Hogwarts Love Story pt 20

Ok, so here is part 20 guys, and it's the second bit of the third and final challenge. Excited? And please submit an entry for my character contest, which is linked by my username.

You have from years three to seven to get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams. Can you win over that special guy? Harry, Ron, Neville, the twins, Draco, Cedric, and on occasion Oliver!

Created by: vulturemonem

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  1. You felt slightly nauseous as you span round at a ridiculous speed, and your vision blurred. Your brain began to replay the last few seconds over and over again, and your eyes closed of their own accord, unable to focus on anything. You felt yourself slow down a little, so you carefully prised your eyes open. Although still spinning, you were able to make out a graveyard. A little man, who you recognised as Ron's rat, Wormtail, the man who had betrayed Harry's parents, stood by a statue, hunching over a bundle of black cloth. You slowed further, and you made out Harry's struggling form against the statue, his body trapped against the cold stone. Wormtail walked forwards, and slit Harry's arm, dripping blood into a cauldron that you hadnt oreviously noticed. It stood, dark and foreboding in the middle of the grass, and you watched the scene fearfully. Wormtail let out a scream and he sacrificed his arm, and it dropped into the cauldron too. He lifted a bone from the floor, and then finally dropped the bundle in too. Although not before a hissing sound came from it. "Kill the spare," it hissed as it fell from the cloth. Your heart rate picked up considerably as you saw Cedric, standing with his wand laying on the floor beside him, Wormtail pointing his wand at him, walking to stand before him. Time seemed to slow down as he began to utter the words. The words that sent a chill down your spine. The words that made the hairs on the back of your neck raise. And the words that sent adrenaline pulsing through your veins, giving you a strong sense of determination, and heightening your other senses considerably. You could smell blood and sweat, and you shivered against the cold as you landed. Your feet found purchase on the ground, and you ignored the strange, unnatural transformation taking place to your left. Raising your wand, you screamed a spell at Wormtail. "Expelliarmus!" you screamed, aiming your wand at Wormtail's. It had the desired effect, and the wand flew out of his hand just before he finished the second of the dreaded words. Cedric looked to you, worried. He had fallen back over something, and was now leaning up on his elbows, not looking his best with mud and blood covering his face, clothes and hair.
  2. "So," sneered a cold, cruel, high-pitched voice, "We have company." You spun round on your heel, your best glare plastered to your face, and you met the man of nightmares. You held back a gasp as you took in his slit-like nostrils, his calculating, blood-red eyes and his smooth, stretched skin. He was cloaked in a black robe, and he held the wand that had flown out of Wormtail's hand. It felt so good to glare at the mass murderer. "Must we waste more magical blood tonight? Although, two mud-bloods and a blood-traitor is...excusable," he sneered, taking you in with a sweep of his eyes. Ignoring you, he walked over to Wormtail, who was trembling, and pressed down on his dark mark. It burned black, and a whoosh of black surrounded you as Voldermort's remaining death eaters came at his call. With a wave of his wand, he gave Wormtail a metal arm, and then turned to his followers. He spoke to each of them, but was interrupted by a particularly loud grunt from Harry. "Harry, dear boy, I had almost forgotten you were here," he began in a falsely kind voice. He continued on with the story of how Harry survived, and then reached for his scar. "I can touch you now," he hissed, pressing down on Harry's scar. Harry writhed in agony, and you took a step forwards, wanting to do something, anything. Finally, he relented, and he stepped away, watching the four children carefully. "Lucius, restrain the mud-blood," he said, waving a hand at you. A man with long blond hair walked forwards, and you recognised him as Draco's father from the world cup. They looked very alike, though their natures were almost opposites. Lucius clamped a hand over your mouth, and pulled your arms painfully behind your back. From the corner of your eye, you saw your friends group behind a gravestone.
