I hollered, used to the rude jeers of the Slytherins, "Focus!" I yelled as a Slytherin came down the pitch, throwing the quaffle towards Ron's central hoop. "Middle Ron! The middle!" I hollered, but Ron didn't hear me, and the quaffle flew between his arms. I groaned again, and flew over to him. "Focus," I said again, "Ignore them." Ron nodded weakly. "You're a decent Keeper Ron, but you need to focus on the game," I said, before tearing up the pitch and intercepting the quaffle. Fuelled by rage - this being directed at the Slytherins - I swerved other players and threw the ball towards the hoop. It went right in, knocking a Slytherin as it fell down. Unfortunately, the Syltherins were thirty up.
  4. No more goals were scored, and I watched with baited breath as Harry and Draco both dived for the ground, following the snitch. Harry snatched it from the air, and had to roll over to keep upright. I let out the first syllable of Harry's name in warning as Crabbe knocked a bludger towards him, but I was too late. I zoomed down and landed by Harry. "Are you ok?" I asked, helping him up. "Of course," Harry said, throwing the Slytherins a dirty look. "Thank God you caught the snitch," I said quietly, "We were going to lose." Harry shot me a small smile. At that moment, Draco strolled over, seeming rather happy with himself. That couldn't be good. It took three of us to hold Fred back as Draco throwing insults at the Weasleys and Harry. "Shut up Draco!" I gasped as I tried to restrain Fred, but my words had little effect. Once he started on Lily Potter, Harry released George and they both ran to Draco, fist up. "Stop!" we all screamed. Motioning to Hermione frantically to keep Fred away from the fight, I pulled out my wand and hit both Harry and George with the Impediment jinx. Madame Hooch was not impressed by their behaviour, and sent them off to McGonnagle. I didn't want to know how many months worth of detentions they'd have.
  5. "Banned?" Angelina croaked, her voice hoarse. "Fred as well," George said, his voice bitter. "That old hag," Ginny hissed. Angelina let out a moan. "No beaters, no seeker... What're we going to do?" I put an arm round her shoulders. She looked on the verge of tears. "Where's Ron?" Harry asked, trying to avoid the topic of their lifelong ban from Quidditch. "In his dormitory," Hermione said, "He's avoiding us." "Why?" I asked. "He's embarrassed Cailey," Hermione said, rolling her eyes, "I mean-" she was cut off by the portrait hole swinging open loudly, to reveal Ron. I raised an eyebrow at Hermione, who blushed. Apparently Ron wasn't in his dormitory. "Where have you been?" I asked him as he sat down. "Walking," he mumbled, "I'm going to resign." I shot him a glare, and Fred began to tell his brother the story of the three Quidditch bans. "What?" Ron roared, "Did she ban Crabbe? He knocked Harrry over with a bludger for God's sake!" Hermione shushed him, flapping her arms. I felt the same way as Ron, but I knew that shouting wasn't going to help us. At all. With a sigh, I told my friends that I was going to bed, despite the early hour.
