Hogwarts love story part 2.2

Here's is the 'Third part' though technically you are still in your second year and things are starting to heat up!!!! Next year will be super awesome and romantic-y!!! K oliver just left you a note that's basically all that happened k? k.

This is the waste of my brain-cells!!!!! Why does this second paragraph even exsist? Nobody reads these anyway?! Please, if you read these please tell me cuz then I might bother to write something worth while.

Created by: Ginger_Person

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  1. The note reads, "We should hang out sometime, meet me 4 o'clock at greenhouse 2, on __________. Oliver." You think about it for a minute... wait the ___________. That's today!!!!!! OMG what do I do? WHAT DO I DO?!
  2. The rest of the day you sit in class after class, at 3:45 you decide to go meet Oliver at the greenhouses. "Hey, you came" Oliver said from behind you. "Yeah, you asked me to." "Oh yeah right..." "So what did you want to talk about?" "Oh, ummm this that and the other thing." "Oh, right." You reply, slightly confused. "So how are you liking Hogwarts?" What are you thinking?
  3. A while after your talk with Oliver (I'm sorry to say, it was kind of awkward...) A student got petrified!! You were at the scene of the crime (you didn't commit the crime) when you heard two voices coming from behind a nearby suit of armor, "__________, come on you have to hid!!!!" You then hid behind the armor and you see that the voices belonged to Fred and George Weasley. "Wait, how do you know my name?" You ask them, "Ummm, well it's a.... well... our brother (Ron) talks about you alot....." The twin (Fred?) coughs and continues "We should get out of here. They say in unison. "Ummm yeah right, well bye." You then sprint to your common room. You are later told that the school is not safe anymore, and automatically you want to check if_________ is ok? Who is _________?
  4. You later bump into Neville who right away apologizes, "Hey Neville, it's fine, no harm, no foul. Right?" You smile kindly at him, he meets your eyes and smiles back, it's after classes so you have time to chat. You sit down and chat about this, that, and the other thing. While you are talking with him what are you thinking?
  5. The next few weeks pass uneventfully for which you are gratefull for. Though that peace does not last long soon there is another attack on a student. Now, everone believes that Harry is the heir of Slytherin and that he is attacking all these people! What do you think of that?
  6. Later.... Oliver comes up to you after classes end, and you start talking, "So do you, ummm want to go, ummm out...side?" "Oh, umm sure..."
  7. Whether you do or do not go out..side with Oliver, the next few weeks pass, you have casual conversations with all 6 (7 if you count Fred and George as separate beings) guys. Then you run into Harry and Ron (Hermione has been petrified) "Oh hi _________" They both say quickly. "Where are you going?" "The monster took my sister, Lockhart is going down and try and get her back... We have to tell him what we know!!" What do you say?
  8. You are dragged along no matter what you said and when you get to Lockharts' office he seems to be packing, what are you thinking?
  9. You go with Harry, Ron and Lockhart to go rescue Ginny. But you are caught behind the rockslide with Ron, what are you thinking at this point?
  10. Ok so fast forward through everything in the chamber of secrets. You saved Ginny, no one got in any trouble and Harry, Ron (and you) were heavly rewarded! Then Gryffindor won the house cup!!!
  11. That's all, sorry it was kinda short!!!! I'll get the next quiz out as soon as possible. Thanks all!! Don't forget to comment and rate.

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