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  • Brilliant! I've noticed how much you've matured since you first started and even though you always had the talent, it has blossomed now. As always, this edition was well written, detailed and not to forget, exciting. I always enjoy your editions and this one didn't fail me either. You keep the characters "alive" and this trait is very rare.

    Aha, Rebecca! I don't know but whenever I thought of her, France always came in the background and I see, you've translated my thoughts into your writing without me ever telling you! XD She really seems evil, and a typical vamp and I'm excited to see the Rebecca sub-plot. As @music826 said, I also checked it on the new quizzes list, as usual procrastinating on my test preparation - not homework, I rarely get real homework, I get daily tests. :(

    Can't wait for Part 30. I need these to get through a tiring school year. XD

  • Ha ha! Luckily for me, I don't have to worry about homework for another week. Our summer break in the UK seems to be situated a little later than it is in America. I'm not sure you've used those words before, but I'm flattered! Well, we already know (due to hp4evr's wonderful description of her) how evil Rebecca can be, so I suppose those are your only clues! I was flicking through the books yesterday, and I realised that Rebecca could help me to eliminate a problem I'm going to face soon!


  • @hp4evr Thank you! I feel that if somebody were to read from the beginning to the end of this series, they'd see a definite improvement in my writing. Then again, I suppose that's the same with everyone, isn't it?! Ha ha! As Rebecca had only joined Hogwarts for her fifth year, I decided I may as well have her transferred from Beauxbatons. Else, it would become far too difficult to deal with.

    Ouch. Good luck with your school year - mine will always be troublesome - and I hope I have enough time on my hands to get you through it! Lol!


  • Hogwarts Love Story pt 29
    Your Result: Fred/George Weasley

    You got the Weasley twins. And guess what? As expected, I have absolutely no inspiration for the results today, for which I apologise. *sighs* I'm sorry, really I am.

    0% Ron Weasley
    0% Draco Malfoy
    0% Cedric Diggory
    0% Neville Longbottom
    0% Harry Potter

  • There I was, procrastinating on my homework again, and I saw this on the new quizzes list. Have I ever told you how much I absolutely love your writing? I'm already curious as to how this entire sub-plot with Rebecca is going to play out, and I can't wait for Part 30!

  • It would be better if we still had our names as blanks and if we had actual options instead of .'s


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