  3. Voldermort forced Harry out from the grasp of the stone statue, and told him to pick up his wand. "You've been taught how to duel, I presume? First, you bow. Come now Harry, bow!" he commanded, forcing Harry down with the imperious curse, "I'm going to kill you Harry Potter," he said softly, wand aimed at Harry's chest. Harry looked to his friends surrounding him, and with a new found strength, his raised his wand, gritting his teeth. He was seething. "Expelliarmus!" Harry yelled, as Voldermort yelled, "Avarda Kadavra!" The two spells hit each other, connecting in one good stream of light. At that moment, several strands of light emitted from the centre, forming a dome around them. Voldermort's victims, including a couple who you guessed were Harry's parents, circled the duelling wizards. Harry looked wildly to his mum and dad, but then you saw no more. Lucius was suddenly releasing you, and you were thrown face-down in the mud. Cedric grinned slightly at you, his wand raised to the death-eater's chest, and you mouthed a thanks. Pulling your wand free, you pointed it at the remaining death eaters, stunning them quickly. Within very little time, most were down. Between the four of you, you had taken down the most evil wizards on the planet. You looked at Harry just as he broke away from the stream of spells, and the four of you rushed to his. "Accio cup!" you yelled, grabbing the cup in your hand. As your skn made contact with the metal, you felt yourself travelling by portkey again. As the familiar spinning slowed, you fell face-down in the grass, clothes ripped, and covered in mud and blood.
  4. You looked up groggily, and saw hundreds of faces, teachers and students alike, fixed on the group of the five of you. Dumbledore rushed over, and asked Harry what had happened. "He's back," Harry choked, "Lord Voldermort, they bought him back." Dumbledore scrutinised you all before stepping back. "Alistor!" he called to Moody, "Get Harry and ___ to the hospital wing please." Moody shoved him way over to you, followed closely by the Weasley's and Cedric's parents. He grasped the two of you by the arm, and dragged you inside. You frowned when he didn't go down the corridor to the hospital wing, and instead lead the way to him office. He tightened his grip on you, then threw you in, slamming the door behind him. "Does it hurt?" he asked Harry, ignoring you, motioning to his arm. "Not so much now," Harry replied uncomfortably. "So your blood runs within the veins of the Dark Lord," he said, contemplating something. You stared at him when he said 'Dark Lord' and looked wildly to the door. A chest in the corner of his office shuddered, and all three of you looked to it. Your eyes flickered between Moody and the chest, and he growled. "You don't wanna know what's in there," he snarled. You back away a little, and lowered your eyes as he turned back to Harry. "Were there others?" he demanded, "In he graveyard, were there others?" he barked. "I-I don't think I said anything about a graveyard Professor," Harry said, finally sensing that something else was wrong. Besides the fact that Moody hadn't taken you to the hospital wing, he was using the death-eaters' name for Voldermort, and knew far too much. "The blood that runs through your veins, runs within the Dark Lord. He should have killed you tonight Potter!" he said, his voice raising to a shout. Suddenly, the door flew open, and Dumbledore walked in, forcing Moody into a chair with his wand, flanked by Snape and McGonnagle. "The potion Severus!" Dumbledore insisted urgently. Snape tipped the contents of a flask down Moody's throat, and his face began to distort. It reminded you of, "Poly-juice potion," you whispered. McGonnagle nodded curtly to you, her eyes not straying from the fake Moody. "Do you know who I am?" Dumbledore asked. "Albus. Dumbledore," he hissed as though trying to speak while choking on a mouthful of water. "Are you Alistor Moody?" Dumbledore asked. "No," he said, in the same strangled voice, looking to the chest. It trembled again, and with a flick of his wand Snape was unlocking it. At the bottom of the chest, which seemed to go on ten feet, was the real Alistor Moody. Dumbledore turned his attention back to the imposter, just as his face finished bubbling, and reformed into his usual appearence. "Barty Crouch junior," Dumbledore said slowly, "Escort Harry and ___ to the hospital wing please Minerva," Dumbledore said sharply, his wand not moving.
  5. Madame Pomfrey tutted when she saw you, and sat you down on a bed, beginning her job briskly and quickly. Hermione and Ron were there too, but they hadn't seen you yet. You waited for Madame Pomfrey to finish fixing you up, and then walked over to your friends. It took you less than a minute to fill them in on what had happened in Moody's office. "I told you so," you said, "There was something wrong with him. He's an imposter," you said, grinning in satisfaction. "You owe me ten Ron," George said, coming in loudly. You rolled you eyes, and Fred laughed at Ron's expression. "You ok?" you asked Ron and Hermione anxiously. "Never better," Hermione said. "Meh, I'm ok," Ron said, grinning. You laughed again, but you felt a weight tug on your heart, preventing you from enjoying life. Voldermort was back. He wanted to kill Harry, and there was nothing stopping him. Nothing at all. "____?" asked a voice, "you ok?" You looked to Fred, who was watching you with concern. "Yeah, just thinking about what's gonna happen now he's back," you said, sighing. "So it's true then?" The twins asked in unison. You nodded sadly, as did Ron and Hermione. Everyone looked up suddenly, and you turned around to face Harry. "You alright mate?" Ron asked. Harry sighed, then nodded. "I guess I am," he said, "You?" "We're fine Harry," you assured him. He nodded silently, his mind clearly on other things.