  6. Just as I placed a foot on the first step leading to the girls dormitory, a light outside caught my eye. I glanced down at my friends, who were paying me no attention, and walked over to the window. Through the hazy snow, a light was on in the Hogwarts grounds, and it was a light I'd been dying to see on since the very start of the year. "Harry, Ron, Hermione," I whispered, "Shut the hell up and move it. Hagrid's back." The conversation below me halted instantly at my words, and the Golden Trio leapt up, throwing on their discarded jumpers and running out of the portrait hole. I followed them. We ignored the confused, indignant shouts of students we ran into as Harry pulled out his cloak and threw it over us. I swore quietly. "We can't all fit," I hissed. "It'll have to do," Harry hissed back. I nodded and pushed open the door that lead towards Hagrid's cabin. Harry rapped sharply on the door, and I began to cover up the last of the tracks we'd made in the snow. Hagrid threw the door open.I gasped. "Shoulda known it'd be yeh three. Hardly bin 'ome three seconds," he said gruffly, beckoning us in. "Oh Hagrid," I whispered, looking at him. Hagrid's hair was matted with congealed blood and his left eye had been reduced to a puffy slit amid a mass of purple and black bruising. There were many cuts on his face and hands, some of them still bleeding, and he was moving gingerly, which made me suspect broken ribs. He moved over to the kettle and filled it up, grabbing two enormous mugs from the cupboard. We sat down, tea in hand, and Hagrid began to tell us of his adventures with giants, and all his misfortunes. When Hagrid finished his outrageous tale, Hermione asked after Hagrid's mother. I was sad to hear that she'd died years ago. "Hagrid," I began, tentatively, "You still haven't told us how you got hurt." Hagrid's unobscured eye rested on me. "You've been attacked," I hinted. "I haven't bin attacked!" Hagrid said indignantly, "I-" He was cut off by some loud rapping on the door. "Umbridge!" I hissed, "Get under here!" We all clambered under the cloak, and Hermione told us to crouch down so that our toes were also covered. We complied, just as Hagrid opened the door. The discussion between the two was rather terrifying, and I was worried about what Umbridge would do to Hagrid if he were inspected. Eventually, Umbridge left, having warned Hagrid about her forthcoming inspection, and hinted that she knew why he'd been away. After a moment, Harry pulled the cloak off of us. "Blimey. Inspecting people?" "Yes," I said, pursing my lips, "Hagrid, she's got Trewlawny on probation already. Please don't do anything even slightly dangerous with us," I begged him. "Dangerous? In yeh OWL year? Oh no," he chuckled, "I've bin savin' some real special stuff." "Hagrid-" "Calm down Hermione," Hagrid said, waving a hand at her as he cut her off, "I promise. These ones aren't dangerous." His words didn't console me.
  7. The following morning, we all trekked down to Hagrid's cabin for our Care of Magical Creatures lesson. Hagrid told us we'd be working in the forest today, and Draco looked a little panicked. I had to laugh. I fell into step with him, ignoring the looks the other Slytherins were shooting me. They knew I wouldn't hesitate to hex them. "Calm down Malfoy," I murmured, "He's only showing us baby dragons." Draco spluttered, and I hooted with laughter, as did the Griffendors that had heard our exchange. "Good grief Draco, calm down. Even Hagrid isn't that stupid." "What's he showing us then?" "I don't know," I said as I spotted a flash of pink, "If she asks you a question, please, behave. For me." Draco rolled his eyes at me. "I won't stoop to lying Rivers," he said, smiling ever so slightly. Umbridge walked up to us and stood beside me. I became steadily more uncomfortable with her presence. Hagrid told us that he was showing us something special, and he called to the creatures. After a moment, a pair of blank, white, shining eyes were growing larger through the gloom and a moment later the dragonish face, neck and then skeletal body of a great, black, winged horse emerged from the darkness. It surveyed the class for a few seconds, swishing its long black tail, then bowed its head and began to tear flesh from the dead cow with its pointed fangs. I watched it in fixed fascination, and nudged Draco. "That's not so bad," I said, nodding to the creature I knew to be a theatral. Draco was looking around the forest, clearly unable to see the creature. "Now... put yer hands up, who can see "˜em?" Hagrid asked. I put my hand up, having seen the death of my brother, as did Harry. Neville also put his hand up, and a boy from Slytherin. "Righ', now, who can tell me why some o' yeh can see "˜em an' some can't?" I raised my hand. "Cailey?" "The only people who can see them are those that have seen death," I said, ignoring the slight start from Umbridge as she, presumably, noticed the meat being torn from the carcass in front of her. "Ten points teh Griffendor. That's righ'." Hagrid said. Umbridge spoke. "You received the note I sent to your cabin this morning?" Umbridge asked, in the same loud, slow voice she had used with him earlier, as though she were addressing somebody both foreign and very slow, "Telling you that I would be inspecting your lesson?" "Oh, yeah," Hagrid said brightly. "Glad yeh found the place all righ'! Well, as you can see - or, I dunno - can you? We're doin' Thestrals today -" "I'm sorry?" said Professor Umbridge loudly, cupping her hand around her ear and frowning. "What did you say?" Hagrid looked a little confused. "Er - Thestrals!" he said loudly. "Big - er - winged horses, yeh know!" I couldn't stop a slight groan from escaping me. I knew what Umbridge was doing, and I didn't like it. Hagrid flapped his gigantic arms hopefully. Umbridge raised her eyebrows at him and muttered as she made a note on her clipboard: "Has... to... resort... to... crude... sign... language." Hagrid continued the lesson, Umbridge making little notes on her clipboard all the while. I spent half the time glaring at her. Umbridge began to walk around the students, asking mostly the Slytherins questions. I wanted to hit Pansy. No, I wanted to jinx her until she turned into the pug-faced toad she was. Umbridge came to a stop in front of me as I listened to what Hagrid was saying. It was actually interesting. "You can see them, can you?" Umbridge asked. "Yes." "Who did you see die?" she asked, her tone completely indifferent. She could have been asking me the time for all the sympathy or warmth in her voice. I hated her, and I let it show on my face. "My brother," I replied shortly. "What do you think of these Thestrals?" she asked. "They're interesting," I said honestly, "And the things they do are amazing." I decided to add in a little compliment for Hagrid while I was at it. Umbridge had no idea that I was friendly with the half-giant. "I think it's incredible that Hagrid has been able to train them to do all of these things," I said, stamping hard on Draco's foot when he opened his mouth. Umbridge turned to Neville. "Can you understand Professor Hagrid?" she asked softly. "Yes," Neville said, his voice slightly high-pitched. Glaring at me, Umbridge told Hagrid that se was leaving, and that he's have his result in ten days time. As Hermione said later, that foul, lying, twisting old gargoyle!
  8. Soon, our final DA meeting of the year approached, as did the end of another term at Hogwarts. Hermione was going skiing with her parents over the holidays, and Ron and Harry were going back to Grimmauld Place. I was returning home, but would be joining the Weasley's and co., including Cedric, for the New Years celebrations. Angelina had managed to find herself another seeker - Ginny, who had eagerly returned to the team despite her original decision not to - and a couple of beaters. She was, however, still furious with all involved with her old players' ban. Feeling a little down-hearted, despite the impending Christmas celebrations, Ginny and I trekked into the Room of Requirement for what would be the final time until January. Harry and Cedric stood in the middle of the room, discussing something. Presumably what we'd be doing in our final lesson. I shot Rebecca a smile as I spotted her, and went to stand by her. Harry told us that we'd be looking back over the things we'd already done, rather than start anything new before the long break. This news was met by much disapproval and not-so-subtle mutterings. I rolled my eyes, and exchanged a grim look with Ginny. Cedric did a decent job of shutting the mouths of those muttering, and then told us to practise the Impediment Jinx. As per usual, Rebecca and I paired up, and we began to take our turns casting spells. I had the familiar sensation of being immobilised, and then took my own turn casting it at Rebecca. Harry walked over to us and watched for a moment. "Good," he said, as I immobilised Rebecca momentarily. Rebecca took her own turn casting, but, to my surprise, failed to do anything short of making my limbs feel heavy for a moment. I blinked at her, and she looked as shocked as I did. Harry told her, briefly, what she was doing wrong, and I tuned out for a moment. Hermione was mouthing something to me, and I had no idea what it was. "What?" I mouthed back. Hermione mouthed whatever it was again, but I still couldn't pick it up. Just as I began to turn my attention back to Rebeeca, I saw her shoot her jinx at me. Acting purely on instinct, I shouted, "Protego!" and watched as Rebecca's spell bounded off of my shield, disappearing in the air. I looked at her sheepishly. "Sorry, I wasn't concentrating," I apologised. "No problem," Rebecca said as I lowered my shield and Cedric called us over, but I caught something - I wasn't sure what - in her voice. Our 'teachers' (for all intents and purposes) told us that we were doing well, and that we could start with more difficult stuff after the holidays. Harry and I exchanged a smile when he mentioned patrononuses. We both knew that it was the one spell I was desperate to master. Wishing Rebecca a Merry Christmas (though I wasn't entirely sure if she was sincere in her greeting), I left with Hermione. "What were you trying to say?" I asked, turing to Hermione. "I was trying to tell you that Rebecca wasn't paying any attention to what Harry was saying." "So?" I asked, a little confused. "She couldn't keep her eyes off of Cedric," Hermione said, watching my face carefully. She knew about my flammable temper, being one of my best friends, and was clearly making sure I didn't blow up. I glanced around us, but nobody, save for Ron, was listening to our conversation. "There's something about Rebecca that sets me on edge," I admitted for the first time since I'd met her, "I'm not sure what, or why. I could be wrong." "I doubt it," Luna said, wandering up to us, "You seem a good judge of character." I smiled at Luna. We hadn't spoken very often, but I liked the girl. She was, however, more than a little mad. Cedric jogged up to us, and participated in our conversation until we got to the parting of the Girffendor and Hufflepuff common rooms. I bid him and Luna goodbye, and walked in with Ron and Hermione.
  9. Harry took his sweet time coming back from the Room of Requirement, and Ron began to worry that Draco had cornered him. I had to suppress a snort. "Please Ronald. We both know that Harry hates Draco enough to jinx him until he ends up in the hospital wing." "I'm sure 'Draco' would do the same," Ron retorted, just as the portrait hole swung open to reveal a confused looking Harry. "What happened?" Hermione asked absently. "Did Cho corner you?" I asked, my voice surprisingly soft. It was the kind of thing Ron and I would joke about, and take the micky out of Harry about (as we'd taken the micky out of Hermione and Krum the previous year) but I felt slightly sorry for Harry. Harry nodded slightly. "Did you kiss?" Hermione asked, peering at him over the tip of her newly-purchased quill. Again, Harry nodded, turning a little pink. "Ha!" Ron said, punching the air, "How was it?" "Wet," Harry said, "Because she was crying." "Why was she crying? Are you that bad at kissing?" Ron asked, looking disgusted. I'd have laughed at his expression if I didn't know the reason Co spent her time crying. Hermione explained, saving me the discomfort. "Cho spends her life crying these day. Everywhere. I saw her at it in the loos one day, and she just sobbed harder when she saw me." Ron looked flabberghasted. "Why does she cry so much?" he asked at last. "Because," Hermione said heavily, shooting me an apologetic glance, "She really, really, liked Cedric. And he thought of her as nothing more than a Ravenclaw in the year below him he had to beat in a Quidditch match. And he chose Cailey." "You'd think a bit of kissing would cheer her up," Ron said, grinning. Fury welled up inside me at Ron's comment, and I found myself throwing my Potions textbook at him. "You are the most insensitive wart I've ever had the misfortune to meet," I snapped. Ron looked confused. "Don't you understand how Cho's feeling?" I asked. "No. Who crys when they're kissing?" Rom asked flatly. Harry stated his agreement, looking a little desperate. I sighed loudly, and put myself in Cho's shoes for a moment so that I could summarise what she felt. If Cedric had thiught about Cho, and barely registered my existence... "She's obviously upset, because she liked Cedric, and he chose me. She's angry with me, because she thinks it partly my fault, which I suppose it is," I admitted with a rueful grin before continuing, "I suspect she's confused because she liked Cedric and now she likes Harry, and she can't work out who she likes best. And she's confused about what her feelings for Harry are, because he went thought the maze with Cedric and knows him well, and she's worried about what her friends will think if she goes out with Harry after liking Cedric. Oh, and she's worried she'll be kicked off of the Quidditch team because she's flying so badly." Both boys seemed to have been stunned into silence following my little speech. "One person can't feel all that at once, they'd explode," Ron said, looking bemused. "Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoons doesn't mean we all have," Hermione said, rolling her eyes at me, "I'm going to bed. Goodnight." "Wait, who are you writing the novel to?" Ron asked, looking at the letter she clutched in her hand. "Victor." "Krum?" Ron asked. "How many other Victors do you know?" Hermione snapped, turning on her heel. Once she'd left, Ron turned to me, "What does she see in Krum?" "I've no idea," I said, "I guess he's older, so he's starting to go a bit grey, which is always attractive," I said, sn-----ing a little, "He has the build of and stomps around like an elephant. His head is filled with sawdust, which makes it incredibly hard, and he has yet to grow his second brain-cell. Hm," I pretended to think hard, and twisted my face into a thoughtful frown, thinking of Goyal when he was focusing, "No... No idea why she likes him." Ron chortled at my answer. "I knew there was a reason I liked you Cailey." "Yeah, yeah," I said, grinning, "I'm going to bed too. Night Ron. Night Harry," I said, stooping to press a kiss to the top of his head. Harry threw me a slight smile, which I returned. My brother, Matthew, would never, ever be replaced, but Harry was fast becoming the brother I could confide in again.
  10. Sleep came to me relatively easily that night, and I put it down to the stress of our shed-loads of homework, particularly from Snape, plus Quidditch training and DA meetings. A nice, quiet Christams at home, with my simple, muggle family would be a welcomed release from the horrors of the magical world. I awoke from my peaceful slumber several hours later after I first retired for bed, and the first essence of daylight was just beginning to break through the clouds, casting the slightest of shadows across the room. I roused myself fully, and heard gentle voices discussing something. One sounded scared, one urgent. I opened my eyes to see, to my intense surprise, McGonnagle speaking to Ginny, both clad in pyjamas. I was fully awake now. "Professor?" I whispered, "What's going on? Do you need me to wake Hermione?" I asked, thinking of the Griffendor prefect asleep next to me. "No, Miss Rivers. You may go back to sleep," McGonnagle said. "Cailey?" I heard Ginny whisper. "Yes," I replied into the darkness, unable to make out Ginny's facial expression. I could see only her small form, burried beneath the duvet. "Are you ok?" I asked, sensing the mood in the room. "Oh Cailey," she whispered, "Apparently my Dad has been attacked." "What?" I hissed, fully awake now. McGonnagle threw me a disapproving look. "Mr Potter saw Arthur Weasley being attacked by a snake." "Do you mean," I hesitated, "In a dream?" McGonnagle looked mildly surprised. "Yes. How did you know that?" "I've known Harry for a long time," I replied. And I'd read a lot in the restricted section when I couldn't sleep, particularly in my second year, I added in my head. "I see," McGonnagle said, as though she knew I was telling her only part of the truth, "He has been rushed to St. Mungo's." I let out a slight gasp. "Will he be ok?" I asked. "He should be," McGonnagle replied grimly. "Ginny? Make sure Harry doesn't start upsetting himself over this," I said, "And I'll send you an owl when I get home." I saw Ginny nod through the dark room, and she rose to follow McGonnagle. Before she left, she tip-toed over to my bed and wrapped her arms around me gently. I hugged her back, and wished her good luck. I could feel Ginny's body trembling slightly as I let her go, and I was reminded of the first time I'd met Ariella, whom I hadn't had much contact with since the start of the year. I felt guilty immediately, but knew I'd be spending three weeks with her over our Christmas break. After the unpleasant news was delivered to me, sleep evaded me. I wished I could grab Harry's cloak and go down to the restricted section, or the kitchen to talk to Dobby, but I knew he'd be in Dumbledore's office. Who else would he talk to about his strange 'dream'? I let out a sigh, and found my thoughts turning to Rebecca Gardener. She was another puzzle, and one I was determined to work out.
  11. (vulturemonem) That wasn't a bad time between updating part 29 and part 30, no? Well, I'm pleased with myself! Unfortunately, school starts up next week, and I'll be back to extremely slow posting. I'll admit, my posting over this summer has also been abysmal, but I've been rather busy. I hope you enjoyed that, and those extra little bits about Rebecca. We'll find out more about her soon! xXvulturemonemXx

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