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  • I love Ronald! I keep on getting him, and it makes my day!

    Oh, please check out my series, Hogwarts Forever, I can't get Part 1 under my account, so it's under "lizzy", and Part 1.2 is in my account, and I'm currently working on Part 1.3, I'm hoping to get it done with soon...I like these types of quizzes! Keep it up!

  • this was really good and sorry i haven't been comenting on the others xD ok well sorry to stop this even though i have only said one sentence but i will have to work 3 more hours if i dont xD!!!! m kay just keep going w/ this series!!! it's really good

  • I love these quizzes!!!!! Keep making them, they are great! Just a suggestion, DON'T kill Cedric!!! Please!!!!

  • That was seriously great. CONTINUE!!!!!!!

  • i got draco again! I literally have his name as my password lol!


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