  6. "Harry!" called a way too familiar voice. "Sirius!" Harry called back, standing up to embrace his god-father. You smiled at the two of them, and Sirius looked him over. "You guys ok?" he asked. Ron rolled his eyes, as you'd asked each other that approximately a million times in the last ten minutes alone. "Fine," Harry said. "What happened in there?" he asked. So, rather than ask Harry to relate it again, you explained each event in order. "You're lucky to get out alive, you know," he said. You nodded, and there was a momentary silence. "Miss Rivers!" Madame Pomfrey called, "Someone wants to see you!" "Thanks!" you replied, "Hey, where's Cedric?" you asked. "I think he's with his parents ___," Hermione said gently. You thanked them, then walked to the door of the hospital wing. Ariella stood just outside, pacing nervously. "____!" she cried, hugging you. You laughed a little, and hugged her back. "You're ok!" Ariella said, happily. Your face fell a little, because she can't have heard the new yet. "Yes, I'm fine Ariella. But in the graveyard, the death eaters bought Lord Voldermort back to life," you said sadly. Her face fell, and she looked suddenly terrified. "He-He's back?" she asked, her lips quivering. You nodded. Better truthful and hard than lying and easy, you thought bitterly. "I won't let him hurt you, I promise," you said, placing a hand on her shoulder. She nodded, and the two of you walked back to the common room. The room fell silent when you walked in, and you pushed Ariella of towards a group of first years. "Is it true?" asked a boy in the third year. "Yes, it's true," you said, sighing. Chatter began again, in hushed, scared whispers this time. Shaking your head, you walked back out into the corridors, needing to just clear your head a little.
  7. You wandered around aimlessly, until you ran into Cedric with his parents. You blushed furiously, and muttered an apology, planning to just walk on and catch him later, though you were desperate just to have his company. Cedric soothed you, and relaxed you in a way that nobody else could, not even your mother. But Cedric was having none of it. "___!" he called, "Come meet my parents!" Blushing a deep crimson, you walked back two paces to where Cedric stood with his parents, and raised your eyes to meet his. "Mum, this is ___. ___, this is my mum. And you've already met my Dad," he said, smiling. "Pleased to meet you," you said, making an effort to be polite. "Nice to finally meet you too ___, Cedric's told us a lot about you," Mrs Diggory said. Cedric flushed furiously. And you couldn't risk giving him a smug glance. Score. "Really?" you asked. Cedric glared at his shoes, but Mr Diggory just barked a laugh. "He mentions you at least once in every letter he sends," he boomed, and you smiled. You remembered Mr Diggory well from the world cup, and you distinctly remembered that the word 'quiet' wasn't in his vocabulary list. He clapped you on the back, and Mrs Diggory tutted. "Thank you for saving my boy ___, from what I hear, he owes you his life," she said, smiling at you. You blushed. "He doesn't owe me anything, but you're welcome," you said, wincing at how it sounded out loud. Mrs Diggory hugged you gently, and you were momentarily taken by surprise. When she released you, she had made your list of 'people I like'. She was easy to warm to, and she seemed to like you too. You had a sneaky suspicion it may have something to do with saving Cedric's life. "We'll be leaving now Cedric, and don't forget what I said," Mrs Diggory said. Cedric nodded, and hugged his parents, giving them a quick goodbye.
  8. Cedric watched them walked away, then linked his fingers through yours silently. The two of you walked down to the courtyard, when the sun was setting over the lake, saying nothing to each other, revelling in the calm and silence. Cedric pulled you down onto the grass, and smiled out over the water, where he had rescued you from not two weeks ago. "Are you ok ___?" he asked, with more meaning behind the words than there had when other people asked you, with the possible exception of Sirius. "Not really," you admitted. Cedric squeezed your hand gently. "I doubt anyone is," he said gently. "I'm scared Cedric," you whispered, not meeting his eyes, "For everyone. What if we lose someone? What if I lose you?" you asked, flashes of the people you loved, and cared for playing through your mind. You hadn't realised that tears were streaming down your cheeks until Cedric wiped them away with his thumb. He hugged you gently, holding you to his chest. The simple gesture calmed you considerably, and your tears ceased. "I'm sorry," you said, embarrassed. "What for? You're perfectly entitled to cry. My mother cried, and she wasn't even there," he said. You smiled a little, and he moved to wrap one arm around your waist. You leant your head on his shoulder, and the two of you sat in a comfortable silence, looking out over the lake, each burried in your own thoughts. That's what you liked about Cedric, you could be yourself around him. You didn't need to fill silences with pointless chatter. The sun finally disappeared behind the horizon, and took away the golden glow it had been casting over Hogwarts Castle. The moon cast a silvery shadow over the water, and you spotted the Mer people swimming nearer to the surface of the Black Lake. "___?" Cedric asked quietly. "Hmm?" "Would you like to spend a couple of weeks ov the summer with me?" he asked, clearly feeling embarrassed. "I'd love to," you said sincerely. "How about the last two before we go back?" "I'll be there. Send me an owl with the details if you like," you said, smiling.
  9. The two of you looked into the other's eyes, lots in their depths. You memorised every inch of his face, committing it to memory I case the unthinkable should happen in the coming years. Leaning towards you, Cedric placed a gentle kiss on your lips, before standing up and offering you his hand. You took it graciously, and you walked back the way you'd came, into the castle. You could still hear the movements on the lake, and the whisper of the wind through the trees. The grass smelt freshly mowed, and you inhaled the scent in content. Owls swooped over the castle, returning to the owlery, hooting and tooting to each other in the warm night air. You saw Cedric run a hand through his hair, and glance down at you. You thought you saw a tear just rolling from his eye, but you couldn't see clearly in the dim light, and he turned away quickly. Cedric walked you to your common room, then bid you goodnight. Your friends were gathered around the fire, all except for Harry. You sat down quietly in an empty chair, and joined them, silently reflecting on recent events. You felt like nobody should be moping about, but it was a little tricky, having just witnessed Voldermort in all his might and glory. Ariella was also in the large group of silent reflectors, but neither of you spoke to the other, not wanting to break the silence. The twins came through the door, silent for once, and sat down on the sofa stiffly, seeming uncomfortable. The muffled hoot of an owl came from the open window, and you recognised the sound as Sepia. You walked quietly to the window, and untied the letter. It was just one from your parents, asking if you had any plans over the summer. You had a lot to tell them, and you were beginning to feel that you wanted a real parent who was part of the Wizarding World. Your parents would be in constant danger, and they couldn't comfort you, it would probably be the other way round. And then Ariella too... You sighed, and sat on the window ledge, looking out of the window as you filtered everything through your mind carefully, deciding what was the most important to tell your parents before you got home.
  10. A few minutes later, you sighed quietly, having reached the conclusion that they needed to know everything as soon as possible. You tip-toed up to your dorm, and pulled out a long roll of parchment and a quill. You began at the beginning, with your less-important plans with Draco and Cedric, and you said you'd probably meet up with Harry, Hermione and the Weasley's at some point. You then explained about the last challenge, and Lord Voldermort. They knew who he was, hell, they'd killed Matthew, their son, and your brother. You signed off your name and attatched it to Sepia's leg. You felt a sudden, overwhelming sadness at the loss of your brother, and silent tears ran down your face. If he were alive now, he'd probably be married, maybe with a kid. He'd have a job, and he'd look after you, he'd look after Ariella, and he'd look after your parents, you wouldn't have to do everything. It was Hermione who found you like you were, curled up in a tight, sobbing ball, and she wasted no time extracting what was wrong. "I know ___. I know better than anyone, believe me," she said. You sighed, and nodded, hugging her. It had probably been going through her mind all evening too, being a muggle-born. "If it comes to it," you whispered, "I could do a mind wipe. It'd protect them a bit," you said. "My thoughts too," Hermione said, "But I'm hoping it won't come to that." You nodded, and she smiled at you, climbing off your bed to change and go to bed. You saw the necklace that Cedric had given you laying on your dressing table, and you picked it up, admiring it once again. Yes, if the worst came to the worst, you could survive it. You had memories. They could crush your bones, they could make you scream, but the one thing they couldn't take was yourself. Not all of it anyway.
  11. Ok, hey guys! Here's part 20, you have no idea how good it feels to say that! There'll be a short (very short) goodbye part, and that'll be year four wrapped up. Year five will start with quite a lot of summer holiday 'special' parts, although I'll still just number them consecutively. Thanks for your support, and please drop a comment. Oh! My character contest is linked by my username, and the deadline will be when I want to introduce the new character, so depending on how much time I have, it could be ages or could be pretty soon. So if you want to submit an entry, and please do, I only have two so far, get your characters in soon. Thanks so much! xXvulturemonemXx